Ummm yet another high school story and another foray into writing in the 1st person.

p.s. note: underage drinking/mentions of drug use…I don't necessarily condone these activities, but obviously the youth of today partake in them, even if people want to deny it. I just thought I should disclaim that.

I Have Something Against You…My Body?: Chapter 1


I stared at the scenery rushing by the car window. I couldn't wait to get back home. My parents, mainly my mom, had decided to take me and my sister on an all summer long road trip seeing the touristy sites, and visiting relatives on the way.

Yes, it was as lame as it sounds.

I was feeling extra resentful because it took me away from having summer shenanigans with my best friend, Gabe.

Gabe and I had been friends for years. He lives down the street from me and we do everything together. He is like the brother I never had. So being away from him for 2 months, I'm not gonna lie, I missed the bastard like crazy. I was looking forward to reuniting for the last week of summer vacation. Couldn't wait for the partying mayhem.

So when the car began to travel through familiar landmarks, I was more and more anxious. It seemed like forever until my dad turned onto our street and pulled into our driveway.

I helped my parents lug the luggage out of the car and into the house, then I went straight to Gabe's. I walked the few blocks to his house and I wondered if he remembered that today was the day that I'm back.

As I approached his driveway, I heard someone laughing and noticed Gabe and a dude I didn't know sitting on his porch. Gabe was bowed over cracking up and hadn't noticed me yet.

"Hey ass wipe!" I yelled at him.

At the sound of my voice, his head jerked up and in my direction. "Shit! Evan!" He practically leaped off of his porch and grabbed me.

"Dude!" I laughed at his overenthusiastic greeting. Gabe was always pretty handsy and overly affectionate, like a big puppy.

"Missed you."

"God, you're such a girl," I jokingly shoved him away.

"You wish I was a girl, jerk." He grinned and pushed my shoulder. "Hey, this is Logan, my new neighbor." He introduced me to the guy sitting on his porch.

I took a good look at him. He looked kind of dorky, a bit chubby with glasses and fidgeting hands. He had short brown hair. Looking closer at his face, I couldn't think of words to describe him besides the phrase 'kind of pretty.' His cheeks were a little chubby, but beneath the glasses were green-grey eyes with ridiculously long eyelashes. He had a dusting of freckles over his nose and cheeks. His mouth was sort of pouty too. He was blushing as I studied him.

"Good to meet you. I feel like I know you already. Gabe talks about you all the time," Logan's voice was low and soft as he shook my hand.

"Funny, he hadn't mentioned you at all," I replied.

A look of hurt shot across Logan's features and he looked away from my gaze.

"Evan, I wanted you guys to meet face to face," Gabe was frowning at me.

Okay, I guess I was a little rude, but he didn't need to get all bitchy and disapproving looking. Geez.

Gabe sighed. "Come on, let's go inside and play some videogames."

Logan hesitated, like he was debating leaving, then made a decision, following Gabe in the house with me behind him.

We settled in Gabe's den and decided to whip out guitar hero. I was basically the champ at this game, I always kicked Gabe's ass, so I was positive that I would beat Logan's as well.

I was wrong.

Logan was seriously unnaturally talented at the game.

He didn't just beat my ass, but basically metaphorically killed my ass and pissed on my grave. Pretty much that fact made me resent him more than I initially did.

It seemed like he and Gabe had become best buds while I was gone. They made some jokes I didn't understand and seemed so comfortable together. I couldn't help feeling a stab of jealousy, and tried my hardest to hate him.

It didn't help that Logan seemed like an okay guy.

While we played, I learned that he had moved in next door to Gabe. He was in our grade at school, an only child, videogames, comic books, and movies were his favorite past times. He was quiet and seemed really laid back, like you couldn't help but feel relaxed around him. While he was quiet, it seemed like every now and then he'd come out with a sarcastic comment that was surprisingly funny.

It probably would have just been easiest to accept him, but part of me just didn't want to. I felt betrayed, like Gabe found someone to replace me. That I was so easily replaceable.

Gabe met my gaze over Logan's head. "There's a party tonight at Mark's. Did you guys want to go?"

"Hell yes," was my response. Being away with my family for 2 months, I hadn't been near any alcohol or any other recreational substance.

"What about you Logan?" Gabe jostled his shoulder.

Logan was blushing again. "I never really went to parties where I used to live," he mumbled, obviously embarrassed.

"Really?" Gabe voiced his surprise.

"I…wasn't exactly popular…" Logan looked like he was trying to sink into the couch.

"But…you're awesome!" Gabe protested. "Well then," he clapped a hand to Logan's shoulder, "We'll change that here. If you hang with Evan and me you'll have a blast! Right Evan?" Gabe gave me a loaded look over Logan's shoulder.

"Yeah," I weakly agreed. I think Logan noticed my lack of enthusiasm and appeared even more uncomfortable if that was possible.

"So it's settled! Let's meet back here around 8 and we'll all go together," Gabe instructed.

And we agreed.


I went home and had a quick dinner with my family and told them I was going out. They were pretty cool about letting me come and go as I pleased.

So after eating, I hurried in the shower. I still felt grimy from the car ride and wanted to be somewhat attractive. I'm not extremely vain, but like to think of myself as good looking. I'm pretty tall, pretty built, blonde hair, blue eyes. Yeah, I had confidence that I looked good.

So I walked to Gabe's. Gabe and Logan were already on the porch waiting for me.

"Hey, let's get going!" We piled into Gabe's car and were soon getting out of it at Mark's house.

I could tell Logan was nervous. He was fidgeting more, pulling on the edge of his shirt. His eyes met mine for a second and he froze. From the expression on his face, I felt as if I had caught him doing something embarrassing.

Gabe noticed our non-response to whatever he said and he got between us, flinging an arm around each of our shoulders. "Let's get in there already!"

And we did.

We mingled and introduced Logan to some people before we ran into Mark. Mark was a cool guy, on the soccer team with me.

"Hey man!" Mark gave me a backslapping hug. "There's some Jack in the kitchen with your name on it!"

"Thanks man! You're awesome!" I headed to the kitchen, saying hey to people I knew as I went. Mark really knew how to throw a hopping party.

Tina, Mark's sort of girlfriend, was acting as bartender. She smiled when she saw me. "Hey Evan! Mark said that this was reserved just for you! I've been keeping the masses away from it until you got here!" She waved the bottle of Jack Daniel's at me.

"Thanks! How'd you guys know I'd be here?" I asked as she poured me a drink.

"Gabe texted us," she answered. "Is Logan here too?"

"Yeah. Have you met him?"

"Yeah, he's a sweetheart! We all met at movie night."

That kind of burned. Movie night was Gabe and mine's thing. We started it years ago, every Thursday night getting together, getting pizza and watching movies. Mark and Tina started coming our freshman year. I felt kind of hurt that they kept it up without me.

I'd never felt that left-out before.

I was distracted out of my pity party by Gabe and Logan coming over.

"What do you think we should start Logan out with tonight?" He asked our opinions.

"Captain's," Tina answered, already pouring the beverage. "I think you'll like it" she was usually a pretty good judge of things like that.

Logan trusted her and took a swig of the liquor, swallowing slowly. "Whoa," was his slightly breathy response.

"Good huh?" Gabe asked.

Logan just nodded, finishing off his cup quickly. Gabe and Tina were encouraging him to drink more and I just didn't feel like being a part of it, so grabbing my bottle of liquor. I left the kitchen and ended up hanging out with some of the guys from the soccer team for the night.

That's the last thing I remembered.


I woke up feeling groggy and a headache splitting my skull. I hated hangovers. They are seriously the worst. I totally didn't know where I was, but I was warm and comfortable, well despite my head.

I cracked my eyes open, blinking, and it registered that I was pressed against someone else. And my underwear was sticky. Oh boy. Whoever they were, they were really comfy and solid. And my hand was on their ass….and they were definitely male???

I jerked backwards and realized that it was Logan who'd been nestled against me.

What the fuck?


What the fuck happened?

Well, clothing was still intact, but from the state of my crotch and the position of our bodies, there had clearly been bad touching.

I was gaping and probably looking like an idiot when Logan moaned softly and opened his eyes. He froze when he saw me staring at him.

"Wh-what happened?" Logan's voice was rough and gravely.

"I don't remember," I managed to get out.

He was looking panicked and glanced around the room. I did too and thankfully, we were the only ones in it. So hopefully, whatever happened between us didn't have any witnesses.

"I-I think I'm going to be sick," Logan still seemed freaked out.

I sighed and helped him stand and get to the nearest bathroom. I might not like him, but I'm not a complete asshole.

In the bathroom is where we found Gabe, hunched near the toilet.

"Guys…never again guys," Gabe groaned when he saw us.

"Yeah, you'll say that until the next party." I took my hand off Logan's back as he began to dry heave.

"Oh Logan, your first hangover. Congrats dude." Gabe chuckled dryly. "The first is the one you never forget."

Logan met my gaze and I knew he wouldn't be forgetting this one anytime soon.

Neither was I.


I feel like it was kind of an awkward start, but hopefully it will continue to flow better. I hope you enjoy!