I wasn't originally going to post the second book, because then I would have to hurry and finish the third so that I could post it as well, but people seem to want it to be posted. So here it is, the sequel to My Playground. It is also told from a different POV, which was new for me when I was writing it, so I know there are some differences in their behaviors simply because of the different POV. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please R&R--feedback is much appreciated and will make me post fasted, because this book, like My Playground, is complete. Thank you.


BOOK 2/3

PREFACE: Dangers of the Dark

Alex was looking at me with wide, petrified eyes. Me? I could barely see. A punch in the chest and I was falling backward, into the wall, crashing down, the edges of my vision beginning to turn dark. Then Alex was there, shaking his head and shouting at me, always yelling...

The dark was coming. An endless blackness that would carry me away. I could feel it.

I tried to warn Alex about it, I did. My mouth wouldn't work and I felt oddly confused and out of breath. Where had that invisible punch come from? One minute I was walking, the next I was down, dripping a sticky, red substance. Oh, look at that, it was on Alex's hands too. Why?

Couldn't question it, just slipping.

Into the dangers of the dark.

Yes, it is a little confusing, but like the preface in book 1, it will appear somewhere in the story. Thanks for reading, and as I said before, feedback is much appreciated!! Thanks!