NOTE: hihihi! This is a storongz ( story+song) and I finished this one..yay 4 mi! estoy contenta! ANYWAY, I got the idea for the story one day from..hmm..idk *sigh* I 4got..again. This is my 1st storongz and I think I did a pretty good job. I wrote the song, while reading the story. The song kind of fits into the whole vibe going on in the story. Hope you enjoy! Read & Review!! p.s see any mistakes, tell me, k! :)

If you shall cry about me

I want you to not cry forever

you will not miss me a bit

I will not miss you at all

'Kyo, do you really like me", I ask. Kyo bit his red lips, and he gave me a bright smile. He lean over and kiss me on the cheek softly. I close my eyes and I pulled him into a tight hug. Promising him that I will never let him go. Not now. Now ever.

" I like you. A lot."

A small rain drop felled on my cheek, and I look up at the dark clouds that are forming. I pulled kyo underneath a building so, we wouldn't get soak. He looks happy. He laughed, and shove me out in the rain. 'Hey! Are you trying to get me sick or something?", I joked. I poke kyo in the stomach, and slid down the brick wall onto the cold cement. Kyo shortly followed, and he lay his head on my arm.

"Do you like me, too?"

I look down at him, and he looks so innocent. His sliver eyes halfway close and his mouth partly open. I wanted to tell him a answer, but I couldn't. So, we stay there until the rain was gone, and kyo never ask me again If I like him. He just lay there on my arm, blinking his eyes. Maybe he knew the answer or not, but he didn't ask me again. Therefore, I never gave him a respond.

You gave me everything that you had

yet I couldn't understand what you gave

I was too selfish and mean

but you loved that anyway

"Why do you keep running away from me?!"

"Shut up and leave me alone!"

I pace down the hall to my dorm trying to clear my mind on what happen. I kissed him. I really did kissed him. Kyo grab my arm, but I roughly pulled back, and continue down the hall. He wouldn't leave me alone! How can he be so stupid!?

"Can we just talk...?"

My footsteps stop and I turn around and look at him. He looks pathetic standing there, with his shirt half on. I walk up to him and push him down the ground. Kyo smile at me, and I out of frustration, I salp him. His papers went flying across the ground, and I step on one of them that landed on my foot. He wrote a poem...about "us". I hated it, but kyo loved it.

I lean down and whisper harshly into his pierce ear," I hate you kyo. I will never love you, you get it idiot? I never loved you! You were just a toy I found, and I'm throwing you back away where I found you at. Go back to th-that hell hole you call a "home" and get out of my life."

I shove him down onto the ground again, and walk back towards my dorm.

I didn't glace back at him, not did I slow down on my pace. Kyo lay there where he belong, yet somewhere deep inside me though"what have I done?" If only I turn around right when I enter my dorm, I could of heard and seen kyo cry. Not over his parents or the thugs at his home. But over me.

If you can hear me

I'm so sorry..

I cause you so much pain in you

yet you didn't even care

You said you love me

(but not me)

You said you will always love me

(but not me)

You said a lot of things

but..I didn't listen

I haven't heard from kyo in over a month. I'm starting to worry a bit. By now he would be banging on my door or something! I grab my brown coat and I left my quiet dorm and I began walking to kyo's home. Kyo's home wasn't that far from where I stayed, because kyo showed me where he "use" to stay. He didn't like his home that well, and neither did I.

The neighborhood was filled with pimps, thugs, and prostitutes. You will be amaze that a place like this even exist in this world. I walk through the angst street, and a group of douggie came laughing outside a empty house. They must of had notice me, because they stop laughing, and started to follow me. I walk a little bit faster, than I dash down the street. Kyo use to always say, " If high people start following. Run. Most of them don't have the strength to run after you anything".

I came upon the red brick house, and I walk up the once pouch, and I bang on the door. I heard a loud cry, that sounded like kyo's. "Kyo! Are you in there?! Answer?!"

The shouting stop.

The door was slowly open, and I step inside. A foul smell was all over the small house. The dishes in the sink was fifthly, and by the looks of things. It looks like no one had been in this house for a long time. A quiet thud sound came from the backroom, and I slowly walk towards the room.


If you can hear me now

I'm so sorry..

I push you away from me

thousands, and thousands times

You love me

(but not me..)

You said you will always love me

(but not me..)

You said a lot of things to me

( but..I didn't listen)

A cold spring. The wind is blowing, and the sakura flowers are swirling around. I hold the white roses tighter, as I walk down to your place. I lean down, and I gently lay the roses underneath your name. You are gone. Gone forever from me. You broke your promise kyo. You broke it! I shut my eyes and cried. Softly, all my tears came flowing down. All my emotions came pouring out from me.

"Why/ Why did you leave me? You promise kyo! You p-promise me..I love you! I always loved you, but..I shoulda said it back to you. I should of!"

I bang my fist onto the soft ground ,and I gently touch your face. Your face was behind a glass. You was still smiling, and you eyes was full of life. You were my life. My bright smile. Yet, I took advantage of that. I easily kiss your picture and I stood. I turn around and I began my path back to my car.

A White rose felled right in front of my step, and I pick it up. I pick it in my coat pocket. As I walk away from kyo, I quickly remember something. I gaze up at the clear sky and whisper," I like you a lot kyo. I love you a lot. I hope you can hear my respond. I finally answer your question."

I walk to my car and drove off. Not to home or to work. I didn't answer my cell phone that kept ringing, but I drove somewhere. Somewhere I first met kyo. Our first stop. Our first communication. The sidewalk.

What would you think of me now?

Would you still love me the same?

I thought..that you'll be missing me....

But it's...just..the other way..around

Why? Why are you doing this? A young teen boy was standing off the side of the sidewalk. In the middle of the Winter, he had no coat. He was wearing a white shirt and dark blue jeans. He looks lost and scared. I was on the other side of the road..watching him. He was crying, but I didn't try to help him. His sliver-black hair was blowing in the cold mist of air, and his eyes held no emotion. He was leaning over the rail, while glazing at me. He was tempting me to do something. I shouted out his name, but the fast speeding cars block out my voice. I reach out for him, but the boy turned his back towards me. He stood there for a long three minutes staring up at the dark sky. The wind began to pick up, and the cars started to drive more reckless. The boy turn his head towards me and his cold mouth form the words that I hated the worst. The words I couldn't say to him nor anyone else. The words I never said to him, but I dream of doing. At that very moment, the world stood still, and there was no sound. He whisper," I love you."

May you find a better place

I never gave up on you

You still live within my heart

that always had a open room

just for