Father Brother Self

I saw you there
with your stag-horn crown
a top unkempt, long, brown curls,
and golden eyes
the colour of wheat fields.

You're not the Satan
that they told me about
even though you have
cloven hooves.

You're wild, primal male and
you rule the earth-
procreation is done
in your name and honour.

You're my father,
you comfort me in your arms
and help me conquer all
obstacles in my path.

I see you every dawn
as you bring light to this world.
You bring balance to the divine female.
I have come full circle
in this presence.

You're the dark lord
who gives release
to the fallen.
All must tread Death's road
to dwell in the light
of swirling energies.

You're my brother,
my father,
and you're a part of me.
I stopped looking outside
myself for you
because you were always here.

Spirit moves through us all,
we are united in flesh and blood and soul.
Why should brothers kill brothers
when we all receive the same love?