I was floundering on the edge

For such a long time

So close to falling

And barely holding on

My mind was a dark place

Filled with doubt and fear

And I was trapped within it

Wondering who could know

I had grown accustom

To this life of mine

Assuming the dark was where I belonged

And that I must not deserve better

I was resigned

To my own fate

I had lost hope

To ever have more

Yet as I had finally given up

An unexpected light was brought to me

Something to pull me back

Something to help me through

The veil was lifted

From within my mind

Blown to tatters

From this sweeping light

It entered my life

By complete surprise

Yet blew through me

Without hesitation

Consuming the dark

And pushing it away

Leaving my mind free

And lighting up my life

Freed from this dark

Feels weird to me

My eyes must adjust

To this new light

The rain clouds have gone

And the sun is out

Bathing me in its warmth

And filling me with hope