Remind me once again why I bother
Honestly, I'm struggling to remember
I always hoped we'd stay together
But I'm running out of hope

Every second you leave me waiting
Makes my hope that's quickly fading
Fall swiftly into flailing
Hopeless desperate reverie

Don't you realize how this hurts
The way you've forgotten all the words
I was so sure that you had heard
The last time that I tried

I thought I'd give you one last chance
To come back and be a man
But you've disappeared again
And I've given up on you


This is actually a really old piece - wrote it back in january, while my ex was being the biggest jerk i have ever come across [not even exaggerating, he ignored me for a month because he was too cowardly to break up with me]. i only just stumbled across it today as i was reorganising my writing folders, and decided to post it. :D

have a happy day!