Just a quick warning this contains slash. Meaning it has some boy on boy action. Albeit minor. So if you don't like it, don't read it. If you do read it and flame I will take great pleasure in imagining you being burned by Merick. It will also have a lot of violence and a good deal of swearing. Just a reminder this is an Unknown story so it has ties to Night's Flame, Ranch Madness, and Learning the Way of the Land. This story has some backround info on the Unknown world and goes on to explain about mages, dragons and unicorns in detail.

The Earth is still young and new. It is still forming, leaving it vulnerable to destruction. So it has decided to create guardians for itself. Guardians in the form of dragons and unicorns. In later years these two species will essentially rule the Earth alongside humans and their magical counterparts, mages. But for now there is only one small herd of unicorns, and one small colony of dragons.

The unicorns are led by a mighty stallion, Hazard. His coat is the darkest black as are his mane and tail though the tips are blood red. His horn is as black as his coat and his eyes the same blood red as in his mane and tail. When in human form he has the same pale skin that all unicorns have and, like all other unicorns, and his horn is centered just below his hairline on his forehead. His black, red tipped hair falls in waves over broad shoulders that lead to a strong torso and powerful legs. In both forms he is the symbol of strength, speed and superiority, and is master of all four elements, having been taught them by the Earth itself at a young age.

The dragons are led by a ferocious lord, Havoc. His scales are the color of storm clouds with blood red outlining his eye ridges, wings, and horns. His eyes are light grey with hints of red and yellow swirling in their depths. In size he is a few feet taller than his unicorn counterpart, who in turn is a foot larger than the average unicorn. In build he has that of a leopard's, with a tail roughly half his size and neck the stretches to be roughly a quarter of it. His wings are each half his size and resemble a bat's in build, with spikes where the bat's claws would be. His head is shaped like an arrowhead with two horns jutting out at the points. In human form his skin is a slightly lighter form of his storm cloud scales with the same light grey eyes. His hair is as black as hazard's though is considerably shorter. Though he is slightly taller and thinner than Hazard he too, is a symbol of strength, speed, and superiority and is of all four elements.

Unlike the others of their species, Hazard and Havoc are immortal and are only able to be killed through battle. Because of this the two have formed and close bond that seems to overstep the boundaries of friendship. Though the two have sired many children over their lifetimes they never stray too far from each other. Only further proof of their bond and the loneliness that helped forge it.