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The bloodshed that had ensued was one that brought misery and grief to anyone that happened to witness it. Bodies littered the floor and blood pooled in between. Members of both clans laid across each other and their blood mingled. In death they were united. It was a pity the war started and the Blood Fangs couldn't understand that they were all equal in a way. There wasn't much difference. They were stronger yes, but not by much. The heart's burden only grew when one realized that the battles were far from over.

General Kalen's sapphire gaze roamed over the open field and sighed. He shook his head and blue locks danced across his silver face. His armor covered most of his chest and back and a lighter protective sheen was placed on his wings so they couldn't be pulled out of spine. Dry blood clung to his skin; most of which wasn't his own. He turned away from the sight before him and looked the sky but even that was rimmed with red. On any other night, the setting sun would have been a welcome sight. Now the red that stained the sky looked like blood as if the sky to were bleeding.

Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and he glanced behind. His lover stood beside him and his golden hues echoed the mutual feeling. His lover's diamond colored skin was just one of the things Kalen loved about him. Kalen wrapped an arm around his waist and sighed. He buried his head against his lover's gold hair and shut his eyes. He could still see the battlefield in his mind's eye. It was a horrible sight. Thank the Moon the battle was over for now. There wouldn't be any more bloodshed for a while.

"Kye," Kalen whispered, "we lost so many soldiers. If this continues, we'll all die and the Blood Fangs will get what they want."

"I know. Talk to our lord. He'll listen to you. He'll send you out to the other clans," Kye instructed and ran a hand through Kalen's hair to sooth him.

"But they won't listen. We tried before and they said we were lying about the Blood Fang's goals. How am I supposed to win them over?"

"You'll find a way. If it helps, I'll go with you if his lordship lets me accompany you. "

Kalen sighed again and breathed in his love's scent. It was almost masked by the sweat and blood but it was a scent that was familiar and comforting. "Fine. I guess it doesn't hurt to try again. Come on, let's go home. I am sure the others can't wait to leave this place and I don't blame them. I just wish that we could all just get along. It can't be so hard. You're a Blood Fang and yet, here you are, standing beside me."

Kye gave a melancholy smile. "Not all my kin see the world the way I see it or the way you do. Now I can't go back there either."

"I know." Kalen pulled away from his lover and started to walk towards the tired and hurt troop. It was time to go back home. They were leaving the wasteland of bodies, but the pain and loss was far from over. This was only the first wave.


It had been days before the troop finally reached their home high on the mountains. Once all the official stuff had been finished, Kalen and Kye were free to do as they pleased for the rest of the day. They reached their little home they shared and they were both eager to take off their armor. Liberated from it, Kalen plopped down on the bed with a welcome sigh. The bed was such a comfort from sleeping on the ground. He stretched and he was soon joined by his love. Kye crawled to his side and caressed Kalen with a gentle hand. The love in his eyes couldn't be denied. Kalen looked up into his face and smiled at him. He turned his face and caressed Kye's finger tips with his lips.

"What's on your mind, Kye?" he asked.

"Nothing really." Then a mischievous smile tinted his lips. "Actually, maybe there is something," he answered and tapped Kalen's nose with a finger. Kye leaned his face closer to Kalen's and pressed their lips together. They hadn't had a moment alone in ages. They were always out on the front or training. In a time of war, there wasn't much time for intimacy. At least they could see each other daily since they fought together. Kye was Kalen's right hand man in war. It was a title he had earned rightfully. He hadn't had an easy run of it since he was born to the clan they were fighting with.

Kye shifted himself until he was sitting on top of Kalen and trailed kisses from his lover's lips down to his throat. Kalen tilted his head back and gave Kye more access to his throat and smiled. Kye always knew how to get him in the mood. Kye blew into his ear and his head jerked to the side a little and Kalen tried to capture his lips in a kiss but Kye teased away from them and kissed his throat instead. Kalen felt Kye's hand slide under him and trace his spine. He of course put extra emphasis on that special spot between his wings and lower back. Kale's breath caught in his throat and he pulled Kye closer. Kalen took the initiative then. He liked giving more than receiving. Just knowing he was pleasuring Kye always sent a shiver through him. Kalen rolled until he slammed Kye down on the bed and pressed his hands above his head so he was defenseless. Kye chuckled and gave him that irresistible look. Kalen made quick work of getting rid of their garments and laid on his lover.

With his free hand, Kalen traced Kye's chest until he reached his hips. He teased his just below the pant line and captured his lover's lips in a needy kiss. He felt Kye moan and he went lower. Then slid his tongue into his lover's mouth and toyed with his lover's tongue. Kye gasped when those gentle hands reached his need and his body shivered at its desire. Kalen's heart skipped a beat. He loved all the noises that came from those perfect lips. Kalen caressed Kye's inner thighs and felt his lover tremble under him in anticipation of the release that was sure to come. Kalen made himself comfortable and caressed his lover need in a tease again. Kye was getting frustrated with the desire now. He wanted Kalen inside him bad. He needed to feel him again. Why was Kalen taking so damn long? Kye tried to pull free of the grasp and the two rolled on the bed in a fight for dominance before Kye gave in simply because he wanted Kalen; needed him. Kalen gave into his lover's desire then and pushed himself into Kye. The two moaned in their sweat release. Kalen continued to kiss Kye feverishly and squeezed his need ever so slightly to add to his pleasure. Kalen steadily got faster with his thrusts and harder. It wasn't long before the two reached their peeks and cried out in their rapture of heat. They were both seeing the moon and the stars. They just seemed to fit together so well.

After maybe two hours of pleasure, Kalen pulled away from his lover and rested beside him. They were both covered in sweat and panting. They gave each other a satisfied look and shared a kiss. Kye turned onto his side and cuddled into Kalen. He rested his head on Kalen's shoulder and closed his eyes. Kalen smiled down at his lover and gave a sigh. "I hope you enjoyed that my dove. It will be the last time we will be intimate like this." Kye immediately froze and looked up at him confused and almost hurt.

"W-What do you mean?" Well, that was a kill joy.

"Relax sweetie. I mean that in a good way. We can't be intimate for weeks before the crescent moon if you want to bond. Days is fine, but I hear the longer the wait, the better and the stronger the bond. Don't you want to be bonded with me?" Kalen pouted.

Kye's frown quickly turned into a bright smile. He had wanted to be bonded with Kalen for practically a year now if not longer. "Have I told you lately that I love you?" Kye cooed and kissed his lips again.

Kalen chuckled and returned it. "Of course. I love you to Kye. You're the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Oh stop your flattery," he beamed.

"I am not joking! I mean it. The life I was living before you, it wasn't living. I don't know what would happen if I lost you."

"Shh, my dear," Kye answered and placed a finger on Kalen's lips to silence him before he got settled beside him again. "Don't say such things. You don't have to know because I won't let you find out. We'll be like this forever. We'll win each battle and everything will be just fine. We have each other now and that is all that matters."

"You're right. Sorry."

"You don't need to apologize." Kye hugged Kalen against him and sighed inwardly. "Good night, my love."

"Good night, dove." The two settled and were soon asleep.