Journal of a Supervillain Databook

By Justin J.

Talia Stevens

Age: 18

Race: Human

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Dark Brown


Talia is a perfectly normal, average geeky girl...except for her sadistic streak. Piss her off and you will regret it. Richard loves this about her (not that he's going to tell Talia this, he's not stupid), and her ability to get sadistic revenge on people is infamous in Creston High. Not even Alli wants to get on her bad side after the pheromones incident.

She works with Richard at Mangaverse, a local comic/gaming/anime/manga/figurine store in Creston, and gets along with him quite well...even if she does sometimes scare the customers with her fangirl rages when Kishimoto and Kubo 'asspull' again.

She has a crush on Richard, but refuses to admit to it, and Richard is oblivious.


None. Unless you consider 'scary sadist revenge artist' a power...