My Thanks to Color

First, purple my favorited color that been in my life ever since I was born. Purple shade has royalty, creativity, and independent that keeps me calm. Purple is like no other color in my life, it tone brings many shades that make everything wonderful.

Green is my nature buddy that comes out in harmony, when I am just relaxing to forget a stressful day. Green also gives me strength like purple, but only when I'm relax.

Orange is fun and electrifying that as I jump on my bed to relive. Orange bring the happiness out of me like a vacuum. It also represent the season fall, which I love watching various leaves drop beneath the ground.

Red is a color that brings out my bad side. It devilish way sneak upon my brave purple, even though red is use in my technology in the world. The soft color of red is opposite show the nicest I bring upon others.

Yellow is just like orange yet brighter. The yellow sunshine reflects against me with a warm welcoming. It starts my morning off with the rays casting shadows inside my bedroom.

I welcome blue that bring sincerity with my emotions. The bag of symbols with many emotions displaying in my sight.

The one color I seem to many time is white. It cleanliness and innocence is wrapped into one package.

Lastly, black is a strange with mystery that provoke my curious about it. The way black cloak observe everything with the days never being the same. Black searches for a knowledge to share.

Nevertheless, I recognize each colors that have many roles in my life.