Tonight's sky is mostly made of pain,

Lightning wounding bruise-purple.

Rain threading through

Your hair as you wave

At someone who

Was maybe never there.

And together

We. Run.

Feet pattering with the rain,

Over dead autumn leaves,

Blazing orange-yellow-red,

We seek somewhere.


And in the alley you wave

again and again

To the person who

Was maybe never there

Your grief, louder than thunder.

Ruby taillights, diamond headlights

Bounce off the broken green bottle shards

Revealing features, with shadows

Rubbed into the sides of

Our noses, our mouths, our souls.

We wave, together now

Our arms flowing into the rain.

Somehow, our finger tips tangle together

Warm skin on skin, and

Behind us, tea-stained wall.

We are slicks, nothing more

Of oil on the road and tequila kisses,

rolls of barbed wire and dust,

We wave