A/N: This was inspired by Maranwe Telrunya's weekly writing challenge -- the idea is to write at least 1,000 words for a story, or a 200 word poem, starting with a picture prompt she's selected. This poem was specifically inspired by the picture prompt for week five. There is a link on her profile that leads to her homepage which has a link to her weekly writing challenge, if you want to know more, or if you want to see the picture for this week.

Where the land is unbound by time
The horizon meets the grassy plains
Raindrops fall with a certain rhyme
The wind blows, people doze
But, for her, everything will change

She paces the ground, back and forth, and then back again. All she's ever known is the village, but that life was taken, stolen from her. What is she supposed to do? Where do they expect her to go?

A small village sits where the water meets grass
Watching the tide eternally rise
Outside the community, no one will pass
Beyond the village gate is where she waits
Out of sight of prying eyes

She makes one mistake, one little mistake, and suddenly, everything they know about her, everything, is thrown away and forgotten. They taught her the role she had to play in the village. They knew her better than she knew herself. How could they not find it within themselves to forgive her?

When the moon and stars shine bright
She meets with him where no one will see
Their actions hidden by the cloak of night
The village knows, but no one goes
To tell his wife of infidelity

She clutches her cloak tighter around her as a cold wind off the sea blows across the grassy plain. This is all she has left. She is alone. Well, almost.

The truth of that night hangs in the air
As the leaves turn from green to red
Whispers are passed and people stare
The town can't ignore what wasn't there before
The swell of a stomach of a woman unwed

She has to survive. If not for her, then for her child. She has to.

The town made her an outcast
Though she pleaded until she was sore
In their decision, they were steadfast
"We don't want you around, for hell you're bound,"
The child in her womb deeming her a whore

She vaguely recalls someone speaking of a town to the west of here, farther up the river. The day had just broken, so maybe she could make it there by sunset.

Rumors spoke of a town up the river a ways.
Maybe she could make it there, for her, for her child
Maybe, in the town, they'd let her stay
She doesn't know, but still, she goes
Into her future, the unknown, the wild.

She still doesn't know what they expected her to do, but she does know that it doesn't matter. It might have been a mistake, but it is her mistake, and she has to accept whatever follows. She can't go back and change what she did, and it was just as useless to cry over what could have been her future. All she can do now was have faith that whatever her new future held, she would be strong enough to build her life back up from the ground.

She begins walking, following the river away from the village, away from the rising sun, towards the dark sky. She looks back over her shoulder once, only to realize that the village was now out of sight.

Out of sight, it certainly was.