I Know Who God is

God is a diamond
that glitters in the sunlight,
all lok at the diamond
and see a different side of God.

Some see a woman with a swollen womb.
Some see a wizened old man who sits on a golden throne.
Some might see a wolf or a stag in all its glory.

Who's wrong?
Who's right?

God is a part of everything in the universe,
the creatrix essence of all-
the void where all life came.

God is the destructive force
that rips life apart at the seams-
the void where all must return.

So look for God in the woods and the streams,
in the valleys and hills,
in the preacher's pulpit,
and a church's pews.

But never forget to look inside yourself
for your own spark of God,
follow what makes your heart tango
and fills you up with sunshine.

It only becomes dogma
when it grows stale
and no longer breathes.
Blessed Be you, special soul
with your wondering spirit-
you will never cease to grow.

God doesn't change.
Our perceptions of God evolve.
Jesus said:

Don't point out the speck of wood
in your neighbors eye,

before you remove the beam of wood
in your own.

Why mock others
in their own interpretations?
Why murder each other
over a difference of perception?

So, brothers and sisters,
teach but don't ever preach,
but also learn when
a teacher speaks,
and love, free.

Walk your path
but broaden your horizons
with companions who are
different than you.

So when street preachers ask me,
Do you know God?
I say, Yes.
And go on my merry way.