When the week was up, Kalen was going crazy with worry. Kye should have been back by now, and he wasn't. Every moment without him was torture. He wanted Kye back safe in his arms. He tried to calm himself and be patient, but it was hard when you knew your lover was in dangerous territory and you could do nothing about it. Kalen instead, made use of his time by going to the training ground more often to help his captain Talyn with the troops and helped sort their skill levels.

On the ninth day since Kye had been absent, a messenger came in from the Blood Fangs. His lord summoned him to the hall and he was more that desperate to hear the news. He prayed to the Moon that Kye was alive and safe. He couldn't stand still and at attention in the room while his lordship read the message.

"General Kalen, the Blood Fangs have called for a meeting to discuss some arrangements," then he smiled. "It seems that Kye was successful in his mission. They have mentioned in this letter here that an attack had been placed on their general. Kye is probably hiding from the guards or on his way here. Either way, we must meet with the Blood Fangs on the Common Ground. You and two others will be accompanying me to this meeting."

A brief smile twitched at Kalen's lips and he gave a nod. "Yes, My Lord. I will gladly accompany you."

That smile should have never reached his lips. When they came to the Common Ground, peace was not on the agenda. Kalen, the two warriors, and his lord stood on their borderland with hands on their weapons, just in case things turned. They tensed all the more when the Blood Fang leader and his warriors arrived on the scene. Two of the guards were hiding something behind them. Kalen narrowed his eyes and crouched low. Was this some kind of weapon? The leader of the enemy clan snapped his fingers and the two guards stepped forward and pulled off the cloth of what they were hiding. Kalen's heart stopped. His eyes widened in horror and he went weak. Kye was limp in their hands-bruised, bloody, and broken. His head lolled to the side and he moaned of agony at the movement escaped his lips. Kalen saw why immediately. They had ripped his wings off his shoulders. Tears welled up in his eyes and he forgot himself and took a step forward to run to his lover but his two companions kept him still. One wrong move could mean death for Kye and the rest of them.

A tear rolled down his face and he couldn't take his eyes off Kye. He couldn't believe what they had done to him. Taking their wings was the most horrible thing you could do to someone. "Kye…" he said a little weakly in the silence. Kye didn't lift his head. Kalen didn't blame him. How much pain was he in? He didn't think Kye could lift his head even if he wanted to.

"Ah, so you remember your little traitor. We found him snooping around our territory and he tried to kill our general, who also happens to be his father. That is one of the highest crimes under treason. It so happens that Kye here, has done one, and attempted the other. That is punishable by death or sacrifice of the Moon's gift; our wings. We present him before you wingless. He had been punished for his crime, but the code isn't satisfied. Kye, is no longer known to us as a brethren and we take him as an instigator for your ranks. In that case, he is even more of an enemy. Whatever you were trying to accomplish has failed. We did not come here to fight you today, however. The war is not over and we intend to win it and make all of you bow down before us. There will be no agreement."

"Then why have you called upon the Common Ground for agreements?" Kalen's lord countered completely calm. His own eyes strayed to Kye's weak form.

"To give you back your soldier of course," the man smiled. He gave a nod to his guards and one of them pulled free a sword and yanked Kye's head up to make his back arc and he slid the sword nicely through him. Kye cried out in the pain and shook. Blood spilled from the wound and stained his pale skin. Blood bubbled up from his mouth and stained it red. Kalen cried out in horror. His heart ached at the sight. Kalen thought he was going to faint. The guard pulled the sword away bloody and they threw Kye across the border. Kalen rushed forward to his fallen lover. He rolled Kye onto his back and pulled him into his arms. Kye's head lolled back limply as Kalen cradled him.

Tears spilled from Kalen's eyes. He caressed Kye's cheek gently and did his best to hold up his head so it wouldn't hurt his lover. Kye's eyes fluttered a little and he opened them half way weakly. Kalen leaned forward and kissed his head repeatedly. He could feel Kye's breathing started to slow and Kalen started to mutter 'no' over and over again as if it would stop Kye's death. Kye coughed up blood as he tried to speak. Kalen rocked him and hushed him. He wiped Kye's mouth with his thumb and kissed his forehead.

"K-Kalen…" Kye croaked weakly. "I-I love y-" Kye's eyes started to drop then. It was just so hard to keep them open. His whole body hurt so much. He couldn't move his arms or neck and no matter how much Kalen supported him, it hurt. A tear spilled from his own eyes when they closed. His breathing slowed to a stop along with his exhausted and bleeding heart. The darkness that came over him was welcoming. His body had gone numb. There was no more pain. No more pain. If he could have, he would have smiled. At least Lady Moon had let him see Kalen again. He clung to that image until everything was gone.

Kalen sobbed and hugged him tightly. "I love you to Kye. I love you more than anything. Don't die. Please don't die," he begged. "Don't leave me…" He couldn't feel Kye breathing anymore. He pressed his finger against Kye's throat and felt the slow heart beat stop and he shook his head. He didn't want to believe it. "Kye! Kye don't die! Please!" Kalen kissed his lips, his cheek, his head, but Kye was gone. Kalen pressed his head against Kye's and keened. His whole form trembled. This wasn't fair! Why did Lady Moon have to take Kye away from him? Kye had been the most important thing in his life and now he was gone. Kye had given him so many things to be thankful for and now he didn't have Kye. He buried his head against Kye's neck and took in his scent. It was the last time he would be this close to him. "Kye… Come back…" he pleaded. "I am sorry. I am so sorry. I… I should have been there. I am sorry. Why did I let you go? Oh why did I let you go?" he cried. His lord came to him and squeezed his shoulder in comfort.

"I am sorry, Kalen. If I had known this would have happened, I wouldn't have sent him on the mission." Kalen didn't look up at him. His gaze was locked on Kye's limp form. He kissed him again before he pulled him up into his arms. He had to get Kye away from this place. Kalen remembered past conversations that he and Kye had about death and what they would do. Despite the fact that Kye had wanted to be a part of the Storm Whisperers and longed for their acceptance, he hadn't wanted to be buried on their sacred ground. He wanted to be buried somewhere beautiful and quite; a place not very many people wandered through. Kalen would give him that wish.

He looked up around him and realized the Blood Fangs were gone. They had probably left after they threw Kye. Kalen hadn't registered any of it. Kalen took flight and sped away from the Common ground and went home. He took Kye to a small stream that ran behind his house and tore his pants to make a cloth. He dipped the cloth in the water and washed away the blood on his lover's body. Tears spilled from his eyes every once in a while through the work. When he was done, he lifted Kye in his arms again and stepped inside his home. He placed him gently down on the bed and pulled out one of the burial caskets that they kept.

He changed Kye's clothes and set him down inside it and grabbed the dagger that Kye had left behind the night they had their mock fight. Kalen kissed the dagger's handle and set it down on Kye's chest and brought Kye's hands over it. He put the lid over him and rested his head down on it. He felt so weak and so sick. Fresh tears rolled down his face. Tonight was the night he had planned on bonding with Kye. It was a stronger bond than the human marriage. He trembled a little at the thought and wiped at his face. His heart ached at all their memories and now future plans that would remain as broken promises. Why had Lady Moon taken him away? Kye had been a good follower of her guidance. Why did she take away his life?

He heard a gentle knock behind him and he looked up with tired red eyes. "Come in…" he said hoarsely. His captain and best friend Talyn walked in with his bond mate Nala and his sister. They came to his side and Talyn squeezed his arm to support him. They didn't have to say a word. Out of all the people that Kalen was close to, these three really knew how close the two lovers had been. They were bonded without the bond. Quietly, the small procession picked up the casket and took it to a small area in the nearby forest that Kye used to come to all the time and they dug his grave. They placed the casket down and covered it back up with the dirt. The four stood quietly and prayed for their loved one to find peace in the Moon's arms; away from pain and suffering.

Kalen visited whenever he had a chance to and told Kalen of all the things that he had seen or how much he missed his smile. He even promised him he wouldn't love anyone else again. Fate had other plans of course. Kalen would eventually have to move on and Lady Moon had found the perfect person to help him move along in the path we call life. Kalen did swear by the moon that he would make the Blood Fangs pay for this. He would make sure that they won this war. He wouldn't let Kye's death go in vain.

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