"I'm leaving you, Nick" Shannon said, trying to explain it to him. The guy just wasn't getting it through his thick skull.

"Why? What have I done wrong? Please tell me!"Blake was sitting outside their window listening in. He was still a nice guy and felt bad for Nick, even if he didn't like the guy.

"Shannon?" Nick asked, waiting for her response.

"Ilikesomeoneelse!" She blurted around, and before she could even apologize she felt his hand across her face.

She winced "I...d-deserved that..." she said quietly.

Suddenly, Blake was through the window and had Nick pinned against the wall, his eyes ablaze with anger. He held Nicks hands back and his legs blocking Nick's "No one, and I mean no one harms my Shannie-hime" he growled lowly.

Blake's family had a history of mental problems, some thought Blake had the same; but if he did, he never showed it unless he got mad.

Nick's eyes were full of fear, for a hotheaded guy. He was a coward.

"Blakie....let him go" Shannon said, her hand on his shoulder. Her cheek was red from where Nick had struck her.

Blake's eyes flashed love when he looked at Shannon but back to anger when he looked at Nick "But he hurt you" he said "And that is unforgivable" he was growling again "Can I break his legs? Or his balls?"

"I don't like you fighting" Shannon said quietly."But" he said softly and sighed "Alright, can you go get Lily set up?" he asked, still holding Nick.

Shannon nodded and walked out, towards their daughter's room.

Blake sighed softly "Nicky" he said "I hate it when someone hurts the one I love" he was speaking softly "You are lucky Shannon doesn't want me to fight" pulled out a large roll of tape "Sorry, but I can't let you go" he pulled Nick over to the wall bed and taped him to the bed frame. He left one hand free but heavily taped his feet and other hand down "Pull yourself free"

Nick struggled to try and get himself free "bastard! Get me down from here!" he said angrily.

Blake walked downstairs with his bag "Everyone ready?" he asked seeing his daughter and girlfriend standing there.

Shannon nodded, both had their bags. "So" she said as they began to walk out to her car "can your house in America fit all of us?"He nodded "Sure" he said "Though...I will need to get another bed for Lily" he chuckled "She can't sleep in our room all the time" he shrugged "I have a spare room I was just using for books, she can sleep in there"

"Yay!" Lily said happily "I'm going to a new school too right?" she was obviously excited.

Shannon laughed "Of course you are, we can't fly you back to Canada just for school"

"Yeah, and the good thing is, you are my daughter so you will be really popular with all of the kids" he grinned "Better than me or your mother" he led them out to Shannon's car.

Shannon began to start the car. "We'reeee off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz" she joked as they began to move towards the airport.

He chuckled "You are so silly" he said softly.

"So are you" she said with a smile.

A few hours later.

Blake smiled and he covered Lily up as she slept on the couch "Such a cute girl" he said softly.

Shannon nodded "Yeah" but she wasn't looking at Lily, she was looking at Blake. In that cute 'I love you, so kiss me' way.

Blake smiled as he looked at her "You want to be kissed" he said smiling softly as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her softly.

Shannon smiled; her fingers were up and tangling in his long brown hair.

He playfully nipped at her soft lips.

"H-how about we go in our room?" she asked, her lips still against his, she liked the sound of 'our room'.

Blake smiled and squeezed her hands as he pulled them to their room.

She closed the door and locked it once they were in their room. They were kissing much more than they did yesterday, and much more heated. This was more of a make out than she would let Nick get at. But Blake she felt safe with.

Blake teased her with his tongue; he seemed to have gotten better. His tongue darted into her mouth as he laid her down on the bed.

Shannon found it hard to breathe now as they continued the intense kiss, but she loved it all the said.

Blake broke the kiss so they could breathe "Why did you lock the door?" he asked, then he thought of it "Could you want...?"

"Make love to me" she said through her gasping breaths "Find a condom and make love to me?" she had wanted him for eight years.

He nodded and walked over to his bed side desk and opened it. Inside was a box of condoms, never been opened. He opened it and pulled out a condom "I am prepared this time" he said smiling.

The two came close and kissed again, as the night settled in; they made love for the first time in eight years.