A/N Hey guys! This is my first story on Fiction press so I hope you like it! The first few chapters will be kind of slow, all revolving around the plane ride, but eventually it will pick up. I hope you like it!!

Over 64 million years ago, shortly after the last dinosaur died, a group of animals appeared on the earth. Three were wolfs, three were lions, three were leopards, and three were hawks. These creatures called themselves the guardians of the Sahara. The wolves ruled the mountains that bordered the desert. The lions ruled the desert and the hawks ruled the sky.

Yet now, in the year 2010, the same 12 guardians still lived, only as humans. They have forgotten each other though, each single member living far from the others. That is until one faithful day they all meet again on an air plane, heading to the place they were born, the Sahara desert. This story tells how they start to remember each other slowly and the hard ships they face along the way.

January 7, 2010, Dallas Love Field, Southwest Airlines Terminal

A girl elbowed her way through the thickening crowd as she headed toward the terminal that her plane was at.

"Southwest airline to Sahara leaving in 20 minutes" A cheery voice called over the intercom

The girl sped up slightly, pushing a strand of blond hair behind her ear, her brown eyes narrowed into a glare at anyone who got close to her.

Soon she was putting her carry-on into the compartment above the first class seat. She slid into the window seat, not even glancing up as someone slid into the seat beside her.

She stiffened slightly at the feeling of breath hitting her neck and eyes boring into her head.

Then a very quiet voice spoke. "Chocolate Iguana Poop" The girl turned her head around, already thinking she knew that voice. As her eyes locked onto the midnight blue eyes of the girl she met a few months ago… in jail.

"Ummmmm" The girl said edging back. "Hi… Indigo?" She formed that last part as a question, not remembering the girls name to well. She was too busy wanting to kill herself for being stuck with the girl for three weeks.

"HEY CATTY!" Indigo screeched, launching forward and hugging Catty. The younger girl shoved her away and buckled her seat belt. Yet again the girl squeezed her.

A flight attendant walked by. "Please sit down miss, we are about to take off." She smiled sweetly at Indigo, who reluctantly listened, muttering to herself.

"Uh, ma'am may I please switch seats?" she asked the flight attendant.

The flight attendant nodded. "You may sit here" She said, motioning to a window seat beside a girl in the row in front of them. Catty immediately leaped into the seat.

Indigo pouted and slouched. "Aren't we friends Catty?" Indigo asked, leaning forward.

"Sure why not. But only if you leave me alone the whole flight" Catty said.

"Okay!" The other girl said perkily and sat down again.

The girl next to catty then turned her head to look at her, smiling. "Hey" She said. Her black eyes where kind, yet weren't too excited about having a neighbor. "I'm Vixen" She said, sticking out her hand.

Catty shook it. "I'm Catastrophe, but please call me Catty" She said, then turned around to look out the window of the plane.

Soon the plane started down the run way, building up speed until it took off. Soon it was at coasting altitude and clicking came from all around as seatbelts where undone. Yet a girl in front of Catty and Vixen clutched the arm rests and wouldn't unbuckle.

"I hate flying" The voice groaned quietly.

Catty looked up. "Why?" She asked the girl.

"Because, I'm blind, meaning my other senses are stronger. And I can sense every time this stupid plane gets hit by the smallest gust of wind" The girl groaned.

Catty blinked. "Oh. Okay" She said. "I'm Catty" She said hesitantly.

"My names Celestial Comet Smith. Call me Comet though." She answered a hint of a moan in her voice.

As if this was a cue, Indigo leaned forward. "Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate."

Catty groaned and settled down for the longest ride of her life.