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When I left I was 12. I was daddy's little girl, sweet, pure, the image of innocence. Yet now I return with a few secrets, some lies I am not going to share and a plan to add a little drama to this boring town. Yet even I didn't expect him. But I guess he didn't expect me either being as the last time he saw me I was following him and big brother around like a lost puppy. But I'm not a lost puppy anymore and big brother's best friend is definitely taking notice.

"Raine I cannot believe you are leaving." Jessie groans from her bed.

"I know; it's not like what I did was even that bad." I fall on the bed annoyed with all my packing.

"Well you did get caught having sex in the dean's office; with your teacher." She reminds me and I let out a laugh.

"It was so not worth it." I roll over on my stomach looking at her, "I mean yeah the start was great but then the rest was just a big letdown."

"Well glad you got one of the hottest looking teachers in school and yourself kicked out for some not great sex." She throws herself off the bed upset. Jessie and I have been roommates since I came to Duncan Academy, the proper school, for proper girls to mold us into well mannered women. Yeah I think I came here with better manners then I am leaving with.

"Jess don't be mad ok?" I sit up on my bed to look at her, "I didn't think they were actually serious this time about me having to leave." I shrug knowing they have been threatening for months but never actually gone through with it, "I mean there were so many worse things I have done and they let me stay."

"Well that doesn't change that I have to spend the rest of my junior and full senior year alone without my best friend." She whines her curly dark hair flying everywhere as she drops in her computer chair, "We were going to rule next year."

"Well how do you think I feel?" I question, "My whole life is here and now I have to move back to our little boring one stop light town and go to school with people I haven't seen since I was 12." I remind her never wanting to return to my small town. I always thought when I graduated Jessie and I would get an apartment in the city and I would never see those people again, "It's going to be so boring. I swear there is like 1000 people tops and they are just so boring. Damn bumpkin rednecks."

"That does suck huh?" She finally agrees, "But hey least you have Cane."

"Oh right big brother who other then Christmas two years ago I haven't talked too." I roll my eyes at the thought, "I bet he is thrilled to have to share the house with me again."

"Well who knows you both have grown up so maybe he is really cool now." She shrugs spinning around in her chair logging in on her computer, "You have to look at your glass half full baby girl." She reminds me with her way of always thinking. Jessie is the optimistic one in our friendship, I see the end all gloom and doom and she always finds some way to make it all bright and fucking shinning.

"Well let's hope." I throw myself off my bed to pack the rest of my stuff.

"What time is your flight?"

"I am leaving tonight at 8. Do you want this I can't wear it anymore?" I hold up my old top that I use to love. It use to fit great until my body got curves and boobs. Jessie on the other hand is, don't get me wrong hot, but she is flatter then a board. Her parents promised that if she graduates with at least a B average they will get her implants. Sucks the poor thing has been cheating off my all this time, I don't know how she will keep her average with me not around.

"Yeah that's fine." She waves her hand and I toss it on her bed, "Oh my god!" She squeals jumping from her chair, "Jeremy is having a party tonight let's go!" She spins to look at me excitement all over her face.

"Ok babe I know you did not just miss me saying I was leaving at 8 tonight." I repeat swearing she should have been born blonde instead.

"Oh right." She twitches her bottom lip a sign that she wants to go but feels like she can't. After living with someone as long as we have, 6 years to be exact, you catch little mannerisms they have.

"Come here." I wave her out of her seat and she raises her brow at me, "Come here you slut." I laugh shaking my head as she walks over to me and I pull her into a hug, "I love you, I'll miss you and you better come visit." I tell her pulling out of our hug, "Now go find Monai and go buy something kick ass to wear tonight."

"Raine I can't. I should be here when you leave." She is fighting a inner battle of what to do. Yet I know how much she likes Jeremy and she has been making so real head way with him. I'm not going to let her lose out to some whore just because I messed up.

"No because you will get upset and if you do you know I will so go." I order and I see the debating in her head, "Black, get something black and short that shows lots of skin. Don't play sluty but not to innocent and if he tries anything don't let him get anywhere for at least an hour of being there, maybe even two." I instruct knowing she always caves as soon as he smiles at her.

"Are you sure?" She fights back a smile, but she can't hide her eyes lighting up.

"Positive now go!" I smack her ass climbing off the bed, "I have to pack anyway so you will just sit her bored."

"Ok." She grins excited, grabbing her camera from her dresser, "But one picture before you go." She walks over falling next to me, "On three. One, two, three."

"Mmm…" I moan as my body gets tangled with his and the tight sheet, "Don't stop! Please don't!"I beg as he starts moving quicker and I know he is about done, "Baby I'm about too…" my nails dig deep into his skin, like a hot knife through butter, "God!" I moan as he pumps hard three more times into me before clasping on top of me both hearts racing.

"You're always so damn good at that." Matt smirks as he rolls his sweaty body off me, "Sucks you are leaving and we can't ever do that again." He slowly catches his breath looking over at me. Matt Sanders I met when I think I was 15. I don't remember really because it's not an important fact. All that is important is he is there when I need a fuck and feeling a little empty. Even if it's for a short period of time I feel wanted again and this afternoon I needed to feel wanted again.

He is gorgeous in the obvious way; his shaggy brown hair and deep sea green eyes, his little smile that is perfect and his perfect sculpted body. This boy you would swear stepped out of a sports catalog and when I met him I knew he was a going to be a good time. To date I will admit he is the best I have ever been with. Two years older than me, putting him now at 19 and the son of one of the dean I just knew I had to sink my teeth into him.

"Well put that blame on your mom." I throw the covers off me searching for my clothes. Matt is an ass I will admit it, he is great in the sack but an ass but for some reason he has a soft spot for me. Not that he has feeling for me because he doesn't because we don't do feelings. Yet he looks after me, and I guess in a weird way we have become almost best friends. Best friends who go at it like rabbits but best friends never less.

"I tried to help you this time Raine but I couldn't." He frowns making him look even cuter. That might have been another reason I had to get with Matt, other than the sex being amazing he did have a habit of being able to talk his mom out of getting me kicked out. Yet this time I knew it was no hope, what I did was messed up and I'm sorry, it won't happen again wasn't going to fix it.

"It's ok baby." I climb back up the bed kissing him across his swollen lips, "I know you tried."

"I'm thinking I am going to have to come visit every now and then. Tell mom if she sends my fuck buddy away then she has to pay for me to fly and get in a good fuck every once and awhile." He grins biting my bottom lip making me growl at him.

"Don't think she really approves of anything you do with me." I say making him chuckle.

"She doesn't want to know the things I do with you or to you." He smirks flipping me over on my back, "One last time." He starts to unbutton the shirt I had just put on, "I want to give you something to really remember me by."

Looking out the window at the beach for the last time I sigh. Its breath taking, the sun is going down lighting up the sky in a pink that reflects off the water. I love this place. Of course at first I was against it, I told my mom and dad I wanted to stay with them and go to public school like Cane but over time it grew on me. The people here grew on me and I'm going to miss it.

Yet then my phone vibrating pulls me out of my little moment.

'Wish you were here : )'

A picture mail comes in with the message from Jessie's phone. Her and Monai smiling at the camera clearly on their way to a great drunken night. I'm jealous and a little disappointed they didn't come see me off even if I told them not to. Yet I guess their lives shouldn't stop just because a wrench got thrown into mine.

"Get over it Raine." I mumble to myself when the plane intercom announces we are about to take off and to buckle my seat belt, "You make choice you have to stick with, and your choices suck." I groan slamming my head against the window because it's true. This more than sucks and I am cursing myself for being so stupid. There is nothing good that will come out of going back to boring old Hicksville. The people are probably still so fakely happy, the football games are probably still the highlight of the whole towns weeks and its probably so drama free I will die of boredom. Yet then again I am Raine Wilson and one thing I have been great at is starting drama.

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