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A New Life

Chapter 1

The cool breeze blew my dark black hair back. I'm sitting on a smooth eroded rock near the shore. I take in the view of my secret hidden beach. The waves roll in calmly and the water is as clear as day. The sand is like a thousand of glittering gold sparkles shining in the bright sun. Seashells and oysters dot the golden sand here and there. The sky is orangey yellow with pale pink clouds swirling in the sky.

Oh no, I thought. I'm late! I grabbed my yellow bag filled with seashells and lovely white pearls from oysters and made a beeline toward home. You see, this beach is only known to me. I found it while exploring when I was seven years old. Nobody ever came there except me. It's a couple blocks away from my house.

My mother saw me running toward our little house as she was tending our garden. "Kailani," she said sternly. "You're late."

"Sorry, Mama," I said, panting. I gave her a kiss on her check.

"Go make dinner," Mama ordered.

"Okay," I said and went into the house. "Leilani! Where are you?"

"Kailani! I missed you!" Leilani cried and wrapped her arms around her big sister. Leilani was five years old. There are a lot of people in our ohana. Out of all her siblings, Leilani's favorite is me.

"I missed you, too. Where's Maylea? I need her to set the table. We're having Mahi Mahi." I said while starting to prepare dinner. I chopped the salt and pepper fish into steaks.

"Yummy! She's in her room doing homework. I'll get her!" Leilani scrambled to Maylea and Leilani's bedroom. She cried, "Maylea! Kailani needs you to set the table!"

Maylea and Leilani arrived in the kitchen. "Hi, Kailani," she greeted.

"Hey, lil' sis." I stirred the mayonnaise, onion, and crab meat together and spread it over the fish.

"Leilani, my little messenger, go see what Ikaika and Pika's doing," I spread bread crumbs onto the fish and baked it at 350 degrees for to 20 minutes.

"Okay!" Leilani ran outside. "They're getting coconuts from our palm tree!"

I nodded. "Good. We'll have it for dinner."

Soon, dinner was ready and everybody was crammed next to each other at the small table. I should probably tell you who all my family members are. There's Mama and Papa; me, Kailani, the eldest at thirteen years old; Ikaika and Pika, the ten year old twin brothers; Maylea who is seven years old; and little Leilani who is only five years old.

"Kailani, this is delicious!" Ikaika and Pika said in unison. They were talking with their mouths full.

"Ikaika and Pika, you're mouths are full!" Mama scolded. Mama is very strict with manners, especially at meal times. "And yes, Kailani, the Mahi Mahi is delicious."

"Thanks, Mama." I smiled. I finished dinner and headed to my room.

I held the seashells close to my ear. I could hear the waves rolling and crashing. It sounded so relaxing and calming, as if I were really there. Then, I examined the pearls. I'm not an expert on pearls. I just observe their flaw and size and shape. I had five small ones, two medium ones, one big one. Almost every pearl was flawless. Right when you thought there wasn't a scratch, you saw the teeniest little mark on it.

I was planning to use the pearls for Mama's birthday present. Mama always loved pearls. I'm going to make a necklace for her.

Just as I put everything back in my yellow bag, I spotted something shiny in the bottom of it. Something black. A black pearl! I snatched it and stared at it. It was huge, shiny, black, smooth, and round. There was hardly a scratch on it. I couldn't believe it! Was this luck or what?

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