catching the stars
and getting kicked out of
i love playing with balls!
[we're going to hell
you know that
don't you?]
that's awesome though
[well, it is]
because we'll be there together

knock knock on the bathroom door
[i know it hurts babe, but it will get better i promise
hearts weren't made to be broken
but it doesn't take much for them
to fix again]

"stop looking at me like that!
you're giving me that look
you give to drunk people!"
oh steel…what will we do with you
just come to school darling
and i promise i'll be here

oh my god a hot boy
i love hot boys;
they're just so hot!
you perve

whatever. we're going to hell anyway
we may as well have fun on the way

but if i may speak in earnest
for just a moment [i promise]
i know that i'll love you forever
thanks to the two of you
i've stayed up all night with
someone who means the world to me
[tick that off the list]
so any time that your walls start coming down
i'll be there
because it's gonna be our year

so lets wish on another
shooting star
there will be plenty of heartbreaks to come
and one day
you'll be old and fat and grey and really ugly
[but not any day soon
because you have too many
hearts to break
with one look
just yet]

but i'll love you guys anyway
because that's just the type of
friendship we have

so never stop dreaming [and hoping and wishing]
[and laughing and smiling and just being my girls]
because the world needs
people like you
to make it better
for all the other people
whose smiles aren't quite
as beautiful


for my girls. i love you both even more each day. never change.