Eyes- the symbol of truth.

Eyes- the mirors of human heart.

Eyes- the weapon that shoots

Eyes- let secrets fall apart.

Her eyes were determined,

Full of blames and hate,

Yet, Full of tears in two corners,

Defeated by her disloyal fate.

Hey eyes search for me

Up and down, everywhere.

But look away and ignore,

Whenever I am near.

Two furious eyes full of rage

Shoot at me like nuclear missiles,

Force me to go backward,

And maintain a distance of miles.

Her eyes are expressive,

They speak volumes for her.

I can feel her arrows hitting me,

Breaking through my armour.

I scream in pain, Close my eyes,

Hold back my tears, Grind my fist tightly.

She just sits quietly,

Giving me a glance so lightly!

I get ready to live a life

Full of burdens of pain and lies.

But I just fail to save myself,

From the wrath of her resolute eyes.

(A/N: she'd so freak out if she knew I was writing poems on her *evil grin* Please review if you liked this!)