Made: Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time: 3:17am


Doesn't it frighten you?

To know that
At any second
You could suffocate
From just the pure, overwhelming
Sight of darkness
Sound of silence
Sense of loneliness
All crowding in
To consume you
Until there's nothing left
But the shell of who you used to be.

(It chills me to the bone)

Doesn't it frighten you?

To listen closely for
Something, anything
To happen
To squint through sheets of black
Only to find your own
Warped figure staring back
With bloodshot eyes
And bared fangs
More than ready to strike
And rip out your own voice box
Until you remember there was nothing there.

(It drives me to the edge)

Doesn't it frighten you?

To know about it
With utmost certainty
But being unable
To tell a soul
Warn them of the impending doom
They brought on themselves
Just as you
Quivering, shaken, pathetic
Lost and alone
So alone
With only your insanity as comfort.

(It makes me want to scream)