Sola draft

Novel 1

Chapter 1

Enter the complex

Part 1

The morning after summer break seems, to most, a pinch-me moment, as if their life has suddenly found the need to adapt, even though this is the same process that they go through every year. In the case of this particular day, one must conclude that this was the beginning of everything, not just a chain of important events, but a chain of world-altering events.

The date is September 1st, the location, a controversial high school known as The Rosette academy of scientific achievement, a modern tall-standing steel plated building, opened at the beginning of the year.

Media attention is what it would catch on a semester basis, always reporting on the students attending there, the ones born of an influential family, that is.

But most enter unexploited, watching those who are with either pity, of jealousy, in most bases a bit of both.

"That's her right, the blonde one?" asked a reporter, silently taking cover behind one of the many noticeable news vans, pointing towards a tall, sturdy first year, who had shoulder-length blonde hair and was dressed in the standard uniform for the school, which was composed of: a whit button-up collar shirt, and a black skirt which came in 3 sizes, and 3 colours, in this case she was wearing a knee-cut blue edition.

Answering the reporter's question, her advisers gave her a simple "No" and elaborated, "The one we're looking for is shorter, and has longer hair; the boss says she will shine out the rest of girls entering the gates in a very breath-taking way." He added.

"Heh" The reporter chuckled, "Is that the only reason he wants a report on her?"

"No ma'am, she may be beautiful, but she's apparently the daughter of Akiharu Yatsumori-"He was interrupted by the reporters reaction.
"Akiharu, the Akirhau?" she questioned, earning a simple nod in response, "This is unexpected, and why would his daughter be attending a school he fought to get destroyed?"
"That's why this story will make headline news! And we will be the first ones to report it!" He adviser got excited, earning a sigh from his partner.

"Saharu!" was called out, the news team peered to the entrance of the school, and a shorter girl will long straight black hair, black eyes and a black skirt the same knee length, with added accessories like a pair of long black finger gloves with her right wrist showing silver bracelets, made her way to the blonde girl they had mistaken as their target.

"So it's not her then?" The reporter asked.
Her adviser sighed, "Definitely not, our target is named Hana."
"Hana, huh?

The time is 8:30 am, the location is the city's largest sky-scraper, the home of Yoshi-kan industries, a nanotechnology research facility was its most popular attraction of media attention, but the buzz of Yoshi-kan industries today was not their latest invention, but the qualifying heir to the industries fortune, a beautiful first-year with long blonde hair and jade green eyes, entering into a science-based school when her father acts to vigorously against the idea of it.

Her name was Hana Yoshinori, and she was readying herself with a new uniform.

'Today's eye on science, we examine the Chigakuriku decision to finally consider the alternative theory to evolution, some theologians predict a day of unrest if the district continues to file evil science churches like the Rosette academy, furthermore-'

Hana walked into the room, brushing her hair holding a hairclip in her mouth, "Isn't it terrible?" Her mother, resembling Hana only in hair and eye colour, spoke as she noticed her daughter approach the television.

Hana put her brush on the table and applied the blue hairclip to left side of her fringe, "It's all crap that comes out of the media's mouth these days, letting theocrats interfere with the progression of this city, even to consider their ideaologies, should be political suicide."

"Now don't be disrespectful Hana, you still follow their wisdom when in their presence, but to challenge education like this..." Her mother began, as Hana picked up her vibrating phone, she had received a text from her brother that the media parasites were waiting outside the school for her.

"Mother, we still pretend to follow their wisdom to avoid getting death threats." Hana replied,
Her mother gave her a sorrow filled look, and wondered on the situation Hana was getting herself into, "Not Hana, are you completely sure you want to go through with this?" Her mother asked.

Hana nodded, "Everything I've built for us will begin to affect the way people think, I attend this school wanting nothing more than to create controversy, and discussion"

"Be careful..." her mother added, looking back to the television, as Hana left the room and entered the elevator.

Location, Rosette academy, staff room, it was full of the minority, a group of teachers who have been exploited by the media for joining was the opposition has called the 'science cult'.

"So what are we dealing with here?" asked one teacher, with well-endowed black hair tied in a long ponytail, dressed in a black t-shirt and long black skirt, held by a large fashionable belt.

The man opposite her was deep in thought, looking up at her and responding with, "A highly educated girl, who just so happens to be the daughter of our greatest enemy, an a completely uneducated student who has never spent a day of his life in a facility of education, damn it Tatsuki-san, we're taking too big a fish when still in our infant stages." He stated.

The female teacher stood up from leaning on the desk, "You may be right, Hana's story is a good start, but with Hakasame-san we may be taking too big a challenge, I mean, what if we fail? Then theocrats have every right to criticize us with little to counter with, no matter how unreasonable their arguments may be" She said, closing her eyes and folding her arms in frustration.

A younger teacher with short silver hair and blue yes to the left of her spoke in, "But we have to try! This school has made little impact yet, and without taking on this boy we will surely be pressured by the district council to change our curriculum!"

The staff room remained silent for a few seconds, before a phone call broke that silence, and the head master nodded and grunted a few times, before saying "Okay, I'll start the assembly now" and then put the phone down, shooting a determined stare at the black-haired teacher.

"So we're going through with this?" She asked.

"Looks like it" He concluded.

Location, outside the entrance of Rosette, Hana, absolutely defenceless to the media waiting for her, made a confident entrance.

"Hey, can I ask you a few questions?"

She was bombarded by them, coming from every corner before walking to the entrance doors, and turning around, "One question" she stated, as everyone began shouting their heads off.

"You, the woman from channel 13, your question?" she chose, earning a disappointed groan from the rest of the media.

"Why do you choose to attend a school your father wants to destroy?" She asked, as Hana stood silent for a moment afterwards.

"Who said my father could dictate my education?" She answered, entering the school with the roaring media stuck outside.

Location, Rosette academy, the eye of the media is on Hana's arrival, but the eye of the students is forcibly directed towards headmaster Takeshi Shirai, while the opening ceremony of the second semester is underway in the theatre.

"Many of you may have heard of Yoshinori-san's enrolment in this school, now I want you all to know that whatever the media says about her, you may form your own opinion after meeting her in person" He said vaguely.

Many were confused with his statement, Saharu, who leaned casually against the wall at the back of the theatre, commented with "Who here really listens to what the media says anyway?" She was nudged by one of her friends, who had short brown hair and blue eyes, and was considerably shorter than Saharu, "What?" she questioned.

Her friend frowned and answered, "I don't think you know, but the media is hammering the school as we speak!"

"And you would know that because you pay attention to what they say?" Saharu replied, earning a grunt from her friend, before she was further nudged by her other friend with curly red hair, pointing towards the hot topic, Hana, leaning against the wall to the right of them, who quickly re directed her stare from Saharu back towards the stage.

"On further news, we have another student entering the school; Gita Hakasame, a first year, who will be arriving tomorrow, and I hope you can treat him and Yoshinori-san with the same level of importance, thank you, onto further news..."

Amongst the crowd, sitting in the middle row of seats, a prime position for a view of the stage, was the girl from before, the one who clarified Saharu's difference to the media's target, who was named Mystery, took noticed to the name 'Hakasame', it seemed to ring a bell to her.

Location, First year classroom 1, the first classroom to the left side of the main entrance after a row of lockers, was buzzing with both paradigms of the news, on the one hand, they couldn't discuss Hana's entrance all that much because she was in their classroom, on the other, they found out this new student was also in their classroom, and the news about him having no education of any kind before tomorrow had quickly spread throughout the school.

The class was in full conversing mode, the teacher was asked by one of her students why she wasn't doing anything, but she simply answered, "Because these are subjects worth discussing, I'd rather have constructive conversing than to teach a class that can't focus on their work".

In the back left-hand corner of the class, a group comprised of Saharu, her friend with the brown hair and green eyes, named Yushia, and her friend with pig-tailed red curly hair and green eyes named Jenny.

Saharu herself was known for her distinctive features, the fact she was one of the few who had blue eyes in the school, and not to mention the 'z' mark on her left cheek, and her large pair of personalities that the average person couldn't help but notice.

The group was discussing Hana, who they examined from their corner. "I thought she was meant to be the front line news, but she really seems quiet and socially awkward at best." Jenny commented.

"But she's extremely pretty though, I can give her that, I can imagine guys will immediately start taking the dive for her!" Yushia joked, as Saharu just continued to examine her new classmate, "But of course you'd still be on top Saharu, how many guys have you turned down since you arrived?" Yushia continued.

"None" her friend replied quickly.

At the same time, Yushia and Jenny spouted "Really!" as if this was bigger news that Hana.

"Listen, I'm not getting into that, as much as you'd like to think you hang out with someone popular, I unfortunately don't fill that role, and besides, I don't just hand myself out on a platter like she would" she began,

"What are you talking about?" Mystery budged in, having entered the classroom late with alarmingly good stealth. She was used it, she was always late to class.

Saharu sighed, "My mom works at her mother's firm, and I hear stories you know? Apparently, Yoshinori Hana is one raunchy kid."

She said, as the people around he started chattering about, earning a silent glare from the quiet Hana, and Saharu stared back, confident of what she was spouting.

Mystery dragged a chair to sit with Saharu's little posy, and leaned towards her, "Come on Saharu, you heard what Shirai-sensei was saying, get to know her first!" She whispered.

"I've learnt all I have to-"

"She's right" Hana stated, silencing the class completely.

"Oh here we go..." the teacher face-palmed.

Saharu cocked an eyebrow, "What was that?"

"You say there have been stories about me, you're right; there have been" she stood up from her seat, "but since when is it up to you, a consumer of such nonsense, to decide what I am and what I am not based on rumours spread by Yoshinori's enemies?" she continued.

"But I heard-"

"For someone who doesn't pay attention to the media, you sure are good at regurgitating false allegations against me." She concluded, crossing her arms and staring down at Saharu.

The teacher took interest immediately in Hana's abilities, it seemed she was adept with this kind of discussion, no wonder she managed to get into this school without her father interfering, she must have tore limbs off whoever was trying to stop her.

Hana turned around and sat back down, no longer keeping eye contact with Saharu, who crosse her arms and turned to the side, "S-saharu-san? Are you alright?" Yushia put a hand on her shoulder, ignoring the fact that Hana was the victim here.

"I'm fine..." She said, staring at the wall.

At that moment, a tall, sturdy, older-looking man entered the room, bearing the male uniform, composed of a whit buttoned-up collar shirt, and a selection of either black of blue pants that come in three sizes, in this case, he chose long black pants.
His hair was just as black with an unusual natural spike to it at the back, and as he stared towards the light at the ceiling of the class, his black pupils shined red when reflecting light.

The classroom was silent, and Hana watched him walk towards Mystery, "You're not in your seat?" He questioned, as Mystery and Saharu traded looks and stood up, "Minako-sensei?" She asked.

"Don't worry, I think all that has to be said has been said, so class will begin now" She answered as everyone took their usual desks from before the semester ended.

Minako faced the class, staring over the lake of students of students in front of her, and then to Hana selectively, "You all know Yoshinori-san now I'm guessing? Well her title as new student will expire tomorrow, as we're receiving a student named Hakasame Gita, and his enrolment here is known as the 'special case' for a reason I think you're all aware of."

Everyone assured themselves, the new student coming tomorrow was bigger news to them than Hana.

"But for those of you who have been under a rock today, I will explain" Minako-sensei began, "all you fine you people are used to this aren't you? Protective walls, tests, lunch facilities, classes, all this is something you're quite used to, and most likely take for granted every day.
But the special case is the enrolment of a boy who has never had any of this, the reason is unknown, but he has never been educated in his entire life, and Rosette have charitably taken him in-"

Mystery giggled.

Minako glared at her.

Mystery silenced.

"-and we would appreciate it if you did the same, he will be less intelligent than all of you, no doubt, and might not even know how to speak as well as you do, but don't get used to it, we're taking him on to prove our educational standards can bring, even the least privileged of kids to a better a future.
So I expect each and every one of you to help him get the future he deserves, are we in agreement?" She asked, as the students didn't respond.

"Well then, let's get on with this lesson..." She concluded, beginning to write on the whiteboard.

Mirashi chuckled, "No education? Are they serious about this?" He continues, as Mystery stays quiet next to him, sort of dreading the seat she's stuck in.

'Hakasame Gita...'Hana thought, 'they're treating him like a trump car, it's so obvious they're accepting him into this school just to prove how solid their curriculum is, even to some who is underprivileged, I can't help but wonder if this is the best way to do so, can they not wait until we graduate? And observe the mass of university entrance? Or do they not have that much time?' Hana observed the teacher's expression, as she gave Hana a quick glance, 'Father, why must you be so difficult?'

The time passed slowly, but the lesson eventually turned into another discussion, this time it was set up by Minako, who coined the question, "What do you want to do when you leave school?"

Mystery, using the time to break from Mirashi forms a group with Saharu and Yushia, and began.

"Well, I'm already guaranteed a spot on the school Unitec program," Yushia stated.

Mystery applied in amazement, "Really! How!"
"Well, my mom is working on the board of education, and has put a good word in for me, besides, my grades are pretty good anyway, Unitec is good for me because I'm not planning on studying in University" she explained.

Mystery sighed; her future wasn't even close to that kind of assurance. "My grades are average at best..."
Yushia cocked an eyebrow, "Ask Mirashi to tutor you! You two are dating, it's not like it'd be weird or anything, right?"
"You don't understand, he wouldn't want to even if I did ask!"
"What a douche! Why don't you let me nail some sense into him?" Yushia chuckled.
"Its fine, really, I'll learn this stuff as I go along! Besides, imagine what kind of efforts this Hakasame guy will have to put in!" Mystery added.
"Yeah, it's gonna be hard getting out of that boat, but at least he has a shot right?"
"I wonder why he never got educated, I mean, not one school? Not even some sponsored charity thing?"

Hana observed Saharu's uneasy look while they were talking about this guy, was she in the same boat? Or is she just worrying about her own future?

Location, outside of Rosette, school has ended, and the students are exiting the corridors like water from a flood gate.

Hana receives a call from her mother, and briefly converses with her.

"Not too much, although I'm expecting a few surprise attacks on the way home."
"Surprisingly normal actually"
"What's wrong?"

Saharu and Mystery exited the school together, with Mirashi already waiting in his car.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" Mystery asked.
"Of course" Saharu smiled, as her friend walked off.

The girl then directed her attention towards Hana, who looked rather troubled.

"Has he done anything!" Hana asked, still on the phone to her mother.
"Okay, I won't rush, I don't want to face him if he's in that state, get security to kick him out, and I'll call him when I get home... Okay love you ... Bye" She hung up, staring back at Saharu, which became sort of a common thing that day.

I find my situation daunting... Hana began; I never thought that I'd be in a constant fight with my father, the kind of power he harbours in comparison to me in mind boggling, not to mention the kind of people he's hired to take my efforts to vein. She suddenly met eyes with a girl, actually, a woman, across the street, who has black hair, long, with a platted ponytail and a pink highlight on her fringe. She wore a large black jacket, and a noticeable amount of makeup, not to mention the boots around her feet, but to Hana, this eye-to-eye staring contest began to scare her, what did this woman on the other side of the street want?

A few seconds later, the staring contest had ended, as Hana came to a halt and looked back, contemplating his situation once more.

Saharu arrives at her home, not too far from the school with a beautiful view of the Yoshi-kan Sky Scraper, which she openly despised.

Greeting her on her way past was Mazuki, the next-door neighbour who owns a cafe, with simple black hair in a ponytail, and those rare blue eyes. But Saharu on replied with an awkward wave, before entering her home, and seeing her mother out on the couch, fast asleep. She disrespects the sight of it, as she almost makes it upstairs before words escape her mothers mouth.

"Saru-chan~ would you like some dinner?" asked her tired mom.

She didn't respond, and just continued footing her way up the stairs.

Mystery had gotten out of Mirashi's car and entered their apartment, 16 years old and already living with someone. She looked back quickly and saw some guy walking a dog, holding a map in his hand, all that was visible was the drab clothing and the long orange hair coming out of his beanie. Then the door closed on her and the night began.

Hana sit in her study, examining the phone and seeing her Father's corporation flooding the caller ID.
I knew that this situation was believable, even with my father on my tail every step of the way, I was determined to win this quarrel. But what is to come the day after tomorrow is the beginning of an event, that even I found hard to believe, and with the arrival of this poor kid, things were about to change.

At that, a tall guy, with long ruff orange hair, drab clothing, and a large Doberman dog by his side, approaches the door of their new life.