Note! yoyoyoyo! Here's a poem that I worte like a couple of weeks ago. I really do like this one, because it shows that happily ever after doesn't have to end with a prince & princess and I want people to understand that. Also, this is a dedication to a friend, who kind of went through the whole "denial", but ended up accpeting who he is :) The poem is cute and sweet and hope you enjoy it! REVIEW & READ! :)

I believe that every prince should have a princess

where they live a happy life

somewhere far away in the tallest castle

with talking animals

singing maids dancing around

clapping and laughing with their brooms

Than the beautiful princess will come

and she'll sing to everyone

Everybody will sing along, because they love it

The prince will come down the stairs

He will lift his princess high!

And spin her round and round

until she can touch the sky

Late at night, He will kiss her to sleep

and she will do the same

all the animals will gawk and stare

for the princess is a woman now

The Godmother would watch with glee

for the princess's wish has come true

She can now have a happily every after

with the great almighty prince who she loves

While the evil stepmother will yell with anger

and curse her stepdaughter for infinity

but the stepmother will be doom for centuries

When will my princess come?

Is it my time yet?

I have waited all this time

just for her to be here

I think I see her coming!

I think I see her coming!

Her fiery red haired is blowing in the wind

and her brown eyes are smiling at me

She is graceful and tall

Her face has no exceptions

She is the most alluring of them all

and I think she is all mine

But...what am I thinking?

I have lost my mind

This old book is all a lie

just a simple lie

I don't need a fairy princess

or the tallest Castel

or singing maids dancing around

with brooms in their hands

or talking animals

or one wish

I have my happily ever after

He is standing right there

signing softly

and he will lift me up

until I can touch the sky

there I will touch a shooting star

I have a new belief

and it doesn't involve magical things

just me and him

and that is all that I believe