- Allison White -


Simultaneously in the underworld.

"We lost Ophelia because of you!" Scorpious screamed at his son. Who was kneeling in front of him.

"I am sorry father"

"If I could, I would kill you. And the only reason why you aren't tortured right now is because the devils needs you. And everybody else who are loyal to him"

"For what father?"

"The Apocalypse"

YES! I did it! I finished the story. I am proud over myself since I have a way of always beginning stories but not ending them. But I left the cliffhanger there of course so that I could continue it. I already have plans. But I won't use Allison White as the main character. I am thinking about Introducing a third player into the war.

No would you please review and tell me what you thought about the story? :D I really need to know.

Keep your eyes open for the continuation, It's called Midnight World: Jade Lee and I am going to upload I today. The stories will work as stand-alones but it will follow the storyline, and we will see more of those creatures we didn't see in this one.