When did I reach this place?

At what point did my typical antisocialness,

Cross the line to make such a mess,

Out of what sad excuse of friendships I have left?

It's constantly feeling neglected,

Pathetic and rejected,

Because it's 3AM,

And for some reason I'm waiting,

For a text, a call, a message,


From someone to see if I'm okay.

Because I'm not.

And it seems so apparent to me,

But either no one can see,

Or no one cares.

And I'm flipping my hair,

A nervous habit learned from self-consciousness.

And I'm trying to remember what caused this,

If anything even did,

Or if this is just life.

Because I felt my friendships slipping away,

As though it was just another day,

And now it's done.

Hi…I'm guessing if any of you still have me on alert from back in the day, you do not remember me. That's okay. I'm nothing to remember. I am however, broken. And on the mend. Maybe. Because in…46 days, I will be off to college. Where no one will remember who I used to be. Or who I am. Or how terrible I really am. And maybe this time, I can be okay.

Ah, 3am rambles. Thanks for sticking with me this long. Please review. Even if it's negative. Right now I just need anything.