No one would really see a bad side to a Saturday but I do; well at least to this one. A pro I get to not return to hell, oops, I meant school today. A con I have to spend the day with big brother and my deal ole' parents are returning.

I've been trying to find a plan to sneak out of this house without getting caught but I swear Cane has a clicker in his mind that when I'm about to bolt he jumps in. He keeps showing up by the front door, or he just happens to be cleaning his car or sitting somewhere that he will catch me. The freak.

Least we haven't spoken, not really. After returning home from school the day before told him he was a liar and I did have to spend the day in hell and he shrugged, I asked when the parents would return he mumbled tomorrow, and when I asked if he wanted me to order pizza for dinner he grunted a whatever and ate half. I really don't know what his problem is, but he needs to get over it because it's not like I'm enjoying this.

Finally climbing out of my bed at almost noon I wonder into my bathroom and shower, least a perk to being at home is that I get my own bathroom. Not that I minded to much sharing but I like I can sleep as long as I want and then just bath when I choose.

Soaking up every ounce of warm water, I get out of the steamy shower and step out into the steam filled room, wiping the mist from the mirror I look at myself, at my eyes more than anything. At one point in my life I had such a happy life that they were filled with a spark, a life in them and now they look dead, part of me feels dead.

Scanning my eyes over my appearance I stop at the small ink pattern just under my right breast, the cursive lines that spell 'Michael'.

"I don't want to," I cry shaking my head. "I don't want to Michael," I pull my hands away from his.

"Yes," he keeps on my smiling, circling his arms around my waist and pulling me back into him. "Dance with me, please?"

"Why are you ok? Why are you acting like everything is ok?" I cling to him and hold him tight.

"Because I love you," he smiles, pulling back and knocking away my tears. "Because no matter what happens everything will be ok because I love you," his signature grin always there, he is always smiling.

"I don't deserve you," I bury my face into his neck. "Why do you love me? I'm a terrible person."

"No you aren't," he chuckles and my heart grows tight. He always sees the best in me, I don't know why but he does and I'm not at all the person he thinks. "You are perfect, my perfect girl, my forever," he plays with one of my curls that was once pinned up perfectly but now I'm sure making me just look like a crying mess.

"I don't get to keep you forever," I shake my head, yanking in a shaky breath. I don't deserve him forever, I don't deserve him for the time I've had him.

"Oh you're so dramatic," he smiles, gripping my hips and pulling me closer.

"This isn't funny," I sniffle and he shrugs.

"What do you want me to do to make you smile?"

"Love me," I offer as a tear rushes down my cheek.

"Already do," he leans his forehead against mine. "Love you more than anything baby girl, don't forget that ok?" I see his normal smile slip for a moment before returning and I just nod. "Good," he pulls me close to him. "Now dance with me," he kisses the side of my head and draws me closer.

"Your stupid smile," I let out a dry laugh grabbing my clothes and quickly getting dressed. Wondering down the hall I hear the distant chatter of my brother and another voice I don't really recognize.

"Please don't let it be dad, please," I beg skipping off the bottom step and rounding into my kitchen to see a scene I'm not ready for this morning.

"Raine," he smiles and Cane looks over his shoulder at me, some blonde sitting up on the counter, her mile long legs crossed over each other and a smile on her face.

"Mr. Andrews," I mutter walking over to the fridge and yanking it open, grabbing a few eggs and some cream, along with a few peppers and cheese. "Do we have onions?" I look over at Cane who just shrugs. "You are such a joy to be around," I roll my eyes slamming shut the door. "Excuse me," the long legged blonde lifts her legs for me to get passed her.

"Raine this is Carmen my girlfriend," Morgan informs me like I care so much.

"Hi," she smiles and I hate that it seems real. I would like it better if she was fake and bitchy. "Morgan was telling us you have him for English."

"That I do," I crack an egg into a white bowl. "Does anyone want coffee?" I offer, opening about thirty cabinets on search for the caffeine fix I'm begging for.

"I'll make that for you," Carmen jumps off the counter and it slightly annoys me that she knows how to move around my kitchen better than I do.

"Thanks," I flip my hand around walking back over to the breakfast I was about to prepare.

"I didn't know you could cook," Cane looks over at me as I crack another egg.

"There are tons of things you don't know about me," I snap and he just rolls his eyes and walks over to refill his glass. "I took a cooking class back at school," I deflate my temper a little knowing if we are living under the same roof one of us is going to have to give a little.

"Nice," his tone now bored and I just shake my head and go back to cooking. "You need to put more clothes on," I feel like is his new favorite thing to tell me.

"Why?" I look at him utterly confused to what is wrong. Carmen sliding back up on the counter beside Morgan and both look a little uncomfortable.

"Because people are over damn it, one being your teacher," he snaps at me and I grip the knife so hard in my hand I have to resist the urge to stab him with it.

"Cane man, leave her alone, it is her house," Morgan points out and even though I agree I glare at him to because I can defend myself.

"Doesn't matter she doesn't need to be walking around like that," he waves his hand over at me and I swear he is just doing anything to cause a fight.

"Look Cane, this is my damn house just as much as it is yours. Right night I am making me something to eat, when that is done I'm going to go tanning and swim and if I want to do it stark naked I will and you will get over it!" I argue.

"It is just a bathing suit Cane," Carmen points out, my outfit just my black bikini top, a pair of shorts and an old worn black zip up jacket that is way too big.

"Whatever," he spins on his feet, heading towards the front door when the bell rings.

"Ignore him," Morgan says as soon as he is out of the room. "He has just been having a tough time lately."

"Why?" I question, drop some butter in the pan hearing it sizzle.

"She doesn't know," Carmen whispers over to him as if I can't hear her.

"Doesn't know what?" I call over my shoulder, pouring in the egg mix. "What?" I spin back around to look at them.

"Nothing Ray-Ray," Morgan jumps up, flashing his croaked smile. "What are you making? It smells good. I'll make your coffee," he moves over to the pot and I feel completely confused.

"Ok," I mumble looking at Carmen who drops her gaze to the floor.


An annoying squeal echoes through my house and my eyes widen as Carmen lets out a groan.

"You have to be shitting me," my fears are confirmed when my brother walks in with a skank- oops I mean Misha hooked to his side. "No you have to be taking a giant large shit on the floor because this isn't right."

"What does that even mean?" Morgan questions, handing me my cup of coffee, shocked still on my face.

"What the hell are you doing in my house?" I ignore Morgan and just stare at the girl in front of me.

"This is Cane's house," her arm rests around his waist and I want to gag.

"This is mine, you dumb skank," I hiss and Cane glares at me.

"Watch yourself Raine," he orders and I feel like I'm in a damn twilight zone.

"Ok lets ignore everything for a few minutes and the fact I have a snobby bitch in my house," I hold my hand up and Carmen giggles. "You are telling me not only do I have to deal with a dick for a brother, my English teacher is in my house on a regular basis and I have the witch of the south side here too? What the hell is the matter with you people? Isn't this against the law or something?"

"I like her," I hear Carmen behind me.

"Coming from the girl that got kicked out of school for fucking her teacher in the Dean's office?" Misha so kindly adds in and I see the bit of confusion on Cane's face before just shaking his head.

"Misha is eighteen Raine it's not illegal," Cane points out.

"So she is in high school! Her teacher is standing right here!" I point at Morgan who is next to me and gives a slight wave.

"So is your teacher," Misha points out and I want to scream.

"I wouldn't be hanging out with him if he wasn't in my house!" I throw my hands up. "Where is Quinn? Last time I checked ya'll were on your way to happy ever after," I say and the room becomes silent.

"Come on Misha," Cane grabs her arm and drags her out of the kitchen, not before sending me a death glare.

"My god I want to go home," I groan spinning back to the food in front of me.

"You are home Ray-Ray," Morgan points out and I shake my head.

"This isn't home, this is hell," I mumble taking the pan and dumping it on a plate. "I'll be outside," I grumble stomping off towards the backyard. Hearing the distant talk of Morgan and Carmen with Carmen going, 'well she doesn't know'.

I don't know anything.

"He's not mad at you," I crack my eyes open to find Carmen sliding down next to me, scanning around to find everyone outside. When did that happen? Did I fall asleep?

"What?" I slide my glasses up over my head and look at her confused.

"Cane isn't mad at you," she informs me and I can't help but make a sound of disgust from the back of my throat. "He missed you, I know he did."

"I doubt Cane missed me," I shake my head at that thought.

"He did, you were lucky Raine, you got to leave this place he didn't. He wanted to get out but he kept getting drug back," she tells me. "Things have been real tough for him though and even if right now he doesn't seem like it I know he is glad you are home," she gives me a comforting smile before getting up and walking over to Morgan, saying something that he nods at and she leans down for a kiss before giving Misha and Cane a wave.

"Are you leaving?" I ask as she starts gathering up her things.

"Yeah, I have classes. I'm a theater major and we have a big production coming up," she tells me and I nod, she looks like a theater major. "But just a little side note," she leans closer like she is about to share a big secret. "I can't stand Misha either, personally I'm thanking god you are here so I'm not alone with her," she winks before walking back into the house.

"But now I'm stuck with her," I growl standing up and walking over to the pool. Stepping into the low wall where the water just barely runs over and walking along the pool. "Hello," I drop down on the wall and letting my feet dangle in the water.

"Hey Raine," Cane nods taking a sip of his beer.

"Can I have some?" I nod at his hand and he shrugs handing it over. "Cane…"

"What?" he turns to look at me.

"I'm sorry if me being here is screwing things up for you," I shrug. "I know I'm the last person you wanted to interfere in your life again."

"Is that what you think?" he looks at me and I just give him a shrug. "Damn Ray," he shakes his head, taking a long sip on his beer.


"Hey babe," Misha's annoying voice rings through my ears as she drops down next to my brother, completely cutting me off. "Raine," she says my name with such disgust I want to slug her.

"Nevermind," I stand up figuring talking to him with Misha around is pointless.

"How many tattoos do you have?" She scrunches up her nose as I adjust my bathing suit top.

"Two," I mumble bending over and throwing my hair up into a mess of a pony tail.

"Kinda skanky," she informs me and I roll my eyes, looking over to see Morgan sitting in the chair and doing the same. "What do they mean?"

"It means penny," I inform her and see Cane let out a small smile.

"Penny? Like the change?" she questions flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Yes," I mumble dropping down in the chair at the table beside Morgan or Mr. Andrews; I wonder what I'm supposed to call him? I also wonder if it's normal for me to stare at my teacher's body like I am. I bet Kendal would pee her pants if she was here, she has a little crush on our English teacher.

"What is the other one?" she leans back to look around Cane.

"Nothing," I cross my arm over my chest so she can't see. I won't have her making comments about that one and I know she will, Miss Prime and Proper would never have a tattoo, especially a name.

"Just tell me what it is," she pushes and I just choose to ignore her.

"Misha just leave her alone," Cane runs some water through his hair making it stand up.

"It's just question Cane," she rolls her eyes standing up and dropping in the chair next to Morgan.

"Did it hurt?" Morgan asks and I look at him confused. "Your tattoo did it hurt?"

"Not really," I look down at my hip knowing that I was actually pretty blazed when I got that one and my other one I was numb but for a whole different reason.

"Raine has always had a high tolerance for pain," Cane tells him. "Remember when she was little and fell out of that tree."

"Oh yeah and she broke her leg?" Morgan comments and I sit trying to remember Morgan being there, I mean I vaguely recall him being there but I really don't remember much, I was six.

"Yeah and I had to carry her ass all the way home," Cane for the first time since I been home laughs and it makes me smile. "Broke the thing in three places and never once whimpered."

"Because she hung out with us all the time and we are awesome," Morgan teases taking his beer and taking a sip.

"Whatever," I reach over giving his head a shove, quickly forgetting he is my teacher and remembering him more as the fun guy I use to follow around when I was little.

"Michael?" Misha says and my body snaps around to look at her. "Who is Michael? He must be pretty important to get his name tattooed on you. He the teacher you got caught fucking?" she smirks chewing on her straw.

"Shut up," I hiss, feeling the blood boil in me.

"Misha leave her alone," Morgan cuts in but she just grins wider.

"Did he not want you anymore? You go all stalker like and tattoo his name on you or did he talk you into it and leave ya anyway?"

"Ok," Morgan jumps up when I dive towards Misha. "Let's get you inside," he keeps his hold on me, walking my backwards towards the house.

"I swear to god I'm going to beat that bitch," I slam the door, shaking the tears in my eyes. I'm not going to cry again, I'm so tired of crying about it.

"Just try and relax," he crosses his arms and leans against the door.

"Don't tell me too relax," I yell and see the surprised look wash over him. "I'm not that little girl anymore! You and Cane and pretend but I'm not, I'm not the one who sat around and let ya'll say whatever and I take it!"


"No! Everyone just expects me to come home and be all freaking friendly and know what has been going on the last six years and I don't! I don't know ya'll and ya'll don't know me so just leave me the hell alone!" I spin on my heels and storm up my stairs and make a point to slam the door.

Grabbing my phone I pound the numbers into my and letting it ring once before hearing his voicemail.

'It's Michael; I can't come to the phone right now so leave me a message'

"I need you here," I fall on my bed, his voice completely making me lose it. "You promise to always take care of me and I need you. Why aren't you here? I can't do this," I cry wrapping myself in the warm jacket around me. "I still love you," my voice cracks, pulling in a shaky breath. "I miss you," I knock the tear away, letting the dead air hang a few minutes before hanging up.

"Today sucks!" I scream so loud I'm sure everyone in the house heard. "It sucks so bad," I roll over and burying myself in my pillows.

I hate today, it completely sucks and it's not even halfway over yet, I still get the pleasure of mother and daddy dearest to arrive; fuck me.