I guess it'd sort of sadistic to watch House while I'm sitting home recovering from my alcohol induced injuries.

I mean all this random psychotic stuff happens on House and well actually the doctors are pretty crazy anyway; and it gets pretty nasty sometimes. I love it. For some reason I love it a bit more because I can relate- if only something terrible struck me so some drug addicted rebellious doctor could diagnose me. Then my sweet, sweet Khloe could sit at my bed side and comfort me.

Oh how sweet that'd be. I mean, as long as I don't die.

"Nick!" My mom calls from the kitchen in the second floor. Basically my house is pretty rad, we have a basement, a second floor for the kitchen and living room, the third floor for random shit and the fourth floor for our rooms. Recently the third floor as been Nicky-land, featuring tons of ice cream, pillows, tv and my blood on the floor.

I popped a stitch about a week after the incident while I was rolling in agony complaining. Percy and Holland were chilling along with Colin and Tristan who were kicking a soccer ball around. Who knew that laying on the floor and complaining could land myself in the hospital again.

"What Ma?!" I slowly shout.

"Get down here and set up the table! Khloe is coming over any minute!"

Oh dear, Khloe, be still my heart. You know she's still dating that Mitchell guy and I'm still pining after her. Of course that's all that'll happen.

Despite my…scandalous past I refuse to be that guy that Khloe cheats with. Okay actually that'd be pretty sexy, but I mean I wouldn't do it if it was just a onetime thing ya know? Maybe if we had a secret fling behind Mitchell's back then sure, but if we just get caught up in the moment and have sex then it's not worth being labeled an official man whore.

"Fine, fine! Be down in a sec." I call back. With a pained groan I throw off my blanket and slink off the couch.

"Christ," I curse, putting a hand on my ribs. Who knew it'd still hurt to breath after two and a half weeks, and moving my torso is still a bitch.

After crawling over to the stairs, and slowly hobbling down I find my sister staring at me un-amused.

"Hey," I greet with a pained smile.

"I set the stupid table. It took you what, ten minutes to get down the stairs?" She scoffs.

"Maybe it did, but I got down the stairs faster than it takes you to put on lipstick." I push her head and she kicks my foot in return.

"Hey, hey, watch it! I'm disabled." I scold her.

"Yeah, more like mentally disabled! Since you got hurt, you've just been practically handing Khloe over to Mitchell! Like, granted, she's his girlfriend and he's just a cutie but like seriously! Ugh! You need to like marry Khloe." She gives me a quick glare. Nasty daggers she's got there.

"Wanna take a chill pill Hales? I got this! And hey, my wrist is recently healed, give me a break."

"Ugh fineeeee," She sighs, "I'll give you a break for the wrist thing but you so don't got-"

"No! I got this."


"No. Shut up." I hold out a hand to her face.

"Ugh whatever, fine! But it's not like I'm going to stay out of-"

The doorbell rings and I jump a little- and so does my heart.

"I'll get it!" Haley pushes me and runs to the door. Damn that's the fastest I've seen her move.

And not too soon enough, Khloe comes walking into sight with my little sister. Khloe's makeup makes her look even more alluring than usual and I just want to run over and kiss her on those plump lips of hers.

"Hey Nick," She gives me a smile and a small wave, "Hello Ms. Mangeris!" Khloe waves at my mother and I see her eyes go wide. My mother squeals and rushes over.

"My my! You've been Haley's dance instructor for nearly a year and a half and I have yet to meet you! Oh God you're so pretty! Beautiful! No wonder my son loves you AND me daughter." Mom shakes Khloe a few times but let's goes of her.

"Oh," She laughs, "Thank you, but I'm really not-"

"No shush! Accept my compliment. It's the truth! So dear how do you like-" I bump into my mom on accident as I grab a glass.

OF COURSE, Ma drops the pork roast or whatever she was cooking and it falls to the ground.

"Oh fuck! Nick!" My Mom pouts.

"Sorry!" I apologize, "Don't worry don't you have like more food?"

"No! Not anything for dinner at least. Oh Khloe I'm-"

"How about me and Nick go grocery shopping? I can even help make dinner along with Nick." Khloe suggests. My mother's face lights up.

"Are you sure? Is it too much of a burden?"

"Oh not at all. Plus I am your house guest." She shrugs with a light smile.

"Nicholas dear you better marry this girl!"

"I want to go to the grocery store too! I need more granola." Haley buts in.

Khloe snickers as I scoff, "You're such a brat."

"Nuh uh!" Haley whines, "I can't help it if I want to maintain my figure and-"

"Come on Khloe, let's cook up us some dinner!" I walk over to her and lead her to the frontdoor.

"Nick you're such an idiot." Khloe says as we leave my driveway with Haley in the backseat.

"Khloe you were quite polite to my Ma, she loves you."

"I am a polite person." She defends.

"I never said you weren't. I was just stating a fact."

"I was also stating a fact that she loves you." I counter.

"I've noticed especially when she says things like 'you better marry this girl'." Khloe rolls her eyes.

"So how're things with Mitch?" I abruptly change the topic.

"Mitchell. And fine." She corrects.

"Just fine?"

"Yeah. Just fine."

"I think you could do better."

"What!" She scoffs as she looks at me with those gorgeous field green eyes of hers.

"Yeah you heard me! That bro is totally not a bro!"

"I think you're just jealous." She notes.

"Yeah, I am!" I admit and Khloe looks taken back by my honesty.

I look at her longingly as she groans. Khloe plays with her hair as Haley finally chimes in.

"You guys can cook dinner together like husband and wife!"

I hit my head with my hand. What an interesting dinner this will be. And I mean who am I to object to scandalous activity with my favorite person in the world?

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