Note! holaholhaholaholahola! Here is a FINISHED story or one-shot or watever. I wrote this one a long time ago and it is pretty short, but it's good. The story is told from a girl's POV and..yeah. not much to say about this & REVIEW! SEE ANYWAY MISTAKES, TELL ME!! ^.^

He use to say, a lot of things to me. The" I love you, and " I care about you", were repeated everyday. The way his lips turn up at the corner, assuming he was saying a little remark. When we go out somewhere, he'll have his arm around my waist, holding me tightly. Glaring at anything that stand between us. His smooth hands would always links with mines, when we are walking together at the park. The small comebacks he throws, ever now and than just to see a smile on my face. The old loose jacket he gave me, will cling to body, and he will wink in return.

The way he will make me feel so important, by always bringing me to the popular parties. Our hips grinding to the music, with the other people starting, and wishing that they came be us. When he runs his hands through my hair, and give me a sweet kiss only to see me blush. Buying our friends gifts, and tickets for your next show.

At school, when you walk in late, with the most dumbest excuse ever, but you always get away with it. When the teachers call your name, you pretend you didn't know the answer and call on someone else.( Being me) The moaning in my ear when the teacher was talking, turn me on the most. You licking my neck seductively, and rubbing it also. Yes, classes were fun, but with you there it was even better.

You use to get in trouble a lot, too. ( though I didn't mind) The principle's office, was like home to you. When you wasn't with me, you was in there looking at Mr. Dell face five days a week.. The funny things is that, you never got expel. Maybe you was too bad to begin with. When we had to play against each other in Gym, you sue to always whistle at me when we had to stretch. Also, when it was a free day you'll be kissing, licking, and biting on my neck.. The other teens mumbling, " get a room", or " lucky bitch' were common among us.( I miss those the most)

I was nothing without you. You made me what I'm today, your little puppy. ( he use to say that) Your beautiful, smart, and sexy puppy. My friends's purple eyes were always glowing with desire towards us. I never understand why, but you did. ( you always did) We were best fiends until' you came and swift me off my feet. Leaving her to watch on the sidelines. Was I wrong to leave my post, and explore the world that was out there? ( no) I'm like any other living person, I want to fell like I belong and love by some else. I was so high on love, that I forgot all about myself.

He use to go to the back of the school. Walking quietly with purple eyes following along. How he would push her up against the wall, and attack her lips hungrily. ( like me) Those smooth hands would traveling all around empurple's body, groping and rubbing at anything. The shirts would go off, than the pants next. The screaming and moaning will be hear after that. He use to think about me, but I guess not.

He use to do a lot of stuff. He'll love me, than hurt me. He'll hang out with me, than leave me. I told him to go away, and he will go and find a playmate.

I remember all the good memories and the bad. They will always stay with me, but not forever. All I can think about is that, He use to be part of my life.