Jo and Rikku rode into the outlaw town and saw a few familiar face and were lead to recently vacant home and they put their horses in the stables and walked in. Rikku smiled at Jo. "No more robberies for us anymore for a while ok?"

Jo chuckled. "We got enough money to last us a life time angel."Jo pulled Rikku close and kissed her. "We made it here and I swear to you we'll die old women."

Rikku smiled. "Good maybe we can open up a saloon?"

"Whatever ya want angel." Jo smiled at the girl in her arms.

"How bout we open up a Saloon in that old building just inside the gates?" Rikku smiled at the white haired gunner. "Please Jo!"

Jo laughed. "Alrighty angel, anything ya want."


Madam Rhonnie's coach came to a stop just outside the gates. "I ain't going any farther ma'me."

"That's quite alright me and my girls will take it from here." The woman and five girls exited the coach and walked into the town. Madam Rhonnie heard voices come from a building and walked in. "I do declare we can fix this right up and make one hell of a saloon slash brothel what ya girls say?"

Jo and Rikku laughed. "Yea why not? I'm sure the men in this town will love the idea."


After a few weeks the Outlaw Saloon and Whore House was open and in full swing. Madame Rhonnie now had ten girls and the guys loved um all. Jo tended bar while Rikku was her bar maid. Every now and then she'd have to tell men to kill each other outside because the dust will soak up the blood faster than the wood.

Every now and again they would get board and rob a passing stage coach. But the Saloon kept them pretty busy.


Sheriff Jade Thompson decided she was sick of being the law and went and joined her sister Jo as an outlaw.

US Marshal Vincente Alonso quit bein a marshal after being shot. He opened up his own Bounty Hunting Office.

Deputy Leo became the new Sheriff after Jade left

Dr. Scraps ended up marrying Amy and getting sober and opened his own clinic

Rowan still own Busty Tails, Dusty Trails and to this day her involvement with helping Jo and Rikku escape has never been proved

Tina still serves drinks at Rowan place, but the two are married now

Madam Rhonnie became a very wealthy woman and opened a second Brothel

Jo and Rikku married and still run that Saloon and will probably till the day they die