May 15, 2010

Tara took a deep breath in and hoisted her duffel bag higher on her shoulder. The apartment building wasn't exactly pristine, with its white peeling paint and rickety stairs. Not to mention the empty swimming pool, with cracks in the bottom and wet leaves caking the sides. The aged diving board was a sickly yellow color. She maneuvered carefully around it. The apartment building was the type that had stairs on the outside and long, covered balconies that served for hallways outside of the apartments. Tara saw the tarnished doorknocker of 6B and grew nervous. Her legs started to tremble. Can I do this? I have to. She swallowed and started toward the door. The green carpeting made crackling sounds from under her feet.

Will was walking home from school with Hannah flitting around him like a demented moth. She flipped her hair at least thirty times a minute, and it was starting to aggravate him. But of course, he refused to say anything to her about it. She blabbered on and on. Will had become accustomed to tuning her out. They got to her house. She waved merrily as she walked up the drive. Will gave a half-wave and a weak and reluctant smile. He hurried up the street. He was relieved to finally be alone. He slowed down and began to meander instead walk. He passed the apartment building (it was always the apartment building, because it was the only one in town and probably always would be) and saw someone climbing the stairs. He stopped to watch. Will couldn't tell who it was from behind, but whoever it was had a very odd sense of style. He didn't think too much of it, though. It was probably Mrs. Banner again. The Alzheimer's had hit her hard and she usually walked around town in various states of consciousness.

Sue Peterson sat on her couch and watched Jerry Springer (A/N: Hi! Hate to interrupt the story, but this is the 80's, so please remember that at that time, Springer wasn't all rednecks, trannies, and prostitutes. It was like a legit talk show. Just to let ya'll know!) She sighed and turned down the TV. She remembered at that moment that she needed to go out for groceries. She got up and put on her shoes (orthopedic tennis shoes, wouldn't you know). Sue grabbed her purse from the counter and opened the door.