Note!! howdy ya'll! I do not know lots about the whole Christian thing, since I don't go to church. But I know a little from family and reading some of the bible. I wrote this one last year and I just read it a couple of minutes ago..this story sounds NEED TO BE FINISEHD!! KYO is mine! Yuna is mine too. ( not the one who summons and all that other crap lol) but..I, Yulia11, do not own sesshomaru :( If I did..I will somehwere eating a HUGE cookie, with my doggie and mom ^^ ( I love my mom..k..geez..) REVIEW AND READ!! see any mistakes, tell me, ya'll :)

In our Christian's ways, sins is wrong. Sins is what will make you go to hell, and perish forever. Therefore, your soul won't be resurrected, and pass off to another being. Still, you can erase your sins, go to heaven, and your soul will be pass off into another life. All my life, I've been raise that way. Be kind to others, yourself, and God and he will make your life good. I'm the perfect youngest son of three kids. I was suppose to be the innocent child. You know, the one that is sweet, compassionate, and impeccant. I was suppose to do no wrong, but if I did talk to God for forgiveness. He will be my Lord and my provider.

My family and I will go to church every Sunday and go to bible study. My father was like the Minster in our family, while my mom was the Ms. Minster. They will always talk about praying, and anytime you need help go to god , because he is always there. My sis, Yuna, was like another teen girl. Athletic, smart, and a perfect role model. What makes her so special is that she can be so intelligent, yet she still is able to maintain her popularity.

My older bro, Sesshomaru, was like the perfect Christian husband. He was tall, smart, built, and a very good man. When I use to need help with some of my homework I rather go to him, than Dad. Dad was just....gosh, I don't even know. Now there is me, the small and adorable son. I was adopt when I was a couple of days old, and some how I end up with them. I never met my parents, or any relatives of mines. So, I guess my background history is a little blank.

Enough about than, it's time for now. The time when we go to church. The time I'm different. The time my father and I don't speak to each other. The time I'm a sinner and my parents hate me for it.

Ring! The golden bells have spoken. The time has come to enter this, unacceptable place. People clapping, cheering, singing, and praying. I don't belong here. Not now, or ever.

' Hey kyo, pay attention!",

I glaze over to my left to see Yuna, in her white Sunday dress. She nudge me out of my thoughts for the second time again! God, can't she take the hint! Leave me the fuck alone! I know this is a church and all, but she is going to make me explode!

She nudge me again, but this time more harder. I didn't know what was wrong with her today, but she was starting to pissed me off. I lean her way and whisper,"What do you want?", my fluffy ears was twitching at the sound of people singing ' Amazing grace".

"Shhhh. Later, okay?," she started to sing with the choir, and turn her attention back to the front of the chapel.

A-ma-zing grace, how sweet the sound,

that saved a wretch like me....

Sometimes I wonder, what would it be like to actually "talk" to God. To know what it was like back than, or to know how to become a better person. Maybe I must be desperate, or confuse? I look at the far left corner and see a tall dark hair man leaning against the decorate wall. I examine more, and the guy must have notice me, so he wink at me. Wow, he's straight- forward, I thought. To return the favor I lick my lips and gave a quick wink back.

I once was lost but now am found,

was blind, but now, I see....

The guy smiled and tilt his head towards the opening of the church. I look at yuna, who was till singing, I strolled out of the wooden bench, but only to be stop by My mother.

" kyo, where are you going?",

I look back to where the man was, only to see that he had all ready left. I sigh in defeat and I ran my hands through my silvery-black locks. I gave my Mom a dumb, but reasonable look. I love her dearly and all, yet sometimes I wonder why do I even listen to her. All she does is talk about me trying do better, brags about sesshomaru or yuna, and my "father". Mother dress was pure white with a few diamonds here and there. Her face was beautiful without make-up, but she still have some eyeliner around her purple eyes; it gave her more of a happy and mysterious look. Her black hair was up in a lose ponytail, and some strands of her hair fall graceful around her face.

"I'm going to get some fresh air. I'll be back," I said with the sweeties smile and my mom smiled at me, than went back to singing with the other people. I strolled out with a sly grin on my face, and I open the brown doors.

Not standing far, was the dark hair man before, who was leaning up against his black truck taking a drag. He has black short hair that reach the back of his neck, and his eyes was hazel. Just my type," I thought.

Was it wrong to do this?

I'm a bad disgrace?

I walked over he was at and snatch his cigarette out of his wet ips. He gave me a confuse look, but smirk at my approach. I took a long drag and I could feel the tobacco entering my system. The release that I needed in a long time, I cock my head to the side, and started to twirl with the man's red tie.

" You know kids like you shouldn't be smoking,"

" Well, I'm not like the other kids,' I replied and licks his earlobe, I respond and, the man wrap his strong arms around my waist.

Did I do something?

Or was I made to do this?

Maybe I didn't feel when the man lead me to a back alley near the church, or when he will grab my ass, and forcefully kiss me on the lips. Did I scream when he force me up against the wall, and thrust in me, or did I scream and throw my head back?

I am wrong...

For being me,

Dear lord, I am a.... sinner

This is me and you know what... I'm tired of pretending.

Should I contiue this story? I might keep writing on to this seems pretty interesting..