Thoughts of a Rat

I am doomed for all eternity

To live life in captivity

Eating sunflower seeds

And sometimes weeds

That humans claim are good for me.

I've lived my life in cages

And on and on for ages

I run on my wheel

It goes squeakity squeal

And at the noise the human rages.

They call me fat and lazy.

I think they must be crazy!

Maybe if I could run

And really have fun

My mind wouldn't be so hazy!

My neighbors are certainly weird

Though I know they're not to be feared.

They gape all day long

Like they're singing a song

And their faces on the walls they've smeared.

How can paws hold pencils, anyway?

I'd prefer keyboards any day.

Who needs poetry

Even if you're free?

And flamers, go away.