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Chained and huddled in the corner, she hoped they would forget about her…it was not to be. She could hear the sound of voices, loud shouts broke through the rumble of hundreds of voices, all twisted and jumbled together into a steady roar. A single voice, broadcast outward, an auctioneer calling out for bids, she could not see what was happening passed the solid wooden slats of the box she was in, but she could well guess. Slave market.

She shuddered, how had she ended up here? The last thing she recalled in what was before the nightmare unfolding around her was lying in her bed, listening to the sound of night insects outside her brother's house, then the terrifying bursts of energy arrays that split the night and bombarded the door. Delius…idiot that he was…how had he not considered the commanders would know what he had done. She shivered. Still it was not her sin…guilty by association only, she had been led here…where her brother was…she did not know, but figured he was dead, his body lashed to the spikes outside town…a lesson for others who thought to plot against the Empire.

She let herself glance about the five foot by five foot crate she had been crammed into. Males and females alike shared the tight confines, most naked…like herself or wearing only shreds of cloth filled her vision and she wanted to shut her eyes to block it out. Criminals…a few innocent like herself no doubt, guilty only of being in the wrong place at the wrong time…still…criminals to the Empire. She wanted to weep, but dared not show her fear. The Empire's commanders thrived off it.

"You girl," a burly guard dared reach into the box to grab her chains, "You next," he dragged her out, unafraid to reach so far into the cage. Why should he…they were all bound and beaten, some physically…others mentally.

She wanted to struggle, but knew it was useless. The sweaty man grabbed the chains at her wrists and jerked her to her feet, making her shoulders feel as if they had been separated from their sockets. A small whimper escaped her without her permission as she staggered into the bright sunlight, squinting at the powerful rays of the Cardasian sun, momentarily blinded, she blinked owlishly, pausing slightly as she groped to see, her eyes adjust to the light when she had been bound in near dark for so long.

"Come on you little cunt," the man jerked her again, "No resisting…"

She wanted to argue that she was not resisting, but kept silent, knowing to do so would get her punched or slapped. There were no few instances of those in the three days she had been held captive by the Guard. She continued to blink, the auction yard coming into focus. Gods…the people. Hundreds of them…milling about, mostly in military uniform, a few wealthy patrons who kissed the boots of the Empire and managed to stay in business and keep their gold thrown into the mix. Some were seated, higher officials up front where the view was the best, no doubt, most standing, weaving in and out of the throng.

She blushed, realizing the assembly was mostly male…a few women dressed in vibrant colors stood about, but mostly the black of the Empire's soldiers filled her vision and she wished desperately that her arms were unbound…so she could cover her nudity as best she could. "Stand straight cunt," the guard jerked on her bonds, almost sending her reeling to her feet. He jerked her back upright and gripped her naked backside harshly, forcing her to thrust her hips away from his touch. Back arched, it tossed her red-gold curls over her shoulders, something she did not particularly want…at least she could have hidden behind her hair…

"Up for auction…one Cardasian female…disease free…hymen intact…" she colored hotly at that description, wondering why that would matter. She was to be a slave…wasn't she? Cooking, cleaning? Trepidation spilled down her spine, why did her unsexed state matter?

"Bidding starts as two hundred credits…"

She let her gaze skim the crowd, seeing more than one gaze on her, her blush intensified. On the front row a man with a gap in his front teeth leered at her, his insignia assured her he was a commander…the man at his side, the one with the weasel's face his second in command. She shuddered when the man nodded.

"Two hundred…" his voice was gritty and rough, making her knees quake.

"Two fifty…two fifty…" the auctioneer called and she could not resist the shudders that ripped through her as the man on the front row continued to stare at her, his gaze predatory and menacing, his grin a sneer.

Gods…don't let it be him…please…please…she prayed, sensing she would rather work the ore mines than go to that man, shivers danced over her skin. Please…

"Two-fifty…" another voice in the crowd spoke up, she opened her eyes, wondering who else had bid, but had missed whomever had spoken. Her gaze scanned the assembly, lighting on a tall, dark-haired man with eyes as blue as the Cardasian skies. He was another commander, the gold braid on the wide shoulders of his black uniform assured her of it. He merely looked at her, his expression impassive, the man at his side leaned his head aside and said something to him, wearing the silver braid of a second commander, she realized he was looking at her too.

"Three hundred…three…who gives three…"

"Three hundred," the man in the front row insisted, giving a nod to the auctioneer, who upped the bid to three-fifty.

She glanced at the man, feeling her skin crawl, immediately her gaze returned to the man whose eyes seemed to draw her across the distance. Again his implacable expression, the man beside him said something else and he gave a small nod, catching her eyes on him, he returned her gaze openly. She shivered, not with fear but something she could not name. His eyes pulled her to him…his broad shoulders…please bid, she heard her mind insist, please…I'll go with you…but not the other one…please not him…

"Three fifty…."

Her shoulder's slumped slightly. It had not come from the blue eyed man, nor his second in command. Not sure where the voice came from she felt fear prickle her spine as the man in front shouted,"Four…" before the auctioneer had a chance to even ask for the bid to go higher.

"Five…" her gaze swiveled to the blue-eyed man. Had he said that? His arms crossed over his massive chest, the man beside him let go a little smile, crossing his own arms. He was not as large as his commander…his eyes danced with an amused light that from her distance she could tell were a gold color, that instead of making her nervous, left her relaxed.

"Five-fifty…" she glanced at the front row, her gaze immediately shot the pair standing to the side of the bidding, her look beseeching she could admit…not him…not him…she shook her head slightly, an almost imperceptive thing, but the man with blues eyes noted it.

"Six-fifty…" his voice was a low growl, almost lost in the din…his gaze swept her and she shivered, not sure suddenly if she wished this man to win or not. From head to toe and back again, his hot gaze flowed over her and she blushed, feeling her chest and cheeks heat. Gods…she had forgotten she was naked.

"Seven…" the man out front insisted, getting annoyed she could tell, he was frowning now, glancing over his shoulder at the other commander, his eyes narrowed as he turned back. The crowd let go a startled murmur at the vast amount, but she did not notice, only able to look beseechingly at the imposing commander…imposing was one thing…the other man made her skin crawl she had to admit.

"Eight…" the dark-haired, blue-eyed commander said evenly and still he looked at her, his gaze never wavering and she could not look away. The auctioneer was having trouble keeping up, the bids coming before he even called for them, the din of the crowd grew louder.

That bid was met by silence from the front row and she glanced at the man in the front, seeing his head bent to that of his second in command. Please stop…she was praying with all her might…please…

"Eight-fifty," he agreed after the auctioneer called twice for the bid. Shivering, shuddering now she closed her eyes. Would he? Could the other man go so high.

"One thousand…" a gasp went up and she dared open her eyes. Still impassive…still regarding her as nothing more than a possession, she realized she could deal with that…could deal with being his chore girl…if it meant escaping the menacing leer of the man in the front row, who terrified her with just a look. The blue-eyed man's second in command glanced aside at him, a grin on his face.

"One thousand…going once…going twice…" the auctioneer waited, the two on the front row were deep in conversation, "Sold…to Commander Brinn of the Empire for one thousand credits…"

Oh thank you…thank you…she prayed, silently, ready to weep, she cast the man on the front row one last glance to see his scowl as the guard shoved her off the platform. Had it not been for the blue-eyed man's second in command she would have fallen.

"Hey…" he shouted up at the guard, "Watch how you treat another man's property," he snapped, catching her upper arms he steadied her, then to her amazement, he whipped off his cloak and dragged it around her. Not sure she liked being referred to as another man's property, she looked past him for the blue-eyed man, but he was not where he had previously stood. She glanced back at the man who held her, his grip not hurtful, but firm on her upper arms.

"Thank you," she managed to whisper, not sure why she would thank him, except for the fact she would not be leaving with the evil looking man in front. She shivered uncontrollably, fear suddenly coursing through her. Had looks alone really been her preference between the two bidders? One could be just as bad as the other…looks were deceiving she knew.

"Come on honey," the man insisted, wrapping an arm about her shoulders. "Let's get these shackles off…"

He led her to the back of the gathering, not for once did she miss the leers of the men who had seen her naked before them, up on the block. She blushed harshly, bowing her head. She glanced aside at the man who held her securely and a little too familiarly against his side. He was tall and lean, his shoulders wide, tapering to a narrow waist and hips. His hair was sandy brown, curling slightly on the ends, which she realized would have curled wantonly if he did not wear it so closely cropped as the soldier's of the Empire were wont to do, shaved over and behind the ears, but a little longer on the top. His eyes were an amber color, sparkling with that teasing light she had noticed up on the block, when he caught her peeking at him from beneath her lashes. He grinned.

"I am Ky," he told her as she bowed her head once more, "My commander is Brinn…he bought you," he added, she did not speak, nor nod and he studied her as he brought her to a stop before the exit of the slave market, so her chains could be removed. "How did an innocent such as yourself end up in the slave market," he asked her bluntly, feeling her start against his hand on her shoulder.

"My…my brother…" she said simply, glancing aside at him once more. His voice was kind she realized, as were the twinkling eyes that gazed down at her, little smile lines winged away from the edges, assuring her he smiled a lot. She felt safe with him, she realized suddenly, making words spill out of her mouth before she could stop them. "I am innocent…I did nothing wrong…he was arrested and…and…I did not know what he was involved in anything illegal…I promise…"

Would he let her go? His smile slipped a little at her babbling and she wondered if he would? If he could? She was a criminal now…the brand on her wrist proved it. She shivered slightly, feeling his gaze rake her. She almost shook her head at the thought…no…she was a criminal for the rest of her life, as far as the Empire was concerned.

So, she was no criminal herself, Ky mused, pleased by that fact. It was the one thing Brinn had worried about, when deciding to bid for her or not. He would be pleased, Ky knew…that the girl was only guilty by relation to her kin. Still, the way his commander looked at the girl, when she had been led out onto the block had told Ky that he would quickly get over his concerns about her. She had been stunning, he could admit. Red-gold hair swirling about her lush, ample hips, the curls at her base slightly darker than those on her head. A true red-head, he mused…shaking his head…who'd have thought it. Her skin was like white satin, the areoles around her tight little nipples, puckered with fear had been like the pink blush of a rose, assuring him her folds would be just as pink he remembered and though she was a dirty, grubby thing now…he was sure with the use of a little soap and water she would be breath-taking.

"Brinn will be pleased you are as innocent as you appeared," Ky admitted, pulling her before the guards and brushing aside his cloak so they could unchain her hands behind her back. She blushed, feeling the cooler air touch her naked skin, her backside in clear view of all who wanted to see…of the man at her side. She tried to square her shoulders, telling herself it did not matter…he had already seen all of her anyway…but she could not stop her blush.

"A thousand credits, huh," the guard asked Ky, grinning slightly, "Even for all that rare red hair, she gonna be worth it," he asked, not missing the second commander's frown.

"You'll never know," he quipped, seeing the man's erection clearly through his black leather uniform. He quit his grinning, Ky mused.

"For a thousand, I'd be rutting her every night," he man grunted, unlocking her hands, he shoved her slightly. The man beside her caught her up easily against his side.

"In that case, you'd have to be paying her," Ky snapped back, glaring at the guard who just could not seem to keep his mouth shut, until Ky turned slightly, showing off the second command insignia and flight wings on his shoulder. The man's lips thinned, outranked, Ky knew…he'd keep his comments to himself now.

He turned away, leading the girl at his side through the stone walls that enclosed the slave market, out onto the street, where she paused slightly, dragging the cloak tighter at her throat. "What did he mean," she asked, daring glance aside at him Ky noted, "That guard…"

He chuckled, a little surprised. He had expected her to be insulted by the man's base talk, "You are innocent…aren't you," he asked her, not answering her question. If she did not know how the man had affronted her, he was not about to tell her.

"I told you…I had nothing to do with what my brother did," she beseeched him to believe her, daring turn her gaze up to his.

Gods…her eyes were amazing. Golden-green the perimeter of her iris' trimmed in a deep blue-gray… slightly tilted at the corners, wide and fringed by thick lashes, she was chewing her full lower lip, the color of acada fruit, pink and lush and ripe. He could not look away for a moment, wondering what they had been talking about. Oh yes… "You've never been with a man before…have you," he asked bluntly, she shook her head, having no inkling of what he spoke of he knew.

Cardasian females of the lower sect were often kept ignorant and virgins, he knew. It was the only bargaining tool the family had when they were of marriageable age, thus their one commodity was guarded like iron-rich ore or gold. He shook his head. This girl was obviously passed the age to marry…why hadn't she been bartered to better her family's lot? She was certainly beautiful enough to bring a good price…money, goods. He asked her just that, aware her face flamed like the Cardasian sun.

"My bond-mate was killed," she admitted, the fact not really upsetting her. She had not known him…the contract made by her father…who had also been killed some months ago when the Bolarian's had invaded Cardasia. "My brother never bartered me," she confessed, seeing the man beside her nod. She dared glance up to where he was taking her. They had reached the edge of the town, where the Empire had set up it's base camp, buildings and guard-posts had been erected into a military city of a kind and seeing the large interstellar ships resting along the street they walked upon, she studied them, never having seen one up close.

"Brinn will be along later," Ky told her, seeing her staring at the ships, "He wanted me to get you settled," he admitted, she ducked her head.

"What…why…why did you want a slave," she heard herself ask. She was not a slave, by her own measure…but he would insist she was, she did not doubt.

"The reason any man wants a female slave," Ky admitted, studying her as they walked among the rows of guard boxes, his insignia giving him the ability to pass unhindered.

"Why is that," she heard herself whisper. If it were for mere cooking and cleaning…should he not have said so.

Ky chuckled. "Innocent," he mused, shaking his head, "For pleasure honey," he admitted, feeling her stiffen beneath his hand, "Don't worry though," he insisted, as she stopped and gaped at him, "Brinn and I aren't the type masters to make you submit…without incentive to do so," he raised a brow at her, watching her face explode with color, even as she gasped.

"I…There is no incentive…that you could offer…that I would…I am not willing to…pleasure you…or your commander…I…I…"

"Calm down honey," he ran a hand down her arm, feeling her shivering, "You'll get used to it…and we'll be gentle with you," at first, he did not add, thinking of his commander. Brinn was a Dom, all commanders were. Life-long partners, commanders and their seconds in command were joined by years of military training…as well as a personal connection that was required of all the Empire's interstellar pilots. It made them a team…of one mind and unified goal. He and Brinn had been partners for nearly six years now…not as long as some…but still longer than others. It was a good fit, when he had been assigned to his commander…Brinn's always serious demeanor was softened about the edges by his ability to laugh and roll with the flow of things, Ky knew…though Brinn would never admit it.

"I'll not get used to it," she insisted, trying to pull away, "Return me to the slave market…for I'll not…not be…"

"What do you think we were all bidding for honey," he asked her softly, realizing he did not know her name, "Dranis sure as hell wanted you for a fuck slave," he added, thinking of the other commander bidding against Brinn. The evil bastard…there was no love lost between the two commanders, nor their seconds in command, "And I can assure you…Brinn and I are the lesser of all the evils, who could have bought your lovely little hide."

She jerked away but he latched onto her just as quickly, "I…I won't do it," she insisted, mortified by what he suggested…she might not know all there was to know about the subject of fucking…but she certainly knew the word and knew enough to know she wanted not part of it. "I won't…I've never…I won't…"

"Don't get all in a twist," Ky insisted, frowning a little now. She would…and she would like it, he knew. "It's not like we're going to throw you to the ground and go at it," he insisted, "We'll give you time to get used to us…" he hoped his commander would at least.

"Go…at it," she gasped, her face igniting again. Oh Gods…what had she been thinking? She had wanted this man and his commander to buy her…because she had thought…had thought…what had she thought? That they looked nicer than the other pair…that was it…in a nutshell.

"Come on," Ky pulled her after him, realizing he had upset her and no amount of assurances on his part, standing in the middle of the landing field was going to soothe her. He kept a firm grip on her wrist, weaving his way between the monstrous ships lined up. She was silent and so was he, thinking to get her on board and show her around, perhaps she would calm down a bit. "What's your name, honey," he asked her, tossing a look over his shoulder at her, seeing her chewing that lush lip again, he almost sighed, but caught himself.

"Twylla," she admitted, then cursed herself for it. She should have refused him it, if for no other reason than to make sure he understood she was not going to be their 'pleasure' slave. Whatever that entailed she knew only the basics of it…whispers and rumors from village girls who had been mated, but she knew the commander would receive her data…he would know her name easily enough…no reason to annoy his man now…over something that would only become a moot point.

"That's lovely," Ky admitted, coming to a stop before one of the cruisers, he pressed his palm to the security pad on the side of the ship. Immediately the hatch opened in a whoosh of air and began to lower. He felt her jump and step back, but he held her firm, tugging her up close to him.

"You…this is your ship," Twylla asked, a little amazed. No wonder they could afford to pay a thousand credits for her…they were pilots…the best of the Empire's best it was said. She shivered as the cool, filtered air from the ships interior washed over her.

"We fly it," Ky mused, it was the Empire' ship, but he and Brinn was it's captain and co-captain.

"Am I allowed on it," Twylla asked, amazed, she had never been up close to a ship such as this…much less inside.

Ky grinned. "How else will you get to headquarters," he asked her, amused at her awe, seeing a line knit her brow, he ducked his head to study her eyes, she looked away.

"Headquarters," she murmured. Were they leaving Cardasia? She had never been off her home planet before…the thought was frightening. Bolaria was another star system away, she knew…but just where she wasn't sure.

"Not far," Ky admitted, tugging her up the walkway into the ships interior, he pushed another button and the hatched closed, even as their little slave wheeled about to watch it, seal them inside. "Our station is Aurelia Major," he told her, feeling how stiff and unsure she was, even as she looked around, "On the other side of the planet," he added, just in case.

Twylla nodded. So far…he had said it wasn't, but having never left Ophus Minor, the distance to that major city was daunting. She said nothing, wondering if she could find a way to escape, looking about the dimly lit confines of the craft. Even if she could manage it, then what would she do? The brand on her wrist assured anyone who came into contact with her, that she was a criminal…she could not buy or sell…no one would do business with her…she was shunned. She rubbed above the spot absently against her hip, fully aware it still stung and ached, the manacles about her wrists not having helped it.

"Put your hand here," Ky instructed her, seeing her hesitant glance, he raised the wrist he held in his large hand and placed it before the view screen, "Open," he squeezed her wrist slightly and she did, just in case he planned to snap her wrist if she didn't. He could she knew, his grip firm, not painful, but the strength of his hand told her it was possible. If she had learned anything of men, it was not to trust them to be gentle…her brother certainly never was, slapping her and pushing her when he thought her being slow with meals. She peeked aside at him as he pressed her hand to the screen.

"VIDA…analyze…" he said aloud and instantly a green glow erupted beyond her hand. She almost jerked back but he held her steady. "It won't hurt you," he assured her and she nodded skeptically. She had seen one of these only once before…her brother had had her touch it…not sure why she had assumed he was just playing around with the palm scanner.

"Hello lieutenant commander Ky," a female voice purred overhead and Twylla looked up, wondering who had spoken. "Classification…"

"Female…Cardasian…slave…transport only," she heard the man say, daring glance aside at him when he said slave. Oh Gods…she was a slave. What had she expected? Hadn't she realized it while cowering in her prison the last three days…she would either be sold or killed? It was unreal…this had to be a nightmare.

"Access to non-vital functions granted," the voice purred again and Twylla realized stupidly it was the computer. "Anything else lieutenant…" it asked, the female timbre a throaty purr.

"Yes, VIDA, scan her and send the measurements to the commissary with an order for female issue to be sent to our living quarters," he glanced aside at the girl, seeing her staring up at him, "All female issue," he added, seeing the girl blush, reminding her she was naked beneath his cloak.

He pulled her hand away from the screen and instantly a green light shot out and began to trace her outline from head to toe. The beam was warm against her skin and she squirmed, feeling it touch over her front, her neck and breasts, her belly and mons, then the man spun her about and the warmth sped over her toe to head, heating her backside and shoulders beneath her covering. She gasped…and almost as quickly it was gone.

"Measurements scanned…transferring data…" the computer voice hummed and Twylla looked up at him.

"Why do you call it a woman's name," she asked, looking away when he grinned. She shook her head. Because it sounded like a woman? Jeez…shut up Twylla, she chided herself, nervous and not a little uncomfortable, realizing she sounded like a twit.

"VIDA stands for voice-interactive and digital access…" he mused, she nodded as if she knew what that meant. He grinned. "All interstellar ships and the coordinating command centers have them, they're all named VIDA," he told her and she nodded again, "It scans your palm print and records inflections in your voice to allow certain controls to be used while you're on board," he explained, turning away from the console he led her down a narrow hall, his shoulders almost brushing the walls on either side, "In your case…limited access…living area, galley, sauna…"

She nodded again, but he did not see it, instead strode along the long hallway where doors opened off to each side. They remained shut and she wondered what was behind them, but dared not ask. At the end of the lighted hallway, he brought her up short and pointed to a still closed door, the markings over it were strange and she glanced aside at him. "Galley," he told her and she nodded, not sure what that was, she shrugged. Ky sighed. Not only was she innocent…but illiterate too it seemed.

"The ships kitchen," he simplified and she blushed, looking down at her bare dirty toes that peeked from beneath his uniform cloak. "Can you read Twylla," he asked, doubting she could…lower sects of Cardasia did not find it necessary to teach their girl children, he knew. It was stupid and barbaric in a way…that they insisted their women were good for only bartering for a good bride price…and making babies. He shrugged when she shook her head. "We'll teach you," he assured her, missing her look of surprise. "This is the sauna," he pointed to the room on their left, "And straight ahead is the bunk room," he felt her tense at that. He almost shook his head.

"Touch that panel," he told her and she shook her head. "Touch it…I want to make sure it works," he insisted, raising her hand once more and giving her a squeeze so she opened her palm. Her hand touched the cool display and the door slid open making her jump back and the man…Ky laughed at her. "Stop being so skittish," he chided her lightly, still smiling, "We're not going to hurt you," he insisted, stepping into the room he tugged her along. "Lights…" instantly the room was flooded with soft lavender light. "Fill tub…102 degrees…" he further commanded, leading her to a bench that surrounded a large tub inset into the floor. She could hear water running and glanced aside to see the tub filling with steaming water.

A bath! Oh Gods…how she wanted one…how good it would feel. She felt grubby from the toes up, she could admit…her hair plastered to her head. He left her sitting on the bench, watching longingly as the tub filled and opened a panel in the wall, pulling out white linens and bottles of different varieties. "Come on sweetheart, strip," he ordered, turning he carried the things toward her and placed them next to her on the rim of the tub. He took one of the bottles and squirted a small dab into the water…instantly bubbles started to foam and she watched a moment, mesmerized, never having seen anything like it. Her gaze flew up to his, seeing his amusement and no little determination as he crossed his arms over his wide chest. "Come on…" he insisted and she shook her head. "Strip…you can bathe…don't strip and I undress you and wash you myself…" he warned, hiding his grin when she shot to her feet.

He would too, she could tell, her face igniting. Would she constantly be blushing with him around? It seemed so. "T-turn your b-back," she stammered, holding his cloak tighter to her chest, wanting to be in the tub with it's decadent white foam more than anything…but not perhaps at the expense of her modesty. He shook his head, merely regarding her evenly, though his eyes danced wickedly. "P-please…" she whispered, mortified, no one had ever seen her naked before…at least until today.

"I've seen you already…the whole reason we bought you to begin with," he pointed out, a blush nearly caused her to cease breathing he swore, "As has half the planet," he reminded her, she dropped her gaze from his then and he took a little pity on her. "Get in the tub, Twylla," he coaxed her, her name rolling off his tongue like a sweet caress. The husky burr of it made her shiver, gooseflesh ripped down her arms as her gaze flew up to his.

Who would have thought that her name on a man's lips could sound so good? The way he formed the word, his mouth shaping it into a decadent sounding concoction instead of the commonality of what she was called, she had often hated her name…but when he said it…

"I'm…embarrassed, sir," she admitted, looking down at her toes, once more peeking from beneath his garment, she chewed her lip without realizing it.

Ky did. "Stop gnawing that lip," he reached out a thumb and brushed it from between her teeth, she exhaled forcefully against his thumb pad and he felt his cock jerk, "That will be the first thing Brinn breaks you of," he predicted, shaking his head, at her…at himself. "There is no reason for you to be embarrassed…you have a beautiful body…" she blushed further and he sighed. Perhaps Brinn had been right when it was announced her hymen was intact…perhaps she was a bit too innocent…training her was going to take time and patience…something his commander had little of…patience. "I'll let you alone for a while," he relented, seeing her relieved and appreciative gold-green eyes fly up to meet his. His cock jerked again and he almost cursed it aloud.

She was innocent…but Gods she was a little seductress when she looked at him from beneath her thick golden lashes like that. "Get in that bath…and scrub," he warned her, daring wag a finger at her, "I'll be back though…and there will be no escaping my perusal then…for Brinn will insist that you be groomed and a medical scan performed," he warned her, she dropped her gaze with only a small nod, thankful he assumed for the small reprieve.

He left her to the bath and once gone, she hastily dropped his cloak and stepped into the water. It was warm, delicious and eased over her aches and pains like a soothing balm as the froth of lather rose up just beneath her chin, she dared blow across them, hearing the faint crackle as they popped and she almost smiled. Just to be clean…would be heaven, she swore, taking up a sponge attached to a long smooth metal handled apparatus, she gave it the once over, then pressed the little green button on the end of it's length, giving a little squeal when soap squirted out of it. She smiled, glancing at the door to make sure the man was not returning and shrugged, chiding herself for indeed being silly. She laid aside the sponge and ducked her head beneath the water, running her hands through the thick skeins of hair, she rose and reaching for the numerous bottles he had placed alongside the tub, she checked the contents of each before she found one that looked like shampoo, but was unsure. "He could have told me what was what," she mused, smelling the contents of the bottles. Overhead that soft female voice wafted down to her startling her.

"The red one washes your hair," the computer informed her, no chiding in it's tone, no humor…just matter-of-fact and Twylla realized stupidly she was glad for the fact…else she would have blushed.

"Do you…do you see me…VIDA," she asked, blushing after all at the thought. A peeping computer…she shook her head.

"My heat sensors can locate you anywhere aboard the Hadra, as it can Lieutenant Ky and Commander Brinn," the computer informed her, "But I do not 'see' as carbon-based life forms do…merely recognize colors and patterns, heat and light…"

Twylla nodded. Feeling more than a little foolish, so the computer had picked up the color of the liquid in the bottle she held…and had determined it was hair cleaner. "What are the others," she could not help but ask, holding them up for the computer's perusal, as it were. A blue-green sensor beam swept across the floor and locked on the bottle she held, it startled her slightly.

"Scented oil…lotion," it identified the next one, "Depilatory," the computer stated of the thick blue paste she revealed beneath the lid of one small jar.

"What's that," she asked, realizing she was talking to a computer, she blushed. You're being silly Twylla, she insisted to herself, shaking her head.

"It is used by carbon-based life forms to remove unwanted body hair," the computer voice told her calmly…Twylla started, recapping the lid quickly. She wanted all her hair, she realized, wondering if they meant to make her bald…as a sign of her ownership. Some slaves had their hair removed, she knew…shuddering at the thought. "Thank you VIDA," she murmured, hearing the faint whir of the computer base click off. Was that it? Was that all she had to do to make it go away? That it even spoke to her had amazed her, but then the lieutenant had programmed her into the computer sensor hadn't he?

She sighed, remembering what he had said…about returning, she hastily washed her hair, then scrubbed, just as he had ordered her, between her toes…up her legs, mottled with bruises, some yellowish in hue…others fresh and dark against her pale skin. She thought of how the village girls had teased her sometimes about how pale she was…but the sun never kissed her skin with a golden hue…instead she turned a bright shade of red…then went right back to white. She soaped her arms, washing between her fingers, wiggling them in the decadent foam of bubbles that glided through her hands, down her palms and wrists. She turned over her right wrist, seeing the ugly, burned mark just above the delicate veins there. She shuddered, recalling how much it had hurt…when they had laid the branding taser on her skin.

It was all she had been able to do not to scream. It was what the guards had wanted, she knew…having heard them placing bets on who would scream and who would not. That she had not made a sound lost a big, surly looking man a coin and he had kicked her hip, hard for it, knocking her onto the ground. She rolled her hip up and looked at the wicked purple bruise that still stained her skin there. She sighed.

From prisoner to slave…it was too humiliating to bear…but what else could she do…but die? It was the only option left her…still she did not want to be a 'pleasure' slave to these men…a toy for these Bolarian invaders. Unsure what a pleasure slave was exactly, she could tell by the sound of it…it involved their pleasure alone. Would they torture her…as the guards had? She shook her head, feeling her heart rate kick up three notches. The man…Ky…he did not seem like the type to torture a defenseless female…but what if the other man…the commander was? She shuddered, her hands starting to shake as she sunk into the water, feeling no small amount of fear at where her thoughts had taken her.

The door to the room slid open and the lieutenant was striding toward her, a frown on his face and she jerked herself up, crossing her arms over her breasts she gasped, almost shooting to her feet, but caught herself.

"Are you alright," he demanded to know, looking her up and down, getting her nod, his frown deepened. "VIDA picked up your heart rate…showing it had doubled…what's wrong," he asked, giving her the once over again as she cowered behind her crossed arms and the bubbles of her bath, staring up at him, her wide-green eyes more than startled. "Are you hurt…" he asked, reaching out to take her arm, she jerked away from him.

"Heart rate…160…respiration rate….28…body temperature…" the computer intoned overhead a small bell chiming somewhere in the background.

"Enough VIDA," Ky ordered and the chiming stopped, as did a recitation of the girl's vital statistics. Fear. It suddenly occurred to him, she was afraid. "Are you scared, Twylla," he asked, withdrawing his hand and sitting on the rim of the tub, studying her intently.

"Should I not be," she whispered, her face heating to near combustion, her heart pounding against her ribs painfully. Naked…again she was naked before him. "I…I…I don't want to be here…I don't know what you expect of me…I…I…"

"You're safe, sweetheart," Ky insisted. "I promise…" the look she tossed him showed him what she thought of that. He sighed. Brinn was going to pop something, he was sure…the girl was just too innocent and naïve….just as his commander had feared…the reason he debated so long about buying her. "We aren't going to beat you…torture you," he shook his head…well he wouldn't…Brinn might…but not how she might think. Binding, spanking, with-holding pleasure…it was what a Dom did to a sub, but she was too inexperienced to understand that just yet…and he hoped she would…and become used to it…in time.

"How can I believe you," Twylla spat, daring throw her wrist out for his inspection, the flesh still blistered in places, scabbed and raw in others. She saw him wince, "It was your soldier's who did this to me…because of my brother's crimes…not my own…" her voice caught. Blast it all…she wasn't going to cry, she told herself…she had not cried up to now…she had refused herself that weakness…she could not cry before this man either…she could not…

Ky winced. Her skin was raw, inflamed and red…he wondered if the wound was infected, but knew the medical scan would tell him…and treat any illness or infirmity that she had. "Guilt by association is a common offense," he told her, his voice low, hearing her sweet tone become all husky and breathy. Gods…she was about to cry…what would he do if she did? Shit! "It is presumed one cannot live in the same house with a criminal and not know their intent and transgressions," he shrugged, "It is not always fair at times…but is more accurate than not…"

"Not…" Twylla argued tartly, covering herself with her arm once more, not looking at him, angry her tone was pithy she knew, and forced it to moderate, "Not this time…"

Ky nodded, wishing suddenly Brinn were here. Then revised that desire when he admitted his commander would no doubt have had the girl weeping by now. Brinn was implacable…but he was fair and though not often gentle…he would know what to say to either anger the girl…or force her to a good cry…which was probably what she needed…though Ky could admit he could not stand the thought of her green-gold eyes flooded with tears.

"Come on sweetheart," he held out a hand, she ignored it. "Let's finish you up…before Brinn gets here…you won't want him to be pissed that you're not bathed and groomed."

She shivered. The more he talked of his commander…Brinn…the more she doubted she wanted to meet the man…even if he had bought her. Everything it seemed was about his command…his wants and orders. What was she saying? He was the commander…of course it was.

"Come out Twylla," Ky made his voice stern, as if he were talking to a new cadet. He was not good at ordering females, he could admit…he was second in command…he took orders more often than not, except where cadets and those of lesser rank were concerned. Brinn certainly never let him order him…that was for sure and he smiled a little at that…not really minding.

She peeked at him, her cheeks flushed and rosy, the blush spreading down her chest to her breasts, hidden beneath her folded arms. His stern voice told her that his patience was coming to an end. Did she really want to push him? He had been kind to her…gentle up to this point…did she really wish to make him angry? She shook her head slightly to herself, but he misinterpreted her movement and his steely fingers wrapped around her wrist, careful to avoid the burn she noted, but strong and sure, he pulled her up to standing, even as she gasped and squirmed, trying to give him her back. Better he see her naked backside…than her naked woman's place, she decided frantically.

"Gods Twylla…stop it," Ky grouched, wondering if he was going to have to crawl into the tub with her. "I'm not going to hurt you…now stand still…" he pulled her back around to face him, ignoring her harsh breathing and her blushing face. He stood and gathered up her still wet hair, wrapping it in a linen he had left for her bath.

He could not help himself, letting his gaze course down her body. She was perfection, he could admit…full breasts, small indented waist, full hips and thighs…her backside was a sloping line of perfection…as if sculpted by an artists' hands. All that beautiful white skin…

He frowned. "I thought I told you to scrub," he reached out to touch a dark blot over her ribs, she danced away from his fingertips, even as they jerked back. "Shit…" he growled, feeling her stiffen and try to turn her back to him once more. He let her…taking in the bruises over her backside and the backs of her thighs. It had not been dirt…but bruises…on her fair skin it had been hard to tell…and some of it had been filth…but these… "Shit…" he said again, pulling her back around to face him, she squealed at the quickness of it, shuddering, shivering uncontrollably.

"Did they beat you," he asked her, his tone now hard, forget about stern. He was angry she could tell. Unable to find her voice, she merely nodded, her chin touching her chest as she tried to shield her breasts with one arm, not sure if it were at her…or at whomever had hurt her. "Damn…" he muttered, making her jump at his profanity…at the anger behind it. "Let's get this over…so I can get you into the medical scanner," he ordered her, getting another nod, but nothing more.

He pulled her up onto the rim of the tub, reaching for the jar with the blue paste, she tried to back away, almost falling off her perch backward into the tub. "No…" she gasped out as he caught her, cursing again, "No…please…not my hair…I'll…I'll do whatever you want…just don't…don't remove my hair," she pleaded. It was perhaps vain…but the thought of being bald appalled her…scared her more than being beaten…how foolish was that? Was she just overwrought and losing her mind?

"Twylla, be still," he snapped, wondering what was wrong with her. She'd almost fallen back into the tub…how would he explain to Brinn his slave had split her skull open in the bath? "What are you carrying on about…"

"Don't make me bald," she whimpered, trying to back away and step off the rim of the bath. Standing on the bench, she was the same height he was, she realized, making the mistake of looking into his amber eyes. "Please…I know it's silly…but don't…don't humiliate me…like that…don't make me bald…like a slave…I know I am but…please…please…"

He wanted to laugh. Gods…she thought he planned to remove that glorious riot of red-gold curls that fell clear down to her ass. He shook his head, "Baby…it's not for your head…but for under your arms…your legs….," he didn't add it was for her pussy too…that would no doubt really make her panic. Her struggling ceased, as she looked at him with bewildered surprise. He shook his head to confirm her unasked question. "Not your head honey…Brinn and I like those copper curls of yours," he admitted. It was true…one of the reasons she had caught their eye…that and her beautiful white skin. Brinn was going to be pissed when he saw the bruises marring it.

"You're not…" he shook his head and all the fight left her. She wanted to break down into sobs of relief, but managed to control it. Gods…she was losing her mind…to weep over keeping her hair.

"Stand up," he instructed and she did…just because she was so relieved she wasn't going to be bald, he assumed. It was true most slaves' heads were bald at their master's order…but she was for their pleasure…and her long flowing tresses were a pleasure to look upon indeed and were no doubt going to be soft and delightful in their hands…caressing their bodies, at least he thought so.

She stood stock still, her gaze locked on the tile beneath her feet, as he used a small flat utensil to spread the blue paste beneath her arms…over her thighs and legs…thinking him finished at last her face heating to near combustion at standing naked before him, she squealed when she felt the spatula glide between her thighs. "Oh…what are you...," she tried to step back again, but he caught her just in time, keeping her from falling, wrapping an arm about the small of her back, he gripped her hip, holding her still. What was he doing? That paste would take the hair off her…oh…Blast… "Gods girl, be still," Ky snapped, losing patience after all. Shit…she was going to kill herself. He tossed aside the spatula and dipped his fingers into the cream, knowing he couldn't handle her struggling form and spread the stuff over her labia and ass unless he used his hand. Damn Brinn…he should be here…helping Ky grouched. "It won't hurt…be still…"

"Don't…don't touch me there," Twylla insisted, fidgeting and squirming on tiptoe, her heels hung off the edge of the bench even now and she knew she had no where else to go. "Don't…please…please…don't…" blushing at the realization the paste would make her mons hairless, as well as the fact that he touched her so intimately…where no one else ever had…where she scarcely did herself when she had the luxury of a bath. What was the point in removing her hair there, she wondered frantically…how humiliating…how much more could she stand?

All the wiggling and squirming and pleading did no good. His fingers slipped and slid over that part of her no one had dared to touch. Further his hand moved back, parting the cheeks of her bottom she gasped and danced on her toes, trying to move away from his unrelenting touch, as his hand bit into her hip to keep her from wiggling away.

"Done," he snapped, his cock pressing against his leathers now. He had tried to ignore her lush warm heat…how her thighs gripped at his hand, trying to force him to stop moving it between her legs, how her full hip had brushed against his groin, his uniform now soaked. She was not aroused, he knew…was too afraid to be…but he was…Gods dammit. "Rinse it off…don't get that head of hair in the water now…or you will be bald," he warned her, releasing her when she all but fell back into the water with a plop and loud splash. Water flew over the edge onto his boots and he shook his head eying her before he left her to finish her bath.

Twylla dared glare at him defiantly beneath her lashes, head bowed she could not even properly show her irritation she realized…but managed a good glower or so she thought until he eased out the door, shaking his head and muttering she was only too aware…and only until she was sure she was safe…did she stand up…blushing at seeing her own, hairless nether lips.