I wrote this short story because I was feeling rather pissed at my ex. Still am actually...

Dressed to Kill

Lillian gave herself a once over in her mirror and couldn't help but give a little smile to her image. She was HOT. If someone asked if she had done it on purpose she would have said no but it would have been a lie. She had planned it out a few days ago when she had made her plans. She was going to her ex's place to hang out. She was over him but she still wanted him to miss her. He had broken her heart but they were still friends. Of course they had their strained times but what else could you expect from people who had been dating less than four months ago? They had hung out a few times since the break up and talked on the phone a few times but she wanted to push it a little this time.

She had put on her new red tunic that looked like something from the 80's. It hung straight down her front and showed off a little of her small stomach. Then she had on her best hip hugging jeans that were just a little bit lower than she usually wore. She put her hair up into a messy bun and put in one earring in her left ear. She put on a little makeup and looked at herself again. She remembered the last piece of her outfit and put in a rather nice hairpin into her bun. She smiled at her reflection and deemed she was fit to go.

They were going to watch a movie at his place. She didn't really care what it was and just let him pick it. It was bound to be a horror movie like he used to do when they had dated. She pulled up to his street and got out. She looked up at the apartment and saw his face at one of the windows and waved. He waved back and she went up. He greeted her at the door and could see that he liked what he was seeing. She gave him an innocent smile before sitting on the couch and waiting for him to pop the movie in.

"Where's your dad?" she asked as small talk.

"He went out for a little ride on his motorcycle then I think he said something about going over to his girlfriend's place."

"I thought you weren't allowed to have me over when he wasn't here."

"He knows you're here. And we're not dating anymore so he doesn't think he has to worry about us having sex."

She nodded her understanding and made herself comfortable on the couch.

She had been right in thinking it was a horror movie he had picked out. She sat at one end of the couch and he sat at the other. She gave a few jumps at the scary parts and wanted to reach out to him like she used to when they had dated but restrained herself and stayed on her half of the couch. When the movie was over he popped in another and went to the bathroom. As the next movie started, which was another horror, he came back out and sat next to her.

She looked over at him slightly suspicious but when he didn't do anything else went back to watching the movie. Then at one of the suspenseful parts he put his hand on her leg and gave a little squeeze. Of course she jumped and looked at him reproachfully. She didn't touch his hand to move it away as it felt so good to have someone touch her after about two months.

It had been hell for her those past months because she had been so horny for like no reason and didn't have any way to get rid of it. It hadn't started, this horniness, until she had started dating him and had allowed him to touch her in such intimate ways. But now she didn't have anyone and felt good knowing someone wanted her body even if it was only a hand on her leg. During those four months it felt like she was undesirable and a shriveled husk no one wanted. She had found reprieve though two months ago one night when she had spent the night with a friend. They had made an agreement to have sex together so she could lose her virginity and just so he could get some.

But now Tyler had his hand on her leg and was looking down at her with a little smile.

"Remember how we were going to be friends with benefits after we broke up and then I changed my mind?"

She nodded getting an idea where this was going. She could tell he liked her in these clothes. She had never worn clothes like these before when they had dated because she was afraid what their parents would think if they saw her like that. But now she didn't care. She was out looking for a good time and was on the hunt for another guy. So she wore what she like whenever she liked.

"Seeing you in that outfit I think I've changed my mind again. I want you Lillian." He ran his hand over her leg and could feel her shiver under his touch. He took it as a go ahead and started kissing her.

At first she wanted to resist but it felt so good. It felt like he was starved for this sort of thing too. His mouth was hungry and was all over hers. She could feel her body become strained as she sat there with no more contact than their mouths. She flipped over so she was straddling him and pressing as much of her body against his. His hands passed over her body and sought the clasp of her bra. He got it undone and threw it away as well as her shirt. His hands grasped at her breasts like an animal and squeezed them hard like he hadn't felt any in a long time, which was the truth. She pressed hard against him and ground her hips against his and could feel a welcoming pressure against her. Now caught in her lustful rutting she quickly undid his pants as he undid her own. He quickly flipped them over and took off both of their pants. Then spreading her legs he thrust hard into her and gave a grunt. She gave a gasp of pleasure and moved with his body as they both sought to quell the hunger they had. She grunted at him to fuck harder and faster and he tried to satisfy her as best he could. Soon enough he came into her and she could feel his hot cum spurt deep into her body. At the same time she came around his member and had a sense of flying for a second before coming back to herself in a pool of sweat with a sweaty guy slumped over her body. He was breathing heavy into her neck and was still in her.

"I thought it was supposed to hurt you your first time," he breathed into her neck.

"It's not my first time."

"What? When did this happen?" He sat up on his elbows.

"A couple of months ago. Why does it matter to you? You broke up with me."

"True. Did you know him though?"

"Yes, I know him! I wouldn't have someone take my virginity if I didn't know him!"

"So you're dating now then? How come you haven't told me this and why have you been coming over here dressed like that then?"

"I'm not dating anyone. It was a mutual agreement between two friends. He wanted some and I wanted to get rid of my virginity."

"Oh." He nuzzled her neck. "I believe I like this friends with benefits thing. That was great!"

"Yeah," she said faintly. She softly ran her hand over his back and sensed that he was breathing shallower as if he was sleeping. Now was the best time for the last part of her plan. Her bun had fallen loose during their rutting and her hairpin had fallen onto the floor. She picked up the blunt metal rod and looked at it for a second. It was something from a fair a few years ago. At the end was a small round blue marble caught in the metal of the rest of the hairpin. She gripped it in her hand and softly breathed into his ear. He stirred slightly but was still mostly asleep.

"Goodnight, you Little Fucker. I hope you rot in Hell."

Then she plunged the blunt hairpin into his neck and could feel him try to struggle against it. Blood spurted out of his neck and got all over the place. It fell onto her face and her body painting her with his life's blood. She pushed it harder until all of a sudden he stopped struggling and realized she must have gotten the brain stem. He convulsed for a little bit then just laid on top of her as dead weight. That was when she realized he was still in her. She moved his body just enough so she could take it out then pushed his body onto the floor. She used the bathroom to clean up then got her clothes back on. She looked down at the body of her ex and gave a little smirk.

"Thanks for the fuck, asshole."

She left the apartment and went to her car. On the way there she caught the eye of a cute guy she knew and gave him a hello and a wave. He smiled, waved back and asked what she was doing there.

"I was just visiting the ex."

"I hope he didn't hurt you again," he asked worriedly.

"No, he didn't hurt me."

"That's good. Well, see you later."


She got in her car and gave herself a little smile in the review mirror. She played with her clothes and hair a little bit and was soon dressed to kill again.