[when the music ends

and the noise begins

the gears of fate

shall start their spin

the clock ticks toward destruction

now you make your story]

MATRIX 1: ghost x grave

Every thing possible to be believ'd is an image of truth


Locus 0: Premiere of Climax

Friday the 6th

And so begins death.

In the light of the moon, shining with no concern for the mundane, a climax occurs. This climax is within the confines of a foggy cemetery, its crumbling tombstones watching with indifference, the dirt, cracked and unhealthy, transformed into a deadly battlefield. This climax has already begun its motion – as the die is cast, three bodies already lay on the ground, the life sucked out of them.

As well as the blood.

A fourth body stands among them, still alive; the question is, how long will he last? His clothes are soaked with blood, gashes stretching across his body, his vision failing, his organs, one by one, shutting down. His heart is on its last leg – there will be no escape from this climax.

And yet, at the same time, his heart – his soul – is calm, focused, as if this climax is of no consequence. Is it because he welcomes death, wishes to feel his frigid scythe across his body? No, there is something that lies hidden, something that only this climax can bring out…

"That look in your eyes…I don't like it…" the bringer of the climax, a masked shadow, calls out. "Don't you fear me? Don't you know who I am?"

"I know who you are," the soul responds, his soul still aflame. "You control life…and death…"

His body pulsates violently.

"But you know what? There's one thing that you could never hope to control."

And once again – and for the last time – he stands up.


The shadow nods. "So be it." He snaps his fingers, calling a hellish blade into his hand. "Then come. I'll grant you the death you so deserve."

In this, the final battlefield, one child will prove his worth. The proof of his existence…with his death.

And the climax shall take its course.