This poem is sort of self explanitory... I had a bad break up and this is my way of healing.


Life was so simple little less than 9 months ago
I sought not for a male in my life
I was content though bored

Then I found HIM
I felt happy for once
I felt emotion

Then 5 months later I felt another emotion
I felt betrayed
I felt sorrow

It broke my heart
But I feel like it's mostly healed
It's been stitched up

Once in a while though
A stitch or two come undone
And the ache returns
Not as bad but leaves a mark
Like a fading kiss

My emotions get the best of me at times
I'm not proud of them
They drive away a certain friend

Maybe I should stop
Save myself the trouble
Drop contact
Drop everything

I'm sure some would be relieved
Some would weep
One in particular would be glad I wasn't a bother

But no
I'm stronger than that
There's no need to do that

I can be content again
Hell, even happy again
I just need the time

I need more than stitches
I need a scab
I need to be healed

It's working
I'm healing
It's mostly done

But can I heal all the way?
Is it possible?

It was a first love
You can't forget it
It's not possible

But I won't end it
I have more in life
I have more than relationships

Also I had promised I wouldn't…