Chapter 2: Strange Pleasurable Feelings

Arabella removed Darius's hand from her shoulder only to get a jolt of pleasurable feelings making her slightly moan. Darius just smirks knowing what he's doing to her, by sending pleasure in her body from a touch. She tries to shake off the odd sexual feeling from touching him, as she walks away embarrassed with a red face from making that sound in front of her teacher.

Darius disappears into the darkness after Arabella left, wondering how much longer he must wait until he has her all for himself.

Arabella's whole ride home made her think and think hard about how her teacher makes her feel. Though, she finds it weird that a touch or look can make her all hot and horny inside. When she arrives home, her father was in the living room waiting for her, with a frustrated look on his face.

She walks closer to her father thinking, wait he's never home nor does he speak to me...what did I do now. Oh wait, could he know about this morning...maybe, but I.

He coughed loudly and woke her from thought, she looked up at him with a frighten look knowing she was in for it.

"Now Arabella, my dear Arabella Marie McCoy, how could you leave him like that." as his tone raised. "You know how I like Jarvis; also he is from a well off family so he could support you and his future family." Arabella tried to speak when he cut her off. "I'm going to have him over for dinner tonight and you'll apologize to him, tell him you'll say yes." He took a deep breath before he continued.

Arabella found a chance to speak before he gets his two senses in again. "Edward, I don't want to marry him we have nothing in common, I have no feelings for him. And besides I want to finish college first before I think of marriage. I know you want the best for me but it's my choice and unfortunately it's not with him. I tried to seem happy for you when I was with him, but I can't anymore. Please understand and let me choose what I want for now." She gave her father a half smile.

There was a moment of silence and he pondered her words in his mind. Edward sighed and walked away from his daughter, thinking, she's just like her mother at that age.

Arabella felt bad saying that to her father, but he had to know the truth. She went to her room and slept the rest of the night.

It was morning and she got ready for class again, though this time no Jarvis, she shrugged it off thinking that Edward took care of it last night. But, where was Edward she was sure after last night he would see her off. She waited a couple minutes though still no show, so she went to class.

When she arrived there was Darius at the front writing on the bored, when she remembered, the previous day that on the way home before the fight with her father she was thinking about him. As she starts to daze off Arabella hits herself in the head to stay focused and to start copying his notes.

The class begun and he thought how in the past people use to believe that demons were the cause of evil and misfortune. He continued with his lecture, he looked at Arabella from time to time only to see she was paying attention to the class, which was no fun to him since she wasn't daydreaming about him. So, he started to think of her laying down in his bed only in a bra and panties as he starts to kiss up her leg and to her neck with a little nibble on her weak spot in her neck and down to the side where the jugular vain was as he slides off her bra and kisses down to her chest and back up to her ear whispering "is this what you want my doll," then he breathed into her ear. Then he brought his thoughts back to the class and the notes.

As Arabella finished the noted and was listening to him his dream finally came to her mind and she closed her eyes and let the feeling rush over her body. She moaned slightly and her breathe deepened as her panties became hot and wet.

The students looked at her and Darius looked in her direction as she was still enjoying the feeling of his thought. The students continued to look at her like what the fuck got into her and he started to become hard as the blood rushed to his dick as he watched her enjoying herself. He slammed the book down and the students looked at him and she snapped her head in his direction with her face red. He thought to himself...calm down you can't have her yet she's not ready just go on with the class. As the bell rang the students walked out thinking how crazy and weird she became since the teacher got here.

Arabella walked down and he touched her shoulder again, "please remember to pay attention to my class or else you will fail," with that he let go of her shoulder and prepared for the coming class.

She continued out the door confused and not wanting to go home, she texted her friends, "need to have some fun and clear my head...lets meet at the smoothie cafe in the mall and shop for a bit. Love Ara 3"

With that she got into her car and started for the mall wondering about that daydream from class. When she arrived at the cafe she saw Jarvis sitting there and her heart raced not knowing if her father told him or was he still in that state of mind from the previous morning. She summed up the courage to walk over to him when another girl approached him. Arabella stopped and watched them, wondering who she was or maybe there a thing now...but that was too fast to find someone new...not that she cared, so she looked the girl over. She was of "normal" looks nothing special about her. She wanted to find out more but her friends walked in and saw her then saw Jarvis with another girl, and they thought that she got dumped that's why she wanted to clear her mind. Arisa got pissed that he would dump her for some ugly trash so she started to walk over to give him a piece of her mind when Arabella drugged them out of the cafe.

"Please don't it's not what you think, I dumped him. I just want to have fun so please" she looked at them with a smile on her face when you could tell she was really begging Arisa not to.

Both Arisa and Arielle nodded and pulled her to shop. They went into a book store to see if her book was out when she notice a tall gentleman that look similar to her teacher but different at the same time. He looked back at her looking right into her eyes and that's when Arabella hit the ground out cold. Arisa ran to her, "Ara, Ara wake up, please, wake up! Someone help!" Arielle pulled out her phone and called the police, as people started to gather around in a circle to see.

That gentleman looked at the girls and walked away, shaking his head mumbling very low to himself, "what is my brother doing to this oneā€¦ she's not for him."