Journal Entry 2:

Tuesday April 19th, 2035

I woke up today in a medical room on the ship 'The U.F.S New Hope' with a bandaged head and Rickie sitting in a chair nearby sleeping. It seems that I had an enemy bullet graze my head, causing me to lose blood and become unconscious. I was told that a evacuation ship came to our rescue several hours later and brought me here with Rickie, I am getting ahead of myself, I have a story to tell.

We entered into an ambush; those bastards were waiting for us with anti-air guns on the ground and tons of ships! We came out of the flight stream and lost most of our ships before we could even get our first rounds off. We were dropped off somewhere near a cluster of those sons of a bitches. I could feel the turbulence effecting the landing craft and hear the flak guns exploding, damn the adrenaline that you get can almost drown out the fear, suffice to say I pissed my pants on the drop.

We opened the craft doors to get out and enemy rounds blasted through the first few of our boys, in times like that you learn to hull ass and get behind cover. When I found a sufficient spot and could stop shaking enough to actually pick up my gun and look around I noticed that we had landed in the middle of a once probably beautiful meadow of flowers, now it was a piece of shit covered by dead bodies, explosion caused holes, and bloodstained remnants of flowers. A village was in front of us, several guns could be seen firing and a 'blown to hell' church was in the village's center. Half of our squad was dead and of the other five personnel carriers only two had made it alive, their passengers now either dead or cowering like me.

When you look up you could see the two fleets exchanging shells while anti-air guns fired into the midst, I noticed 'The U.F.S Freedom' being hit by several shells before blasting apart in a chain reaction, the shockwave nearly blew me away from the rock I was hiding behind, luckily I was able to dig the butt of my guns barrel into the ground in time. Poor John Dunham was cut in half by a piece of shrapnel; he was right next to me too!

Our Sergeant barked out orders for us to "Repel those sons's of a bitches and take the damned village!" On cue the hypnosis we were instructed by calmed me and gave me the courage, foolishness, or guts to aim my gun back and fire it. My first shot hit a poor bastard who was blown to bits; do you know how it feels to kill someone's child? You would not and I hope that you never will for it is the most horrible thing that I have ever experienced something that I do not wish upon any and I caused it! I would have stopped and cried right then if it weren't for that blasted hypnosis.

Curse the bastards who had the idea of giving our sub-consciousness orders! However at the same time I thank them, without it I wouldn't have been able to manage fighting. Soon after I shot and killed the first person I aimed and shot another, and another, and another, hell I was surprised that I had hit them all when I felt that I should be shitting myself, once again thanks to whatever bastards came up with soldier hypnosis. After what felt like hours (but in actually was merely a matter of minutes) our Sergeant ordered for us to advance and as hell we did, their machineguns would have had us under fire in seconds, I could even hear the bullets buzzing past me as I ran for the wall that encompassed the village.

Janice I can not explain what it looks like to see silver strands appear in front of you in clumps, speed pass you and disappear before hitting the ground and staring up clumps of earth or shredding a man to pieces and sending his remains flying! I thank whatever gods that be for not having anything worse then bullets to go against us, and curse them for having invented warfare at the same time. Such a strange world we live in, such a strange world to fight and die in.

There were 300 men that were supposed to drop, 50 per ship, it ended up being 69 of us standing behind that wall ready to shoot the bastards who denied us from returning home. We set small explosive charges to blow apart the wall denying us access to the village, in seconds we busted out of our hiding spaces and through the explosion smoke to enter a village whose overview we had only seen air taken pictures of with an unknown amount of enemies defending it, hell yeah I was scared.

Enemy rounds hit the first few unlucky bastards who entered the village, I was lucky and had entered in a relatively clear area I managed to get behind cover once again and fire blindly into their midst, next thing I know I hear explosions and find myself on the ground, my gun at least 20 feet away and in pieces, shrapnel in the guys around me. An enemy stood over me and was about to pull his trigger when Rickie noticed and shot the guy, I get up and fire again. We manage to destroy the objectives. Rickie tells me that I was shot as we took the final object, I remember lying on the ground praying to survive and hold you in my arms once again.

In my wounded slumber I remember opening my eyes several times and having fuzzy vision, some of my comrades stood over me at one point lifting me onto the evac ship, at another a nurse standing over me. I had horrible dreams Janice, dreams that I can see even now! I was told that we lost half of our fleet in that battle, and only 24 of us survived the invasion of Melcaline Village. All of this bloodshed for a stupid war! Damn the enemy, damn them to hell!

I have two new medals now, a medal of survival (only 14 more to go before promotion out of here) and a medal of bravery in the face of the adversary. They promoted me to Private First Class now, I hope that it won't be too long before I can return to you my love, with all of my love, XOXOXOXO


Private First Class James Smithton.