Seventh Grade Drama

I dug through my cluttered closet trying to find my brand new blouse. It was my first day of seventh grade so I had to look amazing.

I was beyond happy that sixth grade was over. During this past summer I didn't even think about while on my trip to Europe to see my parents. Last year was not an event I really wanted to relive. Though my best friend and fellow immortal college, Leah, would think otherwise. Even though it was extremely rough for her, at least she got a boyfriend out of it. And she just loves rubbing that into our friend Chelsea and my face. She's too nice to do that out loud. Instead she does it through her mind. Yeah, we can read each other's minds. One of the quirks of being immortal, well one of the annoying ones.

All of us, that's me, Chelsea, and Leah, are Immortal. But we're not the kind that everybody thinks about when they hear the term. WE kind of have a choice to become immortal or not. It's weird but it's the truth.

The only exception to our immortal sisterhood is Laura, Leah's twin. She's not exactly immortal. It supposedly has to have something to do with their parents. Their dad is, or was, a full human, mortal, while their mom is like us, immortal. Laura being the only mortal doesn't make her so happy though.

I continued my search for the blouse as I reached up to the top shelf of my closet. I pulled on what I thought was just a box of my old clothes or something. Then fell the box, a couple of blankets, a couple of pillows, and ton of dust.

"Adrianna!" I screamed my sister's name.

I saw her already standing in the doorway of my room dressed for work.

"What happened to you now?" she asked, annoyed.

"I was looking for my new blouse," I told her. "Have you seen it?"

She walked over and helped me up wiping the dust off me. "Um, yeah. It's in my closet."


She looked at the mess I has made. "To keep it out of this dump, I mean closet of yours."

I narrowed my eyes at her. "Uh huh, yeah. Sure."

I looked at her small figure and remembered that she could wear my clothes. We were about the same size. She got her height from our mother.

"How about I go get it for you?" she asked me.

"Yeah, you do that. And I'll clean up this mess."

She smiled in satisfaction and walked out of the room.

"Or not," I muttered to myself.

"I heard that!" Adrianna yelled from her room.

Curse her immortal hearing.

With a sigh, I picked up the box that fell on top of me and placed it back on the top shelf of my closet.

That was it for now.

Chapter One

: The Seventh First

When I arrived at school, I walked straight to my first period class. No map or schedule was needed for me. I walked into Career Discovery and found sitting at one of the wooden rectangular tables Leah, Chelsea, and Laura. Smiles were stretched across all of their faces, well except for Laura's.

I smiled and practically ran across the room to them like in all the movies when they play the music and make the actors go slow motion. All of them gave me a great big bear-hug with one exception of Laura who just gave a polite wave.

I'm so happy to see you! Chelsea exclaimed through her mind.

Me too! Leah agreed.

I am beyond happy to see you two. Well, three I guess. I looked over at Laura, whose bottom lip was poked out in a pout.

I turned back to Leah. What's up with Laura?

Leah sighed at her sister's unhappiness. She's just mad because she didn't get her powers this summer. Leah answered nonchalantly.

Well, that's something you could mention over the phone. Chelsea joked.

It's not my business to tell. Leah raised her eyebrows at Chelsea in one of her ways.

"I know what you three are doing and I want you to stop!" Laura demanded.

"Okay," Leah, Chelsea and I said together our voices in perfect synchronization.

I put my bag down on the floor and sat next to Chelsea.

Then, Tyler, Leah's boyfriend, walked into the classroom. Leah wasn't paying attention to anything going on around her except him. Her almost number one priority.

Leah, snap out of it! Chelsea shouted through her mind. Her annoyance toward Leah being all goo-goo eyed was nowhere near mine

Can I not stare at my boyfriend every now and then? Leah almost laughed out loud.

All of us snickered hoping Laura wouldn't notice. But of course, with the fact of Laura being around immortals way too long, she could tell exactly what was going on.

She got up with a huff and walked to an empty table across the room.

Tyler sat right by Leah. They started holding hands. I practically gagged.

Jealous, huh? Leah asked. I looked at her. Her right eyebrow was raised.

I rolled my eyes.

The teacher finally came walking into the classroom. She was an older woman; probably in her early fifties. She was wearing a red dress with brown sandals. Her red-framed glasses were propped on her nose and her gray-turning blonde hair was pulled in a loose bun on top of her head.

"Good morning everyone. My name is Mrs. Sanders. I will be your Career Discovery teacher. I would like you all to know that the first thing I do in the mornings is take roll. So…."

She grabbed a clipboard off of her desk, got out a pen and started calling roll.

I wasn't paying attention until I heard until I heard a voice at our table say 'here'.

"Chelsea Karter," Mrs. Sanders continued on, looking up at the faces of the students.

"Here," Chelsea replied.

"Leah Kendrick."

"Here," Leah answered cheerfully.

"Laura Kendrick."

"Present," Laura replied drearily.

She said a few other names. Most of which I knew and wasn't really interested in. Then, my name was called out.

"Ana Mayes."

"Here," I answered.

When class finally started, we organized our school supplies and went over the classroom rules. Just a normal first day of school

Near the end of class Mrs. Sanders let us have some talk time.

I was mind-speaking to Chelsea instead of having to actually speak out loud.

How was your summer? Chelsea asked.

Just like any other. I told her. I just went to Europe to visit my parents.

When are they coming back?

I don't know. Probably when Adrianna gets married.

SO never?


The bell rang for second period finally. That was band.

Luckily this year band was on the same hall as most of my other classes.

I walked over to the band hall with Chelsea, Laura, Leah, and Tyler.

When we arrived, the band directors were pointing out sections each instrument should sit in. I found the Clarinet's section on the end of the front row.

Right behind me were the trumpets. I saw a really cute guy sitting on the third chair. He must have been new because I don't remember ever seeing him before.

Mr. Marks, the head director, started class after everyone was in and settled.

"Alright class," he said. "First I would like to introduce our new student. Brian Samuels."

The guy that was sitting third chair in the trumpet section, Brian I assumed, stood up and jokingly took a bow. Everyone laughed except for me. My interest in him disappeared as I realized what exactly he was. He was just another class clown.

The rest of band went by smoothly as we talked about the events this year and the disciplinary rules.

I had to rush to my third period class after we were inconveniently let out late.

English was my first class so far without any of my friends. But I did find plenty of unfamiliar faces. For example, Taylor Davis. On the outside, fake tanned and bleached blonde; on the inside, pure cruelty. There was also Bianca Tanner, or as everyone likes to call her Big Mouth

Bianca. She's the biggest rumor starter at Nashville Middle School. And then there was the new guy from band, Brian.

Miss Tina, our English teacher, made all of us introduce ourselves. Mostly to Brian because everyone else knew each other.

"Taylor," Taylor said when it was her turn, and batted her eyelashes flirtingly at Brian.

Brian winked at her. What a pig.

I was the next to introduce myself.

"Ana." I had to try really hard to not pay attention to him and his big turquoise eyes. But it was hard not to, especially with the way he was staring at me as I spoke.

After we went through the introductions and regular ole classroom rules, we had some free time to talk. Nobody was really in there to talk to so I passed the time doodling on my notebook.

"Hey," a voice said.

Brian. It was the first time I had heard him speak.

"Um…hi." I looked up expecting him to go away already.

"Ana, right?"

"Yeah, that's my name." If hostility didn't work, I don't know how I could get this dude to go away

He laughed. "I'm Brian."

"I know." Who didn't? He was the new kid and everyone knows the new kid's name.

I went back to doodling on my notebook thinking our short conversation was over.

"You're in my band class, right?" he questioned. Our conversation evidently was not over. Why did this guy want to talk to me? There were plenty of other girls in this class to talk to, some whom probably actually wanted to talk to him.

"Uh huh," I nodded in response continuing my endless doodles.

"So you're that cute- I mean, first chair clarinetist."

"Yep." I didn't bother looking up. "That's me. First chair, cute, and play clarinet."

"Okay." He wouldn't stop, would he? Hadn't he realized that I did not want to talk to him? Guess not. "It's nice to meet you. I have heard a lot about you.

That got my attention.

"And what have you heard?" I asked finally sounding interested. I laid my pencil down on my desk and looked up at him.

"Just that you're first chair clarinetist, competitive, smart, cute, and totally intimidating."

"Sounds like me," I muttered.

He laughed again.

"So who have you heard all this stuff about me from anyway?" I guess most of that stuff was pretty obvious without actually knowing me, but knowing of me.

"Tyler Johnson," He said casually

"Tyler?" I asked a little too loudly. Okay maybe that stuff could have come from someone who knew me.

"Yeah, he's my cousin, sort of."

So Brian knew Tyler. And they were related, sort of.

"Wait, what?" I was confused by the 'sort of' part.

"Yeah, his aunt and uncle, Jane and Ryan, adopted me when I was like one. Do you know Tyler?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

"He and I are pretty close. But now he's always spending time with his new girlfriend. What's her name?"

"Leah," I told him.

"Yeah, her. Do you know her?"

"More than you would think." I laughed at my own personal joke.

The bell rang for fourth period. I walked down to the eighth grade hall for Pre-Algebra. Leah and Chelsea were already in their seats toward the back. Laura however was sitting by herself in the front of the classroom. I sat behind Leah and right by Chelsea.

No one spoke a thought until class began.

'So did you end up talking to the guy in English?' Chelsea asked.

'How did you know he was in my English class?' I questioned her suspiciously.

'I saw him go in there'.

'Of course you did.'

'Did you talk to him? I know you like him. I read it in your mind.'

'I am going to ignore that second thought. But to the first, yes I did.'

'What did he say?'

'He just said that he saw me in band, and that he had heard a lot about me…from Tyler.'

'Tyler?' Leah asked.

'Yeah, they're cousins, sort of.'

'Wait, what?' Leah asked confused.

'Tyler's aunt and uncle adopted Brian,' I explained to them.

'Oooo, you know his name already.' Leah cooed.

'Everyone knows his name.'

'Yeah and we all know you like him.'

I kept my mouth shut. I mean my brain…conversation…whatever. I sat throughout the rest of class in silence and focused on what the teacher was saying.

My fifth period class was science. I walked back to the seventh grade hall with Leah, Chelsea, and Laura. When we walked in, Brian was there sitting in the back on the left side. We decided to sit on the right.

Tyler walked in and sat between Brian and Leah. He was whispering to Brian before class started.

Brian looked up and smiled at me as if I was the subject in their conversation. But class started before they could say anything else.

At lunch, I sat by Chelsea and across from Tyler, Leah by his side.

'What in the heck were Brian and Tyler talking about before class?' I asked Leah.

'I don't know! Ask him.'

"Tyler," I said in a sweet, innocent voice.

He looked up at me, his hamburger right in front of his wide open mouth ready to take a bite. He put it back down on his tray.

"What Ana?"

I continued with my posing of innocence. "You know before class when you were talking to Brian?"


"I'm just wondering what you two were talking about."

"That is between us."

That made me mad. All I wanted was a simple explanation. And when I don't get what I want, I do crazy, abnormal things.

I stood up and reached over grabbing the collar of his blue polo. I lifted him up so we were eye to eye.


"Okay, okay! I surrender! We were!" He lifted his hands up in surrender. "Now let go! You're choking me!"

A flood of calmness washed through me as I let go of his shirt and plopped down into my chair. Chelsea was using her powers. Of course.

Leah stared in pure horror.

Chelsea intruded my head. 'I don't think she meant talk to him like that!'

The rest of lunch went by in pure silence.

Sixth period I had by myself. Lucky. I would never live down what I did. Never.

During break, aka my favorite class of the day, everyone talked of their summer vacation. I sat in silence. No one wanted to talk to me either. But I noticed Laura was more cheerful than this morning.

I left break a couple minutes early to head down to seventh period, soccer.

I kept hearing footsteps behind me. I whipped my head around and found Brian behind me. I kept my I focused on where I was going starting to walk faster.

"Hey," he said catching up with me. "What was that thing at lunch all about?"

"Oh, that. Well, if you have to know, I wanted an answer. Tyler had it but wouldn't tell me so I did something about it." I lifted my head up defiantly.

"You were practically choking him."

"I had a reason." I glared at him still walking.

He continued with my pace. "He surrendered too."

I nodded. "He had no choice. And like you said, I am intimidating."

"More like psychotically frightening."

That made me want to punch him, but I knew more than a broken nose would come from that. My immortal strength was a little too much for a measly human boy.

I finally got to the soccer field and Brian was still there.

"Wait, why did you follow me? You have seventh period to get to."

"Yeah, and my seventh period is over there on the football field. I'll see you later!" He gave a smiled and wave as he jogged over to the field.

I focused on anything but him for the rest of the school day. Then, was cheerleading. A whole different story.