You know what I don't get? The fact that the government wants to forcefully take God out of everything.

We grow up in a free country and there for have the right to practice our own beliefs, yet government is determined to take it away even in the most settle of ways saying it's what everybody wants.

As a Christian or even any other religion, God plays a big part in our lives. And as our founding fathers they were the first to put God in the pledge as well as in other settle things, none of which push our believes on anyone else.

We as believes, are criticized if we so much as talk to someone about our belief saying we are forcing them to believe in what we do, yet atheists are now forcing there non-beliefs on us, and are not criticized in the same manner.

If one side is going to be looked down upon due to such manners then why is it the other side can get away with it?

If a believer was to confront the government about putting God in schools, they would slam the door in there face, but if a non-believer confronts the government about taking God out of schools they welcome the idea with open arms. Why is that?

Is our world so covered in darkness that God strikes fear in there hearts? And so find a need to remove him?

In a free country such as this why are we, the believer, being forced to give up the one person we follow as a guiding light? And the rest get the pleasure of watching us fight to keep him in 'open' life?

We are not allowed to force are beliefs upon others, yet they are allowed to force theirs….show me the justice in that.

A/N: yeah, I know this is more of a rant, but is it not true?