Midnight World

The midnight World is the name of the world that you didn't knew exist. The world of darkness and light. Midnight is the hour that separates night from day, so that's the ancient name that was first invented when the battle between the god and the devil started, that will say, the same day that the devil was created. It's a world of mystery and darkness, with powers you can't imagine in your wildest dreams. You don't want to get in the middle of this ancient battle.

Supernatural beings in the Midnight world


God - Is the god, the almighty one.

Angels - Angels are the messengers and soldiers of god.

Travelers - Angels who have chosen to walk their own path and not the path that god have decided for them. They take the form as humans but still have certain powers.


The Devil - The one who rules hell.

Demons - The messengers and soldiers of the Devil. They take human hosts.

Beings that have come out of the eternal fight between heaven and hell. And currently are walking the earth.

Vampires - Looks like humans but they can't walk in sunlight if they not have some sort of subject enchanted by a sorcerer. They feed on blood, don't age, and they can only be killed by a wooden stake through the heart. Strong and old vampires can manipulate humans.

Werewolf's - Looks like people but they can transform into big wolves, the werewolf gene is inherited. They are the natural enemy to vampires.

Sorcerers - Witches and wizards. Humans that can perform magic and spells.

Immortals - An immortal is the child of an angel or demon and a human, they are very rare. They grow until they reach full grown age and then they stop aging.

Ghosts and Spirits - The soul of a human or supernatural being that haven't moved on and is still walking the earth. They can take human hosts.

Shape shifters - A being that can take the form of any human they touches. Can only be recognized by their flashing yellow eyes.

Zombies - Somebody that has been raised from the dead in the wrong way, like with a spell, the body is back but the soul is not.

And at last, the humans who knows about the midnight world. There are very few, but most of those who now become hunters.