Dust blew across the streets of the old western town. Most of the locals were in the Busty Tails and Dusty Trails Saloon and Whore House. Even Sheriff Jade was enjoying a night a drink with her Deputy Leo. The town drunk Dr. Scraps was in full swing with his flirting with the bar maid Tina. The way the corset she wore pushed her already large breast closer together drove the man nuts. "I do declare doctor you're going to drive me as crazy as you if you keep this up." She tossed a pleading glance to her lover Rowan who was tending bar.

Rowan smirked but took pity on her lover. "That's enough doctor you can't afford her…if ya want I'll send Madam Rhonnie over and she can fix ya up with a right sweet girl."

"That's mighty swell of ya Miss Rowan I do believe I'd like that a lot." The doctor smiled drunkly.

A woman with long blonde hair walked over to his table. "I hear you're looking for a girl for the night. It just so happens I got the perfect girl for you…the lawman over there has my 2nd best girl…you get my best girl how's that…Amy come here!" A Irish girl walked over her green eyes twinkled wickedly as she ran her hand through her red hair. "Like what you see doc?"

"Oh very much." He placed a hand full of coins in Madam Rhonnie's hand and pulled the woman to him.

As the night went on two strangers rode in on Black Stallions. They tied up their horses and walked into the Saloon. The people all looked at them when they walked in then went back to what they were doing. The one looked through her snow white hair at the other who just simply smiled and pulled the others hat down a little. The girl shook her head and adjusted both six shooters on her thighs. She adjusted the vest she wore over her men's shirt and sat down. Her auburn haired friend sat down next to her. Hey Jo you saw the law sittin over there right."


"Then why are we still in here?"

"Calm down Rikku they ain't payin us no mind. Have a drink relax and you'll get a reward later." Jo winked.

Rikku smirked. "I'm holdin' ya to that…"

Tina walked over and took their order then walked over to Rowan. "The strangers want beer."

"Are they both women? The auburn haired one is obvious she's wearing a dress."

"Yes they are and I think they are a couple…why?" Tina looked at her lover funny.

"Thought so…no man carries himself like that…had a bet with Jade…I just won." Rowan chuckled as she handed her lover the beers.

Tina took the drink to the table and collected the payment from the table and walked off.

After a few hours a US Marshall walked in and walked over to the Sheriff. "I'm Marshall Vincente Alonso…please call me Vinnie…have you seen these two woman?" He showed her a two wanted posters.

"They we're just over…there…where did they go?"

"Their good at that…best damn outlaws in the west. Jo's quick on the draw and Rikku easy on the eyes…together they've robbed 10 banks and 12 trains…had um in custody once…Rikku sweet talked the guard a little too close to the bars…Jo took his gun forced him to open the door…knocked him out took their stuff…the money they stole and disappeared." The Marshall looked at the sheriff.

"They did all this stuff…have they killed anyone?"

"Shot yes…killed no…"

"Good luck finding them."

"Yea they probably rode off into the sunset already…"

Madam Rhonnie smirked. "That's what you think law man."

…FIN CH.1…