This Journal Belongs to: Private James Smithton of the United Fleet Marines.

If found please return to 105932 Northlane, Endington Province or to Janice Smithton.

To My Family: I love you all, and I died for a cause I believe in. Never forget that.

To Janice: I love you my dearest, take care of yourself and raise our child well!

To My Child: I never knew you but I will always love you!

Journal Entry 1:

Friday April 13th, 2035.

I was getting myself settled in my new quarters in the new warship 'The U.F.S Freedom' when I noticed this journal that you gave me Janice, I didn't know what to write in it for the longest time until I realized that I would most probably be dying soon. I want you to know what I go through, and for you to read this to our unborn child when he/she is old enough to understand.

After boot camp we were rushed into service, too quickly for me to write a letter to you I am afraid, we were told that the enemy was advancing and a new warship was about to be sent off, assignments were given and we were briefed (as well as any Marine can be) about our mission. It is supposed to be a 3 day journey before we are either launched from the ship to fight on ground, or engage in an air battle. We are only allowed to wander the soldier's floors and not go up on deck, I dreamed of being on a ship like this Janice, it is disappointing to know that it will be for so short of a time and that I can't even explore it.

Rickie Smackleberg from home is here too, he and I often joke about finishing our tour of duty and becoming pilots, sometimes I wonder if we will live that long. Marines here usually don't make it more then 3 battles without being killed or wounded, yet it pays well and we need the money more then ever. I am sorry for leaving you and with an unborn babe too, but you know that I have no choice.

We don't have much free-time onboard the 'Freedom' despite its name, we either are eating chow, training, trying to get in some sleep, or doing one of the chores that the normal crew are too 'busy' for. The joys of being a commoner! It makes me sick how they treat us, but we need them to train us so that we don't die and get a chance at promotion.

Sorry Janice, I would write more but my free time is just about over. I love you darling, I won't be able to write home for a while, that is if I survive my first battle. I hope this won't even have to be read to you but I fear that it shall anyway. Loves and Kisses! XOXOXOXO

With all of my love,

Private James Smithon.