Seek the Light

Lisia Lennon awoke to the afternoon sun streaming through her slitted windows. Yawning and stretching like a cat, she glanced over at the clock on her nightstand. It was almost six.

Leaning over to the beautiful dark man sleeping at her side, she blew gently in his ear. "Wake up, Carl," she murmured. "Night awaits."

Carl's eyelashes fluttered, and then Lisia was looking into eyes darker than night itself. "It's not even dusk yet," her lover protested, his voice thick with dreams. "You could have let me sleep."

Lisia caressed his mouth with her own. "There's no more time for sleep, mo chroi," she whispered against his lips. "I sense a mortal hunter creeping the strand below us, no doubt hoping to take us unawares in the daylight. We must be ready."

She felt Carl's lips curve, felt the sharpness of his teeth against her tongue. "No time for sleep, but is there time for love?" he asked her, his breath quickening.

Lisia reached down between his legs, grasping his weapon in her hand. "There is always time for love," she answered, chuckling, and then said no more for a while.

Far below, on the edge of the sea, Sylvia Berne gazed up at the castle on the crag above her. "What I wouldn't give for a helicopter," she muttered in disgust, kicking at the sand on the rocky beach. "God, this is going to take forever to hike."

The redheaded young man standing beside her frowned. "It'll be quite dark before we reach the top," he said. "I don't think we should chance it, ghost stories or no."

Sighing, Sylvia squatted down and opened her pack, pulling out a map. Studying it, she shook her head. "We may as well camp for the night," she said. "I don't like to stop so close, but you're right, it's better than trying to make it to the top now." She shoved the map back into her pack. "Donal, why don't you collect some driftwood, and I'll see what we've got to eat."

Donal Fraser nodded, moving down the beach, and Sylvia pawed through her pack again, eventually extracting a can of beans. "Oh, AWESOME," she muttered, disgusted again. "If any baddies attack us, we can just FART them to death."

Some time later, Lisia lay panting on her creamy linen sheets, her skin damp and rosy. "Oh Carl," she whispered, her voice husky. "Truly you are the scion of your family."

Carl's ink-dark eyes were closed again, and he gave only a quiet moan in response. Lisia giggled as she got out of bed. After thinking about the presence of the demon hunter on the beach, she had realized that she didn't want to risk her young lover in a psychic battle. "I can do this myself," she murmured to her reflection in her black marble vanity. She picked up a brush and began to tease the tangles out of her long silver hair.

Only a moment or two later, Carl padded in, yawning. "You were going to let me fall asleep again, Lisia," he said. "We should be moving soon. I can smell your hunter now."

Lisia sighed softly. "A chuisle mo chroi," she said, putting down the brush and turning to face him. "I didn't want to risk you. You are so young yet…" As the words left her mouth she realized she'd made a mistake.

Carl's brow darkened with a frown. "Young I may be, but I can satisfy you, Queen of Dreams," he retorted. "Don't treat me like a child when I have so recently proven that I am a man."

Lisia smiled up at him. "I don't think of you as a child," she said, reaching out a hand to stroke his smooth skin. "It's only that you're so precious to me." She turned back to her vanity, taking up her brush again. "But you are right. I cannot try to protect you. We will go down to find this hunter tonight, and we will vanquish him together."

"Together," echoed Carl, and he took the brush away from her and finished brushing out her hair.

Far below, Sylvia was having trouble sleeping, even though she'd agreed to let Donal take the first watch. Finally she sat up, sighing. Donal turned to peer at her across the embers of their fire.

"You should try to sleep," he said, his voice low and tense. "You'll need to be rested if…it comes."

"I'll need to be awake, is what I'll need," she retorted, pulling on her boots. "It's not as if you can hold off a demon with your manly strength alone."

"I know that." Donal squatted in the sand, poking the embers moodily with a stick. "I feel useless, that's what," he said. "This doesn't seem at all the sort of job for a woman, yet you're the one who can actually fight off these fiends."

Sylvia snorted. "The sort of job for a woman! Thanks, Donal. That's all I need to make this night perfect: a good dose of chauvinism. Got any other gems for me?"

Donal glared at her. "You women. You can have equality, or you can have chivalry. Pick one."

Sylvia raised an eyebrow. "I want both," she said, and then she turned her back on him and began to dig through her pack for her weapons.

Lisia and Carl perched on the keep's battlements, leathery wings spread to steady them against the night breeze, gazing down into the darkness. "There are two of them," Lisia said in dismay. "This will not be so easy as I thought."

Carl's teeth flashed in the darkness. "It will be easy enough," he said. "Only one of them is a demon hunter. I will take the other one."

Lisia hesitated. "My senses tell me that it is the woman of the pair who is the hunter," she said. "It will be a little harder for you to subdue the man."

"Then I shall not subdue him", said Carl, and his teeth flashed again. "I am hungry anyway."

Lisia threw back her head and laughed, a wild laugh that echoed off the battlements and down the crag. "Let us fly then, mo chroi," she said. "We will be victorious this night."

Sylvia felt them before she saw them, and realized that she was in trouble. "Donal! There are two of them!" she screamed, but that was all she had time for. A moment later Donal was lying in a pool of his own blood, with an incubus tearing at his flesh. Sylvia backed away…right into the embrace of leathery wings.

"Good evening, little hunter," a soft voice breathed in her ear, and Sylvia trembled as she felt herself pressed against a warm feminine body. She managed to turn, and found herself looking up into eyes like the moonlit sea, set in a flawlessly lovely face framed with long silver hair.

"Oh…no…" she whispered, and then a pink cushiony mouth was on her own, caressing, sucking, licking, biting. Sylvia moaned, feeling her body slowly melting, giving in to the gentle insistent kissing, the hands on her body.

Lisia was used to using her powers on men, enticing them and then slowly draining them dry. She was also used to having more time; not for a succubus was the war of swift strike. But this woman… "Ah, you are delicious," she whispered against Sylvia's mouth.

Sylvia managed to push away from her captor a little, struggling for self control. "Get away from me, succubus," she rasped, reaching in her pocket for her vial of holy water. "I banish you in the name of the Lord of Light!"

Lisia laughed, a soft bubbling laugh, and dashed the vial from Sylvia's hand. "Mortal, I AM the Light!" She stepped back, still imprisoning Sylvia in her wings. "I am Laoise ni Leannain, and I am the Queen of the Day and the Night!" She laughed again, a gentle and horrible sound.

Sylvia glanced over at what had been Donal, now a heap of bloody meat on which perched Carl, staring at her darkly. Taking a deep breath, she shook herself free of Lisia's grasp. "How could I have guessed so wrong?" she demanded. "I'm one of the best!"

Lisia gave another soft laugh. "You mortals are so stupid about our natures," she replied, her disdain ringing like a silver bell. "You think us spawns of hell, like the demons you are sworn to hunt. But I am Laoise of the Leanan Sidhe, and my lover Cathal o Fearghail is of the Shining Host also. Your holy things have no power over us."

Sylvia backed further away. "Your...lover...ate my assistant," she said, her voice low and angry. "How are you NOT demons?"

Again the bubbling laugh. "We eat sheep and cattle too," Lisia replied. "Don't assume that because the Aes Sidhe often choose to appear in forms akin to yours that we are of the same stock."

Sylvia looked again at Donal's remains, and now what was perched there was a huge raven, tearing at the bits of flesh. Shuddering, she turned to face Lisia once more. "Monsters," she hissed.

Lisia raised an eyebrow. "Let me remind you that you sought us out, not the other way around, mortal," she said, disdainful again. "Now…stop resisting me…and I may be merciful." She stepped forward and folded her wings - now black, silky birds' wings - around Sylvia once more.

Sylvia gasped as her clothes shredded and fell away at Lisia's touch. "Don't touch me! Get away! I command it!" she said, but her voice sounded faint and shrill in her ears, drowned out by the sound of Lisia's warm laughter. Lisia kissed her again and caressed her breasts, and Sylvia moaned and melted again.

"Sweet little hunter," Lisia crooned, as she lowered her victim to the sand. "Such a lovely body…pity that it will never bear fruit…sweet soft skin…" Her hands and mouth roamed over Sylvia's body, and Sylvia knew she was doomed but could do nothing to save herself. When she felt Lisia's fingers caress her sex, she cried out, her body arching.

"That's it…now I will kiss you," murmured Lisia. She licked her way slowly down Sylvia's body, finally burying her face between the hunter's thighs. Sylvia cried out and tangled her fingers in Lisia's silky hair, pushing against Lisia's face.

Lisia was avid in her attentions, lapping at Sylvia's sex, pushing her tongue between her victim's swollen labia, stroking it over her clitoris. At the same time she penetrated Sylvia with her fingers, pushing in deep, twisting, caressing, pulling her toward orgasm.

"No…no…please…" Sylvia couldn't help enjoying the touches, couldn't help wanting to reciprocate, but in the back of her mind she was well aware that Lisia had no actual desire for her body beyond a source of nutrition. Even as she protested, Sylvia was grinding herself against Lisia's face, craving release, her body uncaring of what her mind knew, that orgasm would be her destruction. "My Queen," she finally stammered. "Let me pleasure you for a while instead…don't let me be so greedy…"

Lisia lifted her wet face from between Sylvia's thighs. "Stupid mortal," she sneered. "You are mine. Be quiet and enjoy your last moments of life." She lowered her head again, stroking her tongue over Sylvia's wet vulva and then nibbling delicately at her clitoris.

Sylvia gasped, her body overcoming her mind. "Ah…no…so good," she whispered, and she knew it was not long now. Desperately, she stroked her fingers through Lisia's hair. "Love me," she whispered. "Don't let me die without love."

In answer, Lisia lifted her unoccupied hand, and twined her fingers with Sylvia's. She pulled Sylvia's hand gently from her hair, and moved their clasped hands together to rest between Sylvia's breasts, above her heart.

"Die of love, mortal," she whispered, and her tongue and fingers together drew Sylvia's orgasm from her body. Sylvia gave one long shriek and then lay still, her desire spent on Lisia's hungry face.

A short time later, Lisia and Carl made slow, tender love on the beach where they had bested the demon hunter and her companion. No trace remained of either victim, except for the embers of a fire and two small packs.

"It's almost sad," Carl said afterwards, as they perched atop the battlements of the keep once more, looking out over their domain. "You'd think the mortals will learn."

"They will never learn," said Lisia, turning away from the sea to face the dawn. "And it's just as well, a chuisle mo chroi….for then…what would we have to eat?"