I always wanted to be in love.

Others would warn me the consequences, others would cheer me on. But I was a fool for falling in what people call love so easily. One meeting will make me fall in love. I would have a small feeling of warmth.

I simply don't understand how quick my heart is to turn cold when I don't notice it.

But whenever a person would just say those words to me, the phrase I can never be true about, I would turn into the coldest person to them.

I would play with them, then later just throw them away. I began to doubt.

Is this really love?

I began to say that I will never fall in love.

I'm scared of it. Because I know that love won't last forever. I need to stop wanting for that emotion.

Then... I met him.

My wanting to fall in love was repeated. And now, I can never loving stop loving him.