Made: Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time: 6:19pm


The storm brews outside my window
Setting the skies alight
The scene signals to me that
It's going to be a magical night.

Chills running up my spine
And all throughout my body
Documenting the chorus of sounds
Has come to be my hobby.

Crashing and quaking
It seems surreal
A holy and a devil
Are making a deal.

Ah, I can see it now
As the lightning strikes again
The world as we know it
Slowly coming to an end.

The thunder shakes my home
The power goes out
I sit and wonder, what now
Instead of waiting to pout.

So instead I watch the storm
What progress it's making
Chaotic and destroying
It's the world that it's shaking.

Soon, I know, it'll come to an end
As the storm looks down at us
Crying, the eye judges
The verdict--we have no trust.

So it whirls on back to life, I see
Angry at us all
Such fury is an art
Nothing compares, as I recall.

And then, when nothing's left
It slowly drifts away
The sun comes out of hiding
And we all start to decay.