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I Have Something Against You…My Body?: Chapter 3


After helping Logan to a bathroom, I ended up bolting from the premises and running home. I just couldn't stay there with the thoughts in my head.

Unlike the previous instance, as I was becoming more awake, I was starting to remember bits and pieces of our interaction and it was kind of freaking me out a little.

I remembered that it was Logan who initially approached me, not for sex, but to talk. He had dragged me away from Mark and Tina to the unoccupied room we woke up in.

He had wanted to talk, but I didn't really recall much except one line, repeated and whispered fervently into my neck:

"Evan, why don't you like me?"

Logan had repeatedly spoke those words, practically pressing them into my skin.

And then our hands…

I couldn't remember who started it, but I definitely remembered our hands in each other's pants and Logan pushing my jeans and boxers down my hips and his hands seeming as if he wanted to touch my whole body. He not only touched my dick, but had ran his hands down my thighs and up to my stomach and abs.

He definitely wanted to touch my dick.

He had been pretty straightforward, no pun intended, about grabbing my cock and slowly jerking me off, in long firm strokes.

I remember liking it. I remember liking it enough to reach into his unzipped pants and reciprocating.

God, I felt like the soundtrack of our moans and whimpers kept playing in my head, taunting me.

I buried my face into my pillow, hoping to banish some of the flashbacks.

I had been laying there a couple hours before being interrupted.

"This is going to be an everyday thing with you isn't it?" Mac's voice cut into my internal drama.

"Mac," I groaned. "Seriously. Leave."

"I came to tell you one of your friends is downstairs talking to mom."

I raised my head. "Who?"

She shrugged. "I don't know him."

That could only be one person since my family knew all my friends.

I went to the kitchen to see Logan sitting at the table with my mom. They were smiling and chatting away as if they'd known each other for years instead of minutes.

My mom saw me first and stood up. "Sweetie, I have to run some errands. Have fun with your friend! He's a sweetheart!" She kissed my cheek and was gone.

"Why does everyone love you?" I blurted out and almost instantly regretted it. The hurt look that shot across Logan's face made me feel like a jerk. "Sorry," I whispered.

"Evan, why do you hate me so much?" Logan looked a little less hurt and more confused.

I sighed, stepping closer to him. "It's not really personal. You seem like an okay guy. It's just…" I trailed off. I couldn't tell him that I was jealous. I was too embarrassed. It seemed like such a girly thing to say.

Logan didn't seem to get it, his eyebrows still drawn up, giving him that sad puppy dog look. "I want to try to be friends, even though you're an ass. I think I've been trying to clear the air between us, but then we get…" He made a vague hand gesture and turned bright red.

Ummm…Yeah. That." I shifted uncomfortably. "You want to talk about That?"


He was still red, "Yeah. Kind of. You?"

"Not really."

"Oh." His voice was soft. He paused, " I guess I'll go then."

"Okay. See ya."

The last expression he gave me was pretty unreadable, then he walked out the door.


Awhile after Logan left, Gabe ended up coming by. He and I chilled in my den, playing Madden and ragging on each other like normal. It was pretty nice. I didn't feel as angry with him as I had last night. Maybe because I was sober.

"Man," Gabe paused the game as he got a text. "I thought you'd suck since you haven't played for months, but you're killing me here."

"I'm just that awesome."

He chuckled, sending whatever message to whoever texted him. "Did you want to go to Brian's tonight?"


He gave me a concerned look. "You've been drinking a lot. You okay?"

"Yeah, just catching up from being sober all summer," I lied. Well, that was partially true. After traveling with my parents and living a dry existence, it was nice to loosen up with the alcohol.

Except I had apparently been getting a little too loose.

Fuck those thoughts.

Gabe still looked a little worried about me. That was kind of nice since I had felt kind of abandoned by him since I got back. I could never tell him that. It would make me feel like an insecure dumb bitch girlfriend.

He jostled my shoulder with his. "If that's all it is, that's fine. If it's something else, you know you can talk to me right?"

"Yeah. Stop being a pussy," I grumbled.

He laughed and we began to play again, but I was a little distracted.

I was thinking about whatever stuff was happening between me and Logan when we were drunk. Part of me wanted to talk to Gabe about it. Normally I told him absolutely everything that happened to me, so keeping it a secret was strange. I just couldn't find the words or the guts to talk to him.

We played until it was time to get to the party.


Brian's setup was mostly outside on his deck. He had a pool area that was all set up with a keg, coolers, a makeshift bar area and a barbeque.

Gabe and I started out playing beer pong against Mark and Tina. Logan was on the sidelines talking to Sean and Brian. I tried not to pay too much attention to him as we played. It seemed like he was avoiding talking to me as well. After our conversation that afternoon I couldn't really blame him.

Soon beer pong became boring and we ended up mingling. Some dumb giggling drunk girls began to hit on Gabe and me. He seemed to be enjoying it, but it was mostly getting on my nerves so I left to get into the booze.

Mark saw me and said, "Liquor before beer dude. You're doing it backwards."

"I know. But what the hell man right? We're only young once."

He still looked concerned.

Jeez, what is it with everyone acting like I had some sort of problem? I didn't have a problem. I just wanted to have fun with my friends like normal. Like we used to.

I don't remember how many shots I had. The music seemed louder and people were blurring together, their faces and words getting mashed up and confusing.

Then I was pulled inside the house, stumbling with whoever was leading me. We went where it was quieter and a bottle of water was shoved into my hands.

"I think you should stop."

That was Logan's voice.

He didn't seem that much more sober than I was, speech slurring a bit and swaying as if he couldn't stand upright.


"I think you should blow me."


I woke up with my pants off.



I looked down to where Logan's face was nestled into my hip. Did we really do what I think we did?

Logan was completely on top of my left leg, his head resting where my hip and thigh met.

"Logan?" I whispered. My voice was rough and he didn't move.

I lightly slapped his cheek to wake him up and I realized he had cum on his face that had to have been mine.


He really did blow me then.

He still wasn't moving so I slapped his face again.

This time he ended up nuzzling closer to me, causing my traitorous dick to twitch in interest.

"Logan!" I practically yelped and shoved him. He rolled off, his eyes opening then, looking confused then upset as his eyes met mine.

"Damn it," I heard him mutter. His face was a mess and so was his pants. He sat slumped in a heap, looking miserable. It seemed like he was remembering what happened.

I felt a little bad for him and a pang of guilt.

I stood, feeling surprisingly only slightly nauseous, pulling up my pants. "Wait here."

I didn't wait for a response from him and went to the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth and soaked it in warm water and fished around the medicine cabinet for some Tylenol.

I went back to where Logan was and knelt down in front of him. He looked surprised as I cupped his cheek with one hand to hold him steady, and began to clean off his face with the washcloth.

I'm not really sure why I did it.

Maybe because I felt guilty.

Maybe I felt sorry for him.

Maybe because my mom taught me to clean up after myself and apparently I had been the one to cum all over him.

Maybe I was starting to like him a little???


Yeah I couldn't sleep and wrote this at 3 am so I hope it makes sense.