I'll never let these same tears merge in my eyes
That fell down my cheeks
The scar that once appear in my heart is now in the past
To be able to fade away from the pain
Is that all I ask for?
In a part of my unconscious mind
I can't trust myself
I can't trust any guy
To let my emotion take control
To be played around with
To give in to those who have a tight hold on my heart
Is to open the doors of the broken memories
That lives in my heart
I won't cry anymore because all this
The pain brought from the distant past
Was the result of my trust?
The male race just isn't worth of my tears
Because in every situation that it was relived
I just got ripped to pieces each and every time
To remain in this present situation
Where I am not at all wavered
Is better than stepping into the past
That once had my heart stabbed and shattered
For at least now my heart is stabled and undisturbed
Seems like that is the only answer there is
So be it