You don't fall in love with the musicians- it's a rule for girls that even us guys know it. I mean it's a fact musicians maybe be awesome and talented but they aren't reliable and if they're hot, expect some competition or a bad relationship and heartbreak. But hey maybe he'll write a song about you.

For guys, you don't fall for dancers and gymnasts. They're really focused and intense when it comes to their goal and it's really respectable but you basically come after gymnastics or dancing- and then they have their family and school and then maybe a job so then you'd come after all those things. Just like if a girl was to date a musician except that music is above all and sometimes it's also their job. Then maybe family- depending- and then you- maybe.

My little sister is a dancer and a gymnast and being her older brother, it's sometimes hard when she cries about why guys don't like her. I feel bad when I tell her because she loves dancing and gymnastics so much and she'd never give that up.

"Nicholas Mangeris move your ass downstairs and eat your breakfast!" My mom has never been one to sensor her words but lord she's a warm loving woman. Almost in a Mrs. Weasley way- which gets creepy because I half expect her to wipe out a wand and recite a spell. Some days I half believe she's capable of that.

"Are you satisfied now mommy?" I joke around as I sit on the stool by the counter. Cereal already there with the milk. I like my cereal soggy whether it be coco puffs or lucky charms. My sister though- she hates m ilk in her cereal and only eats one kind, that granola stuff. Sick nasty and she even likes it even though she bought it to keep her 'figure'.

"I am," She pinches my cheeks, playing along with me joke, "Now I need you to drive your sister to school and then take her to the studio after- before you have soccer."

"Fine!" I groan, "Ugh, Haley! Come one we need to leave!"

"I'll be down!" she yells. I shrug and shovel the rest of my soggy breakfast into my mouth.

By the time I've finished eating my cereal, an apple, washed my bowl and hurried to find my keys Haley still wasn't down.

"Haley Scott Mangeris! Get your fucking ass down here or I'll leave without you!" I threaten as I stand by the front door.

"Okay, okay!" She hollers but I still hear no footsteps.

I roll my eyes and mom says, "Nick you can't leave your sister."

"Yeah, but she doesn't know that." At that moment I hear the light pitter patter of her shoes and she ascends down the stairs.

"Okay I'm here but I'm blaming you when someone says I look bad today or if no guys check me out." Oh the woes of a 15 year old desperate for a boyfriend.

"Oh yeah, 'cause I so want guys to check out my little sister." I roll my eyes.

"If you want her to be happy you would!"

"Bye Mom!" I throw over my shoulder.

"Bye Mommy!" She adds, "A boyfriend would make me extremely happy!"

"Look Hales, it's not that I don't want you to be happy. But I'm your brother."


We climb into the car and I drive off.

"I'm your brother, that's all that needs to be explained."

"What that doesn't make sen-"

"No, your argument is invalid." I interrupt her.

She pouts and crosses her arms. Finally, some silence. The comfortable silence almost lasts the whole car ride until Haley ruins it.

Her ringtone goes off and it's a bit of some song involving airplanes and night skies.

"Hey Casey!

Oh my god, really?

She's so not fat.

I know! It's like she wants to be as skinny as me- I'm only this skinny because of dance and gymnastics.

Ugh, I know right! No way.

Yeah, I know right!

Seriously? He's so hot!

Nuh uh!"

Who knows what the blanks are but I don't care, Haley is so annoying on the phone. She sounds like such an airhead and she's really not, she's just shallow.

"Haley hang up the phone!"

She gives this look of annoyance before she says, "No! I'm having an important conversation here!"

"Haley this is my car."


"My car, my rules."

"I don't care about your rules, you don't even take your own rules seriously."

"Haley, if you don't hang up I'll kick you out."

"No you won't!"

"I would if mom wouldn't have a fit and screech her brains out."


"Fine, then if you don't hang up, when we get to school I'll embarrass you in front of Josh Kessler."

She gives me a death glare, "You wouldn't…"

"Try me."

She scoffs, "Casey, Nick is making me hang up, talk to you at school."

I smile smugly at my win.

"You know what, you need a new girlfriend."

"What?" Is my little sister trying to set me up? That sounds so pathetic.

"Yeah! I think I know like the perfect girl for you. I know like, exactly the type of girl you'd want." Now she looks smug.

"Really now?" I question her incredulously as we both get out of the car. I see Percy and her waves and walks over.

We man hug. "Hey Hales." He greets briefly.

"Hey Percy, now as I was saying, I know exactly the type of girl you'd want."

Percy laughs- his laugh is somewhat obnoxious because it's loud but then it's like really hearty, "You do?"

"Yeah! Look here I'll show you her!"

"What's her name?" I ask.

"I'm keeping that a secret since you made me hang up on Casey."

"Okay fine, like I'm dying to know anyway. See ya Hales."

"Bye Nicky, Percy." She waves as she leaves to her friends.

One person gone another added.

"Hey Nick, Perc." Kyle Hayes, Soccer Captain of the Varsity team greets. I've known him for years and we've been playing basketball together for ages.

"Sup." Percy replies.

"Kyle do you think I need a new girlfriend?"

Percy pushes me out of the way, "I think you do, there's only so many girls you can lay before you become a man whore."

"Oh man I'm feeling so loved."

"Oh you know it! All the whore lovin."

"I'm not a man whore." I detest.

"You aren't." Kyle laughs, "But yeah a girlfriend will do you good. Your last girlfriend was a nightmare."

"She was but we only dated for a week."

"Yeah! But she wouldn't let you go! She wouldn't let you break up with her so she kept telling people you were dating for like two weeks after." Percy shouts, drawing a bit more attention- but we're used to it.

After changing out for gym, me and Kyle walk around before entering the gym. Basketball time.

We grab a basketball and just goof around- I throw the ball to him but he dodges it as he ties his shoe and it hits some girl.

"Oh shit." I curse.

"What the fuck was that?" She yells, "Why the fuck did someone hit me in the ass?"

Damn that girl has a nice body.

"Sorry!" I yell out to her as Kyle is laughing at me, "Way to go."

"Shut up." I shout.

"Oh thanks, you hit me and then tell me to shut up!" The girl yells and turns to look at me.

Damn she's hot. But I don't dwell too much on her as she scoffs and walks away with a girl and a guy.

Really nice ass and smoking legs but I couldn't really tell much else. Hrm, I wonder why I've never noticed her in gym. Oh well.

"Wow, you're so smooth Nick, I'm really envious. How do you do it?" He says dead seriously before he breaks out in laughter.

"Ha ha, you're so funny."

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