Hey everyone. Sorry for making you believe that the story continues but I'm just answering some reviews. About the sequel, not entirely sure. I still need to read all of her other stories. And yes, I will definitely be posting more of my mom's stories. So you can look forward to more. Thanks for all the reviews that everyone has given my mom's story. Maybe after 1-2 more stories she'll actually realize how great her writing is. I'm pretty sure her inspiration was Julie Garwood. She has read all of her books, and so have I. They're great books if any of you have had a chance to read any. If not then I suggest you check them out and read some. Again, thanks for every single great review that you have given my mom. She told me to tell everyone that she appreciates every one of them. Check my profile in 1-2 days and I'll start to post another of her stories. I just have to figure out which one.

Hey everyone. I'm writing this to say that my mom's next story is up. It's called Midoans and it's another slave fic. But I don't think it's too bad. Atleast not from what I've read. So, check it out and enjoy! :)

This is for everyone who loved Commanders.. I was looking through all of my mom's stories, looking for another finished one and guess what I found? THE SEQUEL!!!!!!! I'm not sure if it's finished because it's a bit short but it has quite a bit to it. I think this time it's about Kalla and her life story but I haven't read that much into it. I'm not sure if I should post it until I finish posting Midoans, but let me know what you think and want. I would've noticed it earlier because I have all her stories in folder but it didn't have a title and all it had were names to label it. Only when I opened it I noticed that it was the sequel to Commanders. Excited that the story continues?! Me too. Drop me a review and let me know if you guys want me to start posting the sequel.